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    Default Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Do you wear high-heel shoes? Do you believe high-heel shoes make a woman more appealing? Would a woman wear high-heels for any reason other than to be more appealing?
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Yes, sometimes and yes.

    I have really high arches, so I wear sneakers, FitFlops and shoes with heels, because they're what is comfortable. I can walk a mile in 4" heels far more easily than in flats.
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Yes, sometimes and sometimes. LOL!

    I think high heels make me look more appealing and in general the women I've looked at look very appealing in heels! A few weeks ago I would have answered the last question with a hearty "HELL NO!" but I've been struggling with a pinched nerve in my back. The pain is relieved if I am wearing heels. Yuck! So, in general, I only wear heels to look sexier and give me a confidence boost. However, I have walked around my apartment in yoga pants and heels to ease my back pain recently. LOL!
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I do and I like the way they make me look.

    I also am not as short, kissing and things are easier, heh.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I did wear them as part of Halloween costume for a few excruciating hours one night - how in the hell you girls do that, I have no idea!!

    She likes them and used to wear them since they made her feel taller and she liked the way she looked, but then some chronic knee problems developed that despite surgery keep getting worse, and heels really aggravate it, so the only time she will wear them now is if she knows she will be sitting down most of the time. If she expects she will have to walk much at all in them, no go, and if there will be dancing involved, out of the question. Every now and then she will miss them enough she goes against her better judgment and gives it a try again, which usually results in a few weeks of pain and a trip to the doctor for some injections as a reminder not to do that anymore.

    Speaking as a guy, my personal opinion is they don't make anyone more or less appealing, but as I have been patiently informed many times, I totally miss the point on the shoes in all their many wonderful and glorious forms. To me, they are something that keep the rocks from hurting the bottom of my feet and prevent me from stubbing my toes, and that's about it, and so I can count on one hand the number I have that I wear. Her on the other hand...

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I used to wear them all the time! Commuting in NYC changed all that. It first was knee pain then sciatic nerve pain. I got really into yoga, and the more in shape I am the less I am whiling to wear heels, let alone ANY shoe with support.

    However... I do wear them out when going into large group social settings, as I am VERY short and get a sore neck talking up to everyone all night. And in crowds wherever I'm standing becomes the main thoroughfare because I look like a gap in the crowd. Heels seem to solve that. Besides they make my calves look fabulous.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Gah, my post should read...

    Also, I am short so heels help with kissing and other stuff.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Sometimes on all counts. Actually the wearing them with me is more like rarely (thanks to some back issues). I miss them though and often wish I could wear them more. I'm short, so I really appreciate even a couple of extra inches.

    I think there's something about the posture that heels gives you that makes you look better, you stand taller and straighter when wearing them. However, if a lady can't walk properly in them it makes her less appealing rather than more.
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Yes, yes, and apparently, but not me.

    I love the way I look in heels but only wear them when I go out to a swinging activity or if I have an important meeting at work, otherwise it's flats or mostly tennis shoes The most comfortable heels I wear are patent leather stripper boots with chunky 4" heels with platforms.
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I used to wear heels all the time. Of course I was 30 years younger and much thinner. To this day, I think that's why my calves are so well defined. Now, not so much. I'll wear heels to a wedding or some other function where I know I'll be sitting. Out dancing, heels are out of the question. Usually, I wear flats, sandals or tennis shoes.
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I actually have a pair of heels I am comfortable dancing in. Just that one pair though.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Mrs. FL loathes heels. She looks wonderful in them but she finds them distinctly uncomfortable. She will wear 2" heels when social situations absolutely demand something other than flats. On the other hand, she is the first to kick off her shoes and dance up a storm.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I didn't start wearing heels until I started swinging. Now I'm pretty good at it. I have about 4 pairs that are good for dancing and walking and then a whole bunch that I can only wear for a short time.

    I find it much easier and more comfortable to dance than walk. I like the way they make me look and feel.

    I'm barely 5"1" so I like how tall they make me. Especially for kissing! I did kiss a guy who was 6'4" this past weekend and even with 4" shoes with a platform it was a stretch!

    I have small feet, so crazy, slutty shoes are always plentiful and on sale.
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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Mrs fun never wears anything but heels. Even wears heeled flip flops to the pool. She has amazing legs and is known for her stiletto collection.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I rarely wear high heeled shoes. In fact the only time I do is when I wear my black heels to go to swinger parties. I think they round off a nice sexy outfit like my black cocktail dress, matching black bra and panties and thigh highs. I find it a bit uncomfortable to walk around in my high heels but, of course, like everything else they don't stay on for very long!

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    Reasons for wearing high heels are different for different women. Some wear lo look stylish while some feel awkward of their small height. But wearing heels for a longer time can give grave problems later at life.

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    Default re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    The wife hasn't worn them in years due to podiatry issues, but even back in the day, she never really cared for them and likely never owned more than a pair or two.

    In my opinion as a male, they never really did anything for me either. I by no means have a fetish since I could not get off on a foot alone, but I do appreciate an attractive pair of female feet as part of the overall package as thus have never understood the prevalence of high-heels in porn. When I want to see a woman naked, I rather see her totally naked. If a woman does want to use shoes to enhance sex appeal, I think a pair of flat sandals or sling-back shoe is far more appealing.
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    Default Re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    No, why put myself through something like that? If I want to look a bit sexier I can always show a little more tits and/or ass.

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    Default Re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I think they make women look better, definitely in most cases. We live in the city and frequently walk to bars and restaurants, I wear something fairly flat. If we drive to some place where we par, and walk in, then I will wear heels. If we go to a couples club or swingers meet and greet, then its definitely part of the “don’t I look hot” outfit.

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    Default Re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    I am 5'2" I away wear high heels

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    Default Re: Do you wear high-heeled shoes?

    For many men (like me for example) there is something incredibly sexy about high heels. They compliment the ankles and legs - so sensuous. For me personally I love ankle straps but hate platforms. The higher the heels the better, in fact "bed heels" (5 1/2 to 6" or more) are just deliciously sexy. And one more thing - leave the heels on!!! (They don't call them fuck-me-now heels for nothing!)

    I find nylons and garters very sensuous, sexy and erotic too, both visually and to touch - and with heels you have my undivided attention. But I hate pantyhose.

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