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  • How We Started...

    Well, guess this will be the story of how I got wife started in a life style in which she screws other men with my encouragement! Hope you enjoy hearing about one of our experiences.

    I should tell you a little about us. Mary and I have been married for over 35 years now and she was a virgin when we were married. I was the only cock she had felt until we had been married about seven years. She has always enjoyed sex and was turned on when I would tell her how turned on some fellows would get from seeing her in low cut dress or short-short skirts. She has always had very nice legs and pretty large tits - 36C - more than a mouth full as some of her boyfriends have said.

    Anyhow, back then I traveled a lot and in fact had spent a year overseas so I was not what you would call a faithful husband. I started to bring home magazines in which the subject of Wife Swapping was mentioned and in fact there were even a few letters from couples that had actually done this. I started to talk to Mary about how she felt about this and finally one night she asked me if I had been with any other woman when I was gone on trips. I held my breath and told her that there had been a few but that it didn't change my love for her. Needless to say, this did not go over real well and it took a few days of talking to convince her that it was only sex and didn't mean that I didn't want sex with her also nor did it change how I felt about her. She finally got to where she would talk a little about it and asked me about the girls I had been with - you know - did they have bigger tits, did I eat their pussy, etc.

    Then she asked me how I would feel if she had taken a lover while I was gone and had actually sucked on his cock. To tell the truth this was the first time that I realized that it turned me on to think of her fucking or sucking some other guy. Up to this time I was interested in wife swapping so that I could get a shot at all these other wife's. The more we talked the more turned on I got and I told her that it WOULD bother me if she fucked another guy, but it would be a nice bother and that it would in fact turn me on, even if I wasn't there. She couldn't believe that I would not get jealous if she screwed another man and I told her that I might but that I would also be turned on and that I was sure willing to give it a try.

    For the next few weeks the subject came up several times and she started to take a more active interest in the magazines I brought home, some of which had real ad's and a few photo's. I got called out of town on another trip for a week and told Mary that while I was gone I just might pick up some girl and that she had the right to get with some guy if she desired. At first she was sure that she would not consider such a thing but later told me that there was this one fellow, a nephew of a neighbor, that had made a few passes at her and that he wasn't bad looking and that he would only be here for a few more days so that wouldn't be a problem. Just hearing her talk like that, knowing that she WAS considering screwing another guy was a super turn on and we fucked most all of the night away, with me constantly asking her if she was really going to do it. She would only say that it sounded interesting and that she had wondered what another fellows cock would look like and I would say, 'Right, and I'll bet you wonder what it would taste like also?'. She would only blush at this and say that she intended to reserve her lips for my cock..

    Well, as the day came for me to leave there had been no decision as to if she would take a lover and we left it like that. As luck would have it I was very busy the whole time I was gone and had no time for any night life, so didn't get a chance to look for some strange pussy. I talked to Mary a few nights but neither of us mentioned what we had been talking about for the past few weeks. I wanted very much to ask her if she had been screwed but wasn't sure I could stand the answer. If it was no, I would be disappointed, but then if it was yes I would be somewhat jealous and also knew that if she told me that I would have to jack-off as soon as we got off the phone - if not before. So, I got back home not knowing if my darling wife had welcomed another man between her legs.

    I got in a little late and we had a snack, got the kids in bed and got ready for bed ourselves. We had always slept in the nude and as soon as she got under the cover she reached for my cock and found it very hard. She moved down and started to lick around the head and I got up the nerve to ask her if anything had happened while I was gone. She said that she wanted to hear about what I had done first. Well, there was nothing to tell, and she seemed to be a little disappointed at that and then asked me if I was sure that I would still love her if she had let another man screw her. I assured her that I would love her even more and that she should be able to tell that by how hard my cock was just from thinking about it! She then took my cock deep into her mouth and then pulled back and said that yes Brian {the nephew} did come by late one night and that he had fucked her but he was so nervous that he wasn't much good and came almost as soon as he got it in and then was afraid to stay around any longer. I of course wanted to know more details and asked her how big his cock was. She said that it was hard to tell as he never did get real hard but that she was sure it wasn't as big as mine {about 7 1/2'}. She was also nervous so didn't really get to hardly touch his cock.

