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    What's your Myers-Briggs Personality Type? (Votes: 650)

    1. ENFP (Votes: 40)

    2. INFP (Votes: 31)

    3. ENFJ (Votes: 61)

    4. INFJ (Votes: 47)

    5. ENTP (Votes: 31)

    6. INTP (Votes: 40)

    7. ENTJ (Votes: 91)

    8. INTJ (Votes: 122)

    9. ESTP (Votes: 13)

    10. ISTP (Votes: 16)

    11. ESFP (Votes: 18)

    12. ISFP (Votes: 12)

    13. ESTJ (Votes: 18)

    14. ISTJ (Votes: 53)

    15. ESFJ (Votes: 32)

    16. ISFJ (Votes: 35)

    How many is too many?? (Votes: 384)

    1. 2 men to 1 lady (Votes: 20)

    2. 3 men to 1 lady (Votes: 77)

    3. 4 men to 1 lady (Votes: 113)

    4. 5+ men to 1 lady (Votes: 143)

    5. 2 ladies to 1 man (Votes: 15)

    6. 3 ladies to 1 man (Votes: 76)

    7. 4 ladies to 1 man (Votes: 50)

    8. 5+ ladies to 1 man (Votes: 75)

    How much does your doctor know about your lifestyle? (Votes: 226)

    1. My Dr. is fully aware of my lifestyle and supports me. (Votes: 32)

    2. Dr. knows, but not everything; too embarrassing. (Votes: 17)

    3. I think Doc suspects but he doesn't ask, I don't tell. (Votes: 15)

    4. Dr. is unaware of my lifestyle & it stays that way! (Votes: 162)

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    Hidden Beach
    Hidden Beach by robaval
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