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    Hello everyone! We are a married couple just starting an open relationship. We are both adventurous and we love each other but figured we only live once and we should have fun and enjoy it while we can. We are up for one on one relations as well as ffm threesome to start with with a possibility of mmf or more. Looking for some people that have some experience and can possibly help us get into the scene. We live in Colorado about an hour away from Denver. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    First of all welcome neighbor. And depending on which way out of Denver you are will determine how close a neighbor you are. I'm 1 1/2 hrs from Denver.

    It sounds like the two of you have been talking openly with each other about what you want. That's a good start. I will say pursuing a FFM as a starting goal will be difficult. There is a reason single women are Called unicorns in this lifestyle. It would be easier to look for couples who don't mind letting one partner play alone once they are comfortable with you.

    A warning though. Thoroughly discuss Jealousy with your partner. It will kill a relationship fast if you aren't careful.

    Discuss what your rules for each other are. What is allowed and what isnt. Never break those rules. Changing them is fine if it is talked about first. For example, if your rules are that everything happens in the same room, don't let a play partner take you to a different room. My wife and I have rules about communication with other couples. She contacts the other woman. I talk to the guy. It keeps swinging from turning into cheating.

    Read as many threads on this forum as you can. You will see problems addressed that you probably never thought of.

    After that, your next step will be where to look for like minded people.

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    I couldn't have said it better.
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    Thank you for all the advice neighbor! We will definitely talk about all of that. And to start with we have just agreed to have an open relationship so each of us would like to be with 1 other person and see how we enjoy it. Sorry for all the newb questions but are there many couples that are up for that? And I was thinking that finding another couple that does do individual play would be easier, any advice on where to meet some? Good sites or anything?

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    You should check out the Scarlet Ranch and/or Mon Chalet.

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    We have never been to clubs. The reviews on Monday chalet were pretty good,although it is in a questionable part of Colfax ave. Scarlet ranch looked pretty expensive to me.

    Somehow most of our partners came from our own circle of friends and a lot of drunkenness. My wife,being bi,would sometimes get affectionate and huggy with the other wife or wives. Somehow women being affectionate with each other does not seem to threaten anyone. If the other woman flirted back it always kind of developed from there. Usually over weeks or months.

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    HRCOcouple, I don't know ow how to get ahold of these people, but it could be an adventure.

    Wild sex parties in upscale Colorado community upsetting the neighbors | Fox News

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandDinCo View Post
    HRCOcouple, I don't know ow how to get ahold of these people, but it could be an adventure. . .
    I am not able to understand how the news story that you posted relates to the discussion. The OP asked for advice on how to enter the scene and you attempt to frighten them. Please explain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SW_PA_Couple View Post
    I am not able to understand how the news story that you posted relates to the discussion. The OP asked for advice on how to enter the scene and you attempt to frighten them. Please explain.
    He lives near there.

    The press never gets it right when they already have a point t of view in mind.

    Reading between the lines of the article, I thought it looked like a lot of fun. People who are friendly and social enough to bring crock pots full of food,drinks, etc. For the most part, it's likely just a big party with a theme.

    I live about 90 minutes from there. Might consider finding it myself.

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