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    Default Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Very new, just had "the discussion" about two weeks ago. Interested and learning more first though, want to be sure and totally comfortable.

    In reading posts and reading experiences it sounds like there's a lot of woman on woman play when the couples swap. This is a boundary for us. I know everyone says set your limits it's all OK but is that one a big deal breaker if the woman is not bi curious/interested?

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Absolutely Not a deal breaker in most instances.

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Our biggest surprise in 6 or so years of swinging was or is the amount of girl on girl activity. We had no idea that this was so common amongst married women.

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    She isn't interested in girl on girl, and it's not been a hindrance to us. It's just like any other preference or boundary, if it doesn't fit with yours, then you just pass on by.

    The general rule of thumb she uses if if the other girl identifies as bi, that's not a deal killer when looking at a profile. If the other girl identifies as bi and the whole profile has references to the girl on girl play scattered throughout it to where it seems that is an important thing to them even though they may not come right out and say that, then we'll pass since we don't see the compatibility. If the profile just mentions bi play as a possibility, then we just make sure they realize it won't be this time. People often don't seem to really pay much attention to what your profile actually says, so don't assume they read that about you.
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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Not sure it would be considered a deal breaker, any more than if a male was bi either. As long as everyone is aware no same sex contact is going to occur there is not an issue.
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    I don't know about being a deal killer, but I would say it's probably she hasn't found the right woman yet. Even for guys you have to find the right cunts to lick. Some you just don't want to do, not because something's wrong, it's just not the right match.

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    I will say in my experience you should not be shunned if you don't want to be with another woman. Our first experience was a true swap with another couple. The next day I was with another woman. I was very hesitant and more or less let her do things to me. I was confused as to what was expected of me. I truly had no desire to respond in kind. If you are with another couple you can resist, I didn't but I really didn't participate. I think I could have said no. At the few parties we have attended there were some girl girl and some other women who didn't. Guy guy is not a normal occurrence and I think can get you a boot at a party.

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Not sure what the norm is. We got started because my husband knew that when I was younger I had some experience with girlfriends. He always asked about those experiences and we finally found a couple we could act out his fantasy. Since that experience we have searched out couples where the female is curious. Even though we had an impossible experience looking for a ffm with a lone f we have found many couples with a curious female. We have met many couples where it is strictly mf but we specifically do search for couples wanting girl play

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shore2Please View Post
    I truly had no desire to respond in kind. If you are with another couple you can resist, I didn't but I really didn't participate.
    Yeah you know, you're right, sometimes people will let a same sex person do stuff to them but not want to reciprocate. But that can be all right. The first time I did a thing with a guy he wanted to suck my dick, but I told him I wouldn't do anything. He said that was fine and we both enjoyed it. Some women don't like licking pussy but will let other women lick them and both are happy. And the whole thing with some guys being only tops or bottoms. So as long as you state your preferences clearly and everyone agrees, no reason not to explore and enjoy yourself.

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    It is pretty common. My wife will play with women if she's feeling it, but it's not her first impulse. If your wife is totally straight, you will find partners.

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    Default Re: Is woman/woman the "norm"?

    I always let other couples know the wife is straight before initiating a meeting. A few couples have passed on us because of it.

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