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    Default Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    My wife and I tried the lifestyle several years ago, and had a couple of odd experiences which ultimately turned us away. We are rethinking the idea now. Is it possible within the lifestyle to find true single bi men, or married couple with the male being bi? We agree that my wife and I would really like to be able to enjoy another male together. If it was a couple, the wife is curious, but I am definitely bi. Are we looking for something that could be a reality or are we just looking for something that is a pipe dream. Your views will possible help us to make our decision to try the lifestyle again or not.

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    Default Re: Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    Yes, we have met a few very nice single and married hi men. We go with the Life on the Swingset podcast group to Desire resort. Bi men are welcome there. You should check out the trip.
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    Default Re: Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    Welcome! I hope you find the site interesting and educational.
    What you are looking for really isn't all that rare, just hard to find. The problem we found when looking for a single bi male was the number of straight guys lying to get access to the wife.
    One couple I knew had a good method. He would hunt for guys on line for man to man sex. After he verified they were fun, bi, available and sane, he'd invite them to meet the wife. That system was great for the wife as she knew any guy he brought home had already been vetted and was going to be a good lover for them. It was a good system for him as it allowed him some man to man time and the adventure of the hunt.
    Good luck, keep us posted on your journey.

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    Default Re: Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    There's the odd couple on SLS that lists the man as being bi. But if you put a profile up there and say that you are looking for couples with bi-men, my guess is you'll get some responses where the man is identified as straight.

    And there are plenty of bi male singles who are looking for a threesome.

    Put an honest profile out there and I'll bet you get your share of responses.

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    Default Re: Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    I'm a firm believer in no matter what you are looking for, there are others out there looking for the same thing. The less common what you are searching for is, the more patience and hard work it will take to find it since the odds are lower, but give it time and it will happen. The scenario you describe while not the most common certainly isn't the least common either, so I wouldn't let that keep me out of giving swinging another try.
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    Default Re: Is it possible or are we looking at a pipe dream

    It's not a pipe dream. It's less common than women being bi, but it is out there. You just need to look.

    A passage from your post perked my interest; noting that you had "a couple of odd experiences which ultimately turned [you] away". My wife and I talked about this possibility years ago, just before we got into swinging. We agreed that it was possibly unlikely that our first ever experience was going to be everything we wanted it to be. We agreed we'd keep at it for a while, try other people, and if after a fair bit of trying it was still not the feeling we wanted, we'd stop. So, we tried. The first several experiences weren't stellar. Ok, but not great. Then...

    Some while after we got into swinging, we had a play night with two other guys, myself, and her. So, an MMFM. It was fantastic! It wasn't the number of guys, but the vibe was perfect and she had an absolutely fantastic time. It was hours of sex with her as the center of attention, and she came away with an amazing grin on her face that couldn't be described. Shortly after we got on the road for home, she turned to me and said "Ok, now I'm swinger!"

    I'll venture to guess that you and/or your wife have had relationships that were just so-so sexually. Not bad, not great, just kinda "meh". Same thing happens in swinging. If you find the right partner (or couple), your opinion of it all may dramatically change.

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