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    Husband and I have done what Iím sure most have, researched the heck out of this. We want to take the first step and actually start meeting people. Like most, Iím nervous to take that first step, not because Iím worried about it, just more self-conscious. There is a meet & greet at a local bar/dance club this week. We are trying to decide to attend that or try the couples only night at Trapeze in Atl. Looking to more socialize, get to know people, not necessarily participate in much yet (although not ruling anything out). We also donít frequent bars/dance clubs which of course adds to my nervousness. Thoughts/advice appreciated!

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    TWe wish we would have done a meet and greet and are actively looking for more of those these days. The club scene while fun wasn’t our scene when we were younger and it still isn’t quite. Good luck with whichever way you go.

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    Of course, just because someone goes to a swingers club doesn't mean they will, or even have to, swing. Or even play with their own partner if that's not feeling right at the time. At The O Zone in Toronto, many couples go just to feel sexy, to take a break from 'real life', and to spark their sex life again (usually means they go home horny and can't wait to get their hands on each other). Of course, it's difficult to meet others, chat and get to know each other when the music is pumping and people are bumping into each other.
    What about a nice easy relaxed vacation along side other open minded, sexy couples? (Sandy Bottoms Resort in Ontario) A meet and Greet in a restaurant is maybe deemed safer and affords the quieter atmosphere to chat and get to know others, but from my experience, I always have a hard time chatting up someone in the LS as the conversation always gets a little out of hand and I don't want to ruin the dinner of the couple with a child at the next table. It always feels awkward to me, being in a vanilla setting with LS intentions.
    Chat rooms might also be an ok meeting place, although one must love to read and type. Nothing compares to a nice face to face meeting. Good luck in your journey!!

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    From what you have said, ("actually start meeting people") it appears that the Meet & Greet might be your best bet. The purpose of these is to mingle and find people you might want to have a 'date' with. As a result, people tend to be a bit more flittery at the M&G.

    Having said that, you'd probably have a good time at a club as well. That's assuming you're willing to get out of your shell and talk to people. (The biggest mistake a newbie can make at a club is to go sit in a corner, not being approached, and go home snd say how stuck up people are at the club.) A club has a sexy vibe to it, more than a M&G, which might be more exciting.

    In summary, I'd say it's 60% M&G, 40% club for you guys. Best of luck.

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    Another option is to take a vacation to Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica. This is a beautiful all-inclusive resort, that is clothing-optional and swinger friendly. You can wear clothes/swimsuits on the "prude" side, but there is also a nude beach, pool, and hot tub where nudity is required. We have been there many times, and each time we meet awesome and friendly people from all over, some in the lifestyle and some not. The staff works hard to make your vacation enjoyable, and the food is excellent for an all-inclusive. Besides just hanging at the beach or pool, there are water sports such as kayaking and diving, games and other group activities, entertainment in the evenings, and you can take off the resort excursions. Hedo is a safe environment and there is no pressure to participate in anything you are not comfortable with. However, it is very easy to meet folks that are into various aspects of the lifestyle and have fun by the pool or make plans for dinner later. The playroom is open every night and there is often lots of action late at night at the hot tub. BTW, I am not associated with the resort or a travel agent, just love going there. If you're interested, there is lots of info on the Hedo website, including the groups that are going which weeks. Often you can get a better rate by going with a group. Good luck and have fun!

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    It depends on where your mind is in terms of swinging. Trapeze is kind of big time, folks are going to expect to be meeting and moving to a play room, couples night or singles night either way. Meet and greets put on by clubs or groups at a local bar or restaurant tend to be more just that, meet, chat, maybe dance, that kind of thing. Sometimes they can be a bit cliquish, folks from the group that know each other tend to chat and get reacquainted rather than venture off and meet new folks but there will be other new folks or folks that don’t frequent so often as to be part of the cligue.

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    I second the vote for HEDO. We have been every year since 2001 (we did miss two years) We even got married there.

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    Give some thought to going to Desire - couples only LS resort.

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    I second the vote for Desire.

    If you are looking for a FWB situation or couples dating, then go to a M&G. If you are just looking to swing with whoever, then try a club. Not meaning that you can't find another couple at a club or find someone to play with at a M&G, but it is easier if you stick to what you are looking for.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Ended up attending the meet and greet. Had a great time! Really helped overcome the nervousness of the first move. Feel much better about trying out Trapeze next. And we will definitely check out the resorts. Thanks everyone for the info.

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