    At this she started to suck my cock in earnest, but I thought she might have more to say and told her I was sorry that her first 'strange' cock wasn't that much fun. She again started to say something, but put her mouth back on my cock. I then started to think that she hadn't told me everything so asked her if that was all that happened? She shuddered and said I hope you can take all this. She then looked me right in the eye and said what if I told you his wasn't the only cock in my pussy while you were gone. If it was possible my cock got even harder and I asked for ALL the details.

    Seems there was this young fellow in the neighborhood {Jim} who did small repairs that she had met a couple times and had a Coke with on the front swing. Will, after the night with Brian she was even more horny than before and who should stop by but Jim and asked if they could share a Coke. It was late evening by this time so Mary said, 'sure, but why not with a little rum along with it? I know that it doesn't take much rum to get Mary horny, and this evening she was already more than ready. She looked at me and said that I thought that if you didn't mind one strange cock in your wife's cunt that I couldn't see where another one would hurt anything and that her pussy was on fire with just the thought.

    Without going into a lot of detail she did get Jim interested and before long they were in bed and this time she got a good screwing. Seems his cock was a little longer than mine though not as 'fat', but he was also circumcised, the first cock of that type she had seen. She went on and on about how smooth and slick the head was and when I asked her if she had felt that head with her luscious lips she again blushed and said that she had not intended to, but she was so horny and he had already screwed her once and she wanted to get him hard again. Needless to say she did get him hard and in fact he was also only the second man to feel her wicked tongue on his cock and couldn't hold back until he shot a load in her mouth. She had not expected this and tried to stop at the last minute and as a result also got a face full of cum. She said that they both laughed and then got up and took a bath together and had just got back into bed when I called. Of course she didn't let on to me that he was there but as I thought back she did cut the call short and said that she need to get to bed - now I know why.

    So, my little cock sucking wife not only got screwed by her first strange cock, she also got a second one three times, including once in the mouth. To make it even more of a turn on he had come back by the night before I got home and gotten another quickie. As we got into a 69 position, I opened her pussy with my fingers and looked at those luscious lips and thought that less than 24 hours before another fellows cock had been in there and left it dripping cum. Of course by this time she had bathed and took a douche but even then I had in my mind that I could taste the residue of his cock in her pussy as I stretched my tongue as far inside her as I could get. At the same time she was sucking my cock and of course this made me think of when she had those same lips wrapped around Jim's cock. Needless to say, I didn't last long the first time but we screwed until almost daylight!

    It was only a couple of weeks after this that Mary turned 26 and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she looked at me a little strange and said you are going to think I am silly , but the other day I met Jim at the store and he asked me if I could get out for an evening. She said that she thought it would be really fun to actually have a date with another man. I asked her if she also intended to screw him again and she said that she wouldn't if I didn't want her to. I then said that I want you to tell me what YOU would like to do, and not worry about what I want; after all it is going to be your birthday. She then said that, well, she had thought a lot about him since the first time and really did like the way he made love and that - well, yes , she did want to feel his cock in her pussy again. I laughed and said that I'll bet your pussy isn't the only place that gets a taste of his cock.!

    So the next night I helped her dress and get ready for her date. She had to drive to the store to meet him as she didn't want him to know that I knew what was going on. People just didn't do that back in those days - or at least they sure didn't admit it to anyone. So, for the first time I waited at home while my wife was out getting screwed by another fellow. The idea was a real turn on and it was all I could do not to jack-off just thinking about it. Before she left I even put a little perfume in her pussy hair so it would smell good for him when he went down on her. I then gave her pussy a wet kiss and pulled her thin panties. Mary said you know that Jim's cock will be right there where your lips were before the night is over! At that, I got even more turned on and told her so.

