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    Hi all, curious to find out, is just watching part of swinging? Many thanks.

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    Some people go to swinger club parties simply to watch and to be watched.

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    Just watching is more voyeuristic, but it can also be a gateway drug to swinging...swinging can be whatever you want it to be. Same room sex (with another couple) can also be considered swinging as well. Be careful, however, next thing you know someone accidentally touches someone else and then it can be game on.
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    I like being watched, sometimes that's what we do at the club if nobody has struck our fancy. I consider watching and being watched part of swinging.
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    I was on the understanding that watching and being watched with other couples comes under the swinging title.

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    The wife and I have never participated in any Swinger's action. We are not really interested in sharing (yet). We are however VERY interested in watching and being watched having sex (voyeurs and exhibitionists). Is this cool at Swinger's Clubs?

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    Whether you label it as swinging or not (and what is gained by the label escapes me) often we would go to clubs, not find anything to our liking and just watch.

    In public areas you expect you will be watched. In private rooms people may leave the door or window open to encourage voyeurs (or even participants). I definitely wouldn't visit a club alone to watch (as a male it can look creepy and they may ask you to leave). But many couples do just want to watch.

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    NOT watching would be unusual.

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    Haha yes that's a better way of looking at it.

    And yes it's totally fine to just watch at a club, the only time there might be an issue is if everybody else is naked and you prefer to keep your clothes on, some people may take offense to that. Just do your research, club reviews, which night suits you best, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteANDem View Post
    I was on the understanding that watching and being watched with other couples comes under the swinging title
    There is such a thing as "same-room sex", couples that don't want to swap but specifically enjoy playing in the presence of other couples having sex, which kind of sounds like what you're thinking of. That's maybe a little different from just incidentally watching strangers in a club.

    A big part of what attracted me was the idea of watching Mrs. EastInWest perform, especially giving head. Now that we've moved on to a wider range of activities, the rest of it turned out to be a nice bonus, too.

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    "same room sex" is exactly what I was thinking of! If the Mrs. and I were watching others going at it, there would be no way we could keep our hands (mouths and bodies) off each other. Thanks!

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    It's the same for us too

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    My bae and I attended a club for the first time in NO back in Feb. I did a lot of research and we talked about everything. Neither of us are to the point where we would feel comfortable doing anything other than watching or being watched. I thought we might be looked at as being some weirdos for just standing around watching other do their thing but there were more people waiting around to watch others than actually doing anything. We were at the club for 3 hours and was only able to watch one couple in a semi-private room. It wasn't a good enough view to really enjoy it but the sounds drew a ton of people to stand outside of the room. We were a little disappointed but not enough to just give up on our hopes of seeing others in the act. We are planning a trip to Miami soon and plan to check out a club there. Hoping it's more exciting.

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    We went to Desires early in our swing career, had been in a 3 or so MFM prior to going. Got there and for 3 days, watched and were watched. Had several invitations but didn’t join anyone else…….It was ok. We enjoyed our time there, returned 3 more times over the year as more active participants.

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    Love this topic. Maybe this is exactly what we are looking for. My wife and I aren't to the point of swapping yet. Maybe we could just watch at a local club and see how that goes. So couples who just watch wouldn't be looked down on ?

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    It depends. Swingers don't like feeling like animals in a zoo being gawked at, it's insulting and just kills the mood.

    On the other hand, when you can tell those doing the watching aren't just gawking or being overly pervy in a creepy way but in fact are in a sense sharing in the experience, then that's cool, and it can be really hot too.
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    My wife and I are completely new to this and thought watching would be a good place to start. We aren't shy about being naked in front of others, and as stated earlier, feel that watching would help get us more comfortable and be a precursor to joining in on the action, or at the very least, putting on a show of our own since we are very much into exhibitionism. Thanks all for the comments!

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    Watching (as a couple) is almost expected at clubs (or at least not a surprise), especially if you don't have a problem with getting naked and possibly being watched yourselves. Especially with first timers visiting a club. Go, have fun, and report back!
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    I'm gaining confidence by having people watch my gf and I at a club we go to. It's a great way to us to get comfortable before trying to swing.

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    My wife and I are just starting out in this lifestyle. We've been reading many articles and stories and we anxious to visit a club and to go to a resort. Talking about this has already inncreased our intimacy and curiuosity beyond belief. We are communicating and enjoying each more everyday. We plan to go a club to check it out. We will certainy want to observe other couples enjoying themselves and hope to at least have sex in a room with another couple. The thought of being naked and having sex in front of others doing the same is immensly exciting to us. And who knows where it will lead from there....maybe a soft swap or full swap with the right couple. We'll see. Thanks for all your questions and answer. They are reassuring that we are not going through this exciting transition alone.

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