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    Default Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I have a real nudity/exhibitionism fixation (perhaps a fetish), and I encourage my wife to dress as bare/sexy as she dares. I've really gotten her to push the envelope a couple of times. My lovely has gone to dinner on a cruise in a backless minidress that was bare down past the top of her ass. She rode on the back of my motorcycle down Sea Wall in Galveston in a lace crop top and a thong bikini panty.

    Our most recent bare outing was memorial day weekend. We were working in the yard, and my wife was wearing nothing but a pair of short-legged bib overalls (This in itself is pretty typical. We could be considered "family nudists" at home, and my wife goes topless in the summer a lot. She's fairly flat-chested, and really doesn't need a bra or top for support.) But we ran short on planting mix, and she asked me to go the local garden center. I suggested she go with me, dressed the way she was. She was reluctant, but agreed. I convinced her to unbutton the buttons down the sides of her overalls at her thighs, so a careful glance would make it known that she didn't have panties on, either. On the way over, she insisted she'd stay in the truck. But once I'd gone in and paid, we pulled around back to get the bags of dirt loaded in the truck bed. She got out and stood around casually while two teen lot boys loaded them in. Their eyes just about came out of their heads. It turned me on so much I was hard all the way home.

    So, ladies, does your man like you to show off in public? Do you do it? Do you do it for him or for yourself?

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    As a truck driver, I can see down into the cars as they pass me. WOW what I can and have seen! But IF any of you ladies want/need to drive around with your tops off/down, don't let me stop you. The truckers out here love to see a sexy lady / bare breast / long legs... all I will say is KEEP IT UP!

    Thanks for the little peek... truckerbuddy
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    mrs tada here tonight

    Let me expand on this one. I can't say that I get turned on by strutting myself in risque clothes. but I can't do the sultry striptease or booty dancing that guys like. It just looks silly and awkward. But standing around with a nipple showing, casual like, that I can do. It gets my honey very eager to please me, which makes it worthwhile. I would be more than happy to indulge my husband's desire to see me strut my stuff more often, but my hesitation about wearing risque outfits is four things:

    1. I'm not all that sexy. I'm thin and firm enough, but I have a bad complexion especially the parts that don't get enough sun. That is why I try to tan topless a lot in the summer time. I also don't have big tits.

    2. I don't want to get arrested. Not that I'd care, but my employer might.

    3. I don't want to run into anybody I know, like one of my daughter's friend's parents. There are some truly small-minded people around my town and I don't want that to have a negative impact on my daughter.

    4. I don't want guys to think that I am open game or a whore.

    Like I said, it's not a sexual turn-on for me, but in the right environment, I love to wear something that will shock everybody in a nuclear blast radius just purely for the fun of the shock value and the ego stroke of being able to steal all the other women's husbands' attention.

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    At our house parties groups, I will get into the pool topless, but I always have to have my lace bottoms on.

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I feel there's a level of bare that's appropriate to each situation. I wouldn't wear a micromini to a wedding. I wouldn't wear a long dress to a hot tub party. On "pasties night" at Entre Nous in DC, I wore pasties. On a boat in the Bahamas with three other lifestyle couples, I was nude much of the time.

    But in public, vanilla situations, showing much boob or too much leg or even torso gives people the idea that you are loose and want sexual attention from anyone. So I tend to cover up, though my clothes are sometimes form-fitting.
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I'm with The Fuse on this one. I try to dress appropriately for the situation. If I'm going to a Meet & Greet, yeah, I'll wear a skirt that barely covers my arse and a lowcut/see through top. No biggie.

    If I'm going out on the town, I might wear a low-cut blouse and tight jeans or a mini skirt, but I'll be covered. (Well, mostly)

    For work, I have to be fairly conservative, so I often wear camis under the same tops I'd wear "out on the town".

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I tend to be with the Fuse and Sweet_tna. Pet and I even had a discussion about this recently. There's what I'm comfortable in in a lifestyle environment, then there's what I'm comfortable in in general. If we are out of town, I'm more likely to dress a little more provocative. If we are at a social, club, swinger party (or vanilla party at the home of open-minded people) I am willing to bare more.

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I agree with The Fuse as well.

    While I do fantasize a lot about me and my girlfriend going to, like, a nudist beach, or at a family cabin naked on the beach, I wouldn't want her to be like such in public, because I don't want her to look... ya know lol.

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    In public, I tend to go with, what would make my mother (the ultimate vanilla innocent) uncomfortable? That is, not what she wouldn't want her daughter to be wearing, but what would make her uncomfortable to see in general? I don't think that I have the right to impose personal fetishes for public exposure on an unsuspecting public. (actually I don't have said fetishes, possibly because of above thought process. My husband does to a certain extent, but he wouldn't try to get me to oblige, because he knows how I feel)) Now at the club... underwear? We don't need no underwear!!
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I too agree with The Fuse... and let's add age appropriateness too??? I think that is what PB&J was getting at...yes? And clubwear? I wear as little as possible... I don't want to keep putting things on and taking them off again!!!! Things that tie are good!!

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I'm with everyone else here, you have to dress according to the situation and where you are going. There are always times when the bare necessities are more desirable.

    Generally the wife will cover herself pretty good. If we go to the beach or something she will wear a skimpy bikini, but not too skimpy (it's family oriented), but if we go to a club or something that is adult-only she will wear e a short dress or short skirt, and often times does not wear any underwear or bra depending on the top and/or bottoms.
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    I'm all for this kinda stuff, as I actually push my wife to dress and risque and as freaky as she can... I actually buy most of her outfits for her
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    Just to clarify after rereading the responses, my dear hubby was not really after what you would be willing to wear to a lifestyle event or private club, but out in public, where the general public could see you. I am mind doesn't go there much on my own, but when he talks me into showing off, it always ends up being a turn-on.
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    In almost any city in the US, public nudity is frowned upon. But in San Francisco, there's guys and girls that regularly go to parks or even cafes in certain areas (think The Castro) who bare it all. If I lived there, would I join them? Very possibly.

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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    We live in Florida so by most standards its always late spring or summer. When we go out to dinner Mrs Doc often wears JUST a sundress and heels. She wears a bra and panties to work. Socializing, she dresses tastefully but generally goes sans undergarments. I Love it!
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    Default Re: Ladies: How bare will you go in public?

    Really depends on the season and location!

    Rather cold most times of the year where we are, but during summer it's great (as brief as it is!)

    Below is what you could say would be the absolute minimum during summer (only!) depending on location

    65221_484454044945432_1091541657_n.jpg 7b23a412-5c64-4b66-b85e-f4988108e7d3.jpg 312578_264173 (1).jpg 3e5fcdb5-4025-4343-a236-c9c9e5c0b7b6.jpg
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