    After she got her lipstick on she asked me to pull out my cock so she could give it a kiss and leave some of the excess lipstick on it. After all, she said, you don't want me to leave too much of a red ring around his cock do you?!! At. that she laughed and ran for the door before I could catch her. It was quite a feeling to stand at the door and watch my wife swing her sexy ass down the walk, knowing that before long another pair of hands would have a hold of that sweet ass pulling her pussy tighter and tighter to his cock.

    To say the least, it was a long night, even though she got home just a little after midnight. I couldn't sleep, read, or watch TV. Every few minutes I would look out the front to see if she was on her way in and my cock was so hard it was hurting. When she finally did come in it was clear that she had been fucked. Her hair was a wild mess and her lipstick was about all gone and their was a sheen to her face that I assumed {correctly} was dried cum!

    When she came in the door I grabbed her and held her in my arms and gave her a deep, wet kiss. This time I COULD taste the other fellows cock in her mouth and even thought I could taste some of the cum he left. I asked how her birthday party went and she said that it was great and was I all right with what she had done. I said, I'm not sure, not until you tell me all about what you have been doing all evening. She laughed and said well she would like to have a drink and get undressed first and perhaps take a bath. I told her the drink was on it's way and she could undress but that the bath would have to wait until later as I wanted her just as she was - freshly fucked! She looked at me a little funny and said if that was what I wanted that would be what I would get, and then turned into the bedroom.

    I fixed us both a quick drink and when I got to the bedroom she had just removed her dress and I could see that there wasn't anything else to remove except for her stockings and garters. I asked about the panties and her bra. She said that her titties were a little sore from him sucking on them so she left it off and put it in her purse and as for the panties he asked if he could have them if he bought her a new pair. So, there she stood, my 26 year old wife of seven years, who had not even seen another fellows cock until a few weeks ago and now she stood before me, freshly fucked and proud of her body.

    She asked me how she looked and I told her that she looked like a cock sucking slut, and she laughed and said, 'yes I suppose so, but I am YOUR cock sucking cum loving slut and you know you love me this way so give me another kiss and get undressed.'

    Didn't take me long and we were rolling in the bed, with me sucking on her tits. She asked me to go a little easy as they were sore, but to please not stop. Finally I got her on her back and started to kiss down her stomach and then into her belly button and finally with my lips grazing in her pussy hair. This is when she tried to stop me as she said she didn't have a chance to wash and take a douche. I told her that it was all right as we should share everything together and then I got my lips on her wet pussy and could smell and taste the mixture of their combined cum. She continued to try and stop me for a few seconds but when I got my tongue working on her clit and then into her pussy folds she just grabbed my head and held it close to her pussy and cried out for me to eat my cum loving, cock sucking, freshly fucked wife!!!

    You could say that was the start of a major change in our life style. We got into wife swapping not long after that and I had my share of other women but Mary was such a great lay that she was always in demand. Neither of us are bi or gay - my only interest in other men is as my wife's lovers, and she has had plenty - all with my knowledge and encouragement.

    Once, a couple years after we got started Mary was out on a date with a 'new' fellow and as I waited for her to return I started to think about the fellows she had fucked and got down some paper and pen and started a list, starting with Brian. Almost forgot one fellow, but finally was sure that I had them all listed and was quite surprised and excited to find that at that time she had fucked 17 different guys and before the night was over the number went up to 18! I showed her the list when she got home and it also turned her on, but she asked me if I was sure that it was all right with me that she had screwed so many fellows? I assured her that not only was it all right but that I was proud of her and turned on just thinking of her fucking all those guys. She said, 'Well, if you are sure then you had better give me the list so I can add Ron's name, as you will find out soon, your wife has another cunt full of cum from another 'strange' cock!!

    Must cut this off for now - would love to hear of some of your experiences and feelings. Would love to hear from other husbands who enjoy their wife fucking other men.
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