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    Default Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    My girlfriend and I reconnected after many, many years. We are now both 50 and having the best sex of our lives. We've been together for over a year now, and living together for 9 months.
    I want to tell you about ourselves, so that you might help me understand if I'm pushing too hard, or whether there is hope.

    We average sex more than twice a day, since she moved in. Its so awesome.

    She is a beautiful woman and never had a great sex life. Her ex-husband was 4" and could last for 2 minutes. So she never knew what it was like to have great sex.

    We enjoy each other's bodies without guilt. We enjoy oral sex, anal sex, and just about any kind of sex between each other. She swallows every time, but loves it almost anywhere. When I eat her pussy, and finger fuck her ass and dildo her pussy, she always explodes. She's even gushed a few times, Wow!

    We used to enjoy public sex. On the balcony of our hotel, as others might see. I once did her anally in an elevator and came in her ass in the adjoining stairwell of the hotel we were staying at. We've done it on golf carts, in the car, on the side of the road, . . . the list just keeps getting bigger.

    But then, she agreed to let me take her to Hedo in Jamica. WOW!
    We loved each other everyday, almost every minute. Within minutes, she was in the water, blowing me while others sunned in the water near us. She openly sucked me in the piano bar. The girl is so great.

    We fucked in so many locations, and just loved the open sex.

    We then went to a swinger's campground, and she openly sucked me in the resturant, in the hot tub, where another woman offered to help. And then we had sex in a room with several others.

    Finally at the local sex club we've gone three times and had open sex in front of dozens of others. My favorite time, was when this one young guy had two women laying on the couch next to me, while they did each other and themselves, all within smelling distance. She was sucking my cock, while others looked over our shoulders, as two hot chicks danced around a pole mere inches in front of her face on my cock.

    We are returning to hedo and to these other places, but she has said she didn't want to do a three way. I've not pushed, but I'm game for either an MMF or a fmf, as every guy would like.

    I don't want to push her, but from where we started, to where we are now! OMG.

    We don't enjoy public sex anymore. We want to enjoy sex openly without offending anyone, so the sex clubs and Hedo beach, is where we want to be.

    I mention it to her in fantasies, but she continues to reject it when we go too far.

    Any help in easing her burden by examples of you women and how you finally were talked into it would be helpful.

    And don't say NOT TO PUSH. Life is too short not to experience a dream, but I am delicate, or I try to be. But what I want to know, is what finally put you over the top. How did you finally let go of your inhibitions and say, hey, I'm into a romantic sexual threeway or four way with my man.

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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    She may never want to go farther. Have you asked her why? I'll give my perspective/history. I was in a monogamous relationship having amazing, best of my life sex (at the time). Prior to that I had long fantasized mfm. My partner asked me if I had ever fantasied about two men. I told him no, to me our sex was so special I didn't want to share it. She may not want to share you or experience someone else but still enjoy your spicy experiences.

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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    Maybe she is an exhibitionist not a swinger.
    Not all men have to get his “woman” to swing. Some women have to convince their man. Before we were married I had a 3some which was more a bi experience that included a guy. I had guilt and confessed to my boyfriend. It didn’t go over well at first. We almost split up. I think what convinced him to try was involving him in a 3some with one of my girlfriends. It must be easier to get a man to swing than a woman.
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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    You (she) does all of that and you’re asking our advice?

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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    First off, I'd say you are a very lucky guy! Lots of guys would love to have what you have. My awesome wife and I also love Hedo. What a great place! I never would have believed we would be where we are in the lifestyle today. A few years ago at Hedo, this guy spent several days pretty much seducing her. She finally admitted to me that she wanted to fuck him, and the rest is history. I love my wife so much and we have been together for 44 years now, but we have also had fun with others during the last few years. In my opinion, the big thing that many people, especially the ladies, have to overcome is that there is a difference between sex and love. Another person or another couple is almost like a living sex toy in a way. It is adult fun that some folks enjoy. And while I/we can have some fun with others, it does not diminish our love for each other in the least. Depending on the circumstances and the people involved, it can also be about great friendships in addition to the sex. I am just repeating various things I have heard and read, but you could start by using toys and/or movies, and fantasize about another guy or gal or couple. At Hedo, you should have the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    Maybe she is an exhibitionist not a swinger.
    PSU may have hit the nail on the head. Still, the best and easiest way to find out is to ask her. Work on improving your communication so that you can openly talk about this and find out what her objections and limits are. Some women when they hear that their partner wants to swing think that they are looking for a replacement for them. Some women just aren't wired for swinging. The only way to really find out is to get her to open up and talk. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: Advice From WOMEN. How Did He Get You Into Swinging?

    She seems like the adventurous type, so let her take the lead. Tell her that you love her, trust her and that she can sexually explore in any direction that she wants without question, criticism or recrimination from you. It will likely not be an MFM or FFM threesome, but perhaps her alone with another person, a full couples' swap, or something neither you nor I are imagining now. Then enjoy the ride.

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