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  • Ex-Wife’s Surprise

    My ex wife, Debra, and I dated for 4 years and were married for 23. Divorced for 18 years now. Our split was a nasty one as she had cheated on me with an old friend of ours. In the years following we have been able to become friendly with each other due to having children together.

    My attorney recently sent me some documents we both had to sign and have notarized. I called her and ask if we could meet with a Notary to sign the documents. She suggested I meet her at her office as her secretary was a Notary. We would be able to get it all done at once. I agreed to meet her the following Friday.

    I showed up as agreed and took the elevator to her office. Her secretary showed me into her office and had me to sit down. She told me Debra would be in shortly as she was a bit behind with a previous client. Debra finally entered and took her seat behind her desk. We made some general chit chat. I was anxious to get the documents signed so I could get out hell of there.

    "So Debra, what do you say we sign these and I can get out of your hair!” I asked her.

    “Sure, no problem,” she replied. She pushed a button on her phone. Her secretary came in. Debra and I signed in the marked spots. Her secretary signed in the witness spot, stamped the papers with her Notary seal, and then handed them to me and then left the room. I told Debra that I would return the documents to my attorneys so she would probably get a copy in the mail. I told her it was time for me to shove off.

    “Do you have to leave so quickly?" she asked. "Let me change my clothes and I’ll ride down in the elevator with you.”

    She stepped into what I guess was her private bathroom. Seemed like an eternity before she returned. The door finally open and she stepped out into the room. She was standing there with both hands on her hips. Wow! She was standing there in a pair of 5 inch black stiletto pumps. Her long slender legs were covered in thigh high black pantyhose. A black garter belt held up the hose. Under the garter was red panties. Her perky tits were hiding inside a black lacy bra. Quite a vision.

    “So, Doug. What do you think of this outfit? Do you remember it? I saved it all these years thinking I might wear it again sometime. Do you like it?” she asked.

    I was certainly excited by the vision. “Hell yeah I remember that get up. You look fucking hot and sexy in it! Why are you wearing it now?”

    “I thought I might try to make up for how I treated you when we split," she said. "I was pretty much a bitch. Maybe I can bring back some of the fun we used to have. Dumb idea, I guess?”

    I just sat there not knowing what to say. Seeing her standing in front of me dressed in that outfit was hot. Made my cock start to awaken. Maybe this would turn out to be fun. I guess I’ll just go with the flow thought, so I asked her “So what now?”

    “Do you remember what you used to call me when I dressed like this?” Debra smiled.

    “Sure I do. I’m old but not forgetful. I called you 'HONDA RONDA'," I said.

    “Can you call me that now? C’mon, do it!!” She strutted over in front of her desk and leaned back on the edge and reclined back on her hands. Her legs were spread apart. I could see her panties had a slit in them.

    “You look fucking hot, Ronda!” I told her.

    “Do you remember what you used to do first?” she asked.

    I slid out of the chair and stood in front of her. I picked her up by her hips and set her on the desk. She reclined onto her back and pulled her legs up onto the desk. I spread her legs apart, knelt down between her thighs and stared directly at that pussy I had licked so many times before. I eased my mouth up to those pouty lips and ran my tongue up and down the slit. Ronda began moaning. I kept that up stopping occasionally to nibble on her clit. She was getting sloppy wet. The smell and taste made me even harder.

    “Oh my lord. I missed this. I think I’m going to cum. Lick it harder Honey!” Ronda said.

    She called me “Honey”. Odd!! I just kept licking and biting. Her breathing and moaning intensified. Her thighs clamped around my head and I could feel her start to quiver. Yep. I was making her orgasm.

    “Fuck! I’m cumming,“ she moaned.

    She finally ended with a load scream and eased up on my head. I retracted my face from her wet pussy. My face was covered in her sweet juices. She pushed me on my forehead forcing me back into the chair.

    “Oh Honey. That was fucking marvelous. Been a long time since I came like that. I miss that. Oh! I have a surprise for you. I remember you describing a fantasy you had quite often. I think I can bring that fantasy to life for you,“ she smiled.

    She pressed a button on her phone and the door swung open. In walked her secretary. She was a beautiful tiny ebony girl. Clad only in a bright yellow bra.

    “This is for you. A gift! Her name is Shiela. Shiela, go ahead and take some “dick-tation” for Doug,” Debra ordered.

    I was still wearing my pants, so I hurriedly dropped them and my shorts to the floor. Stepped out of both and sat back into the chair. Shiela knelt between my legs. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She lowered her mouth down over the head. Sucked it like a pro. She could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose. Lol. Her hand stroked my cock up and down with a twisting motion, massaging my balls at the same time.

    I was close to unloading into her mouth and I wanted to save it for her pink pussy. I pulled her up and grabbed her by her hips. I picked her up and set her down in my lap sliding her pussy down on my waiting cock. She was tight! The view of her chocolate colored skin and my white cock disappearing into her hole was intoxicating. I placed my mouth on one nipple and then the other, sucking on each. Shiela started moaning. She was gyrating her hips around on my dick, her motion getting faster.

    She suddenly stopped and I could feel her pussy muscles clenching around the shaft. I picked her up by the hips, lifted her up and then slid her back down. I could feel my load working its way up with every stroke. One more up and down again and I shot a huge load into Shiela's twat. She squeezed her muscles again and milked every drop out. She fell towards me, her chest against mine. I placed my lips on hers and gave her a passionate wet kiss. Our tongues dancing against each other.

    We finally unlocked lips and she hopped off my lap and scampered out of the room, her beautiful brown cheeks shaking as she trotted out. I wish I would have had the pleasure of poking my hard cock in between those beautiful cheeks. Might have been my one and only time for me to fuck an ebony pussy. This experience will give me something to remember for years to come. I never got to thank her.

    I looked over and noticed Debra, I mean Ronda, she had two fingers feverishly massaging her clit. She saw me looking so she put those two fingers in her mouth licking both clean.

    “So, big boy. Are you happy with your gift?" Debra smiled. "I hope you will be able to work up a second load for me! I want to taste my Honey's hot stuff.”

    “Oh Ronda. What a gift! It does make up for some of the past," I told her.

    I normally can’t bust a nut twice in one session, but between Shiela and Ronda, they had me hard as a 2x4.

    "I’ll give it my best shot. How do you want it?” I asked her.

    She turned over onto her stomach with her legs hanging down to the floor. Her butt pointing right at me.

    “I have an idea. You always wanted to get your cock into my ass when we were married, but I wouldn’t allow it. Here’s your opportunity,“ she said.

    I stepped up to her puckered hole. Dribbled a large amount of saliva into it. and some onto my cock. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it around the opening. I slowly eased in about an inch and stopped.

    “Are you okay? Should I stop?”

    She quickly yelled back, "Do it now. This is your chance. Fuck my ass, don’t be a wuss.”

    I obliged her demand and slowly forced myself all the way in. My balls were hanging down against her pussy. I started pumping in and out at a gentle pace. She was moaning. I worked my self up to a jack hammer motion. I could feel my second load about to explode. “I’m going to cum again,” I moaned.

    “Fuck no. I want to taste my ass juices on your dick!” Debra ordered.

    I pulled back out and sat back into the chair. Ronda moved off the desk and knelt between my thighs. She forcefully grabbed my sack and gave it a squeeze. Placed her other hand around the base and started to slowly twist up and down the shaft. I couldn’t wait to feel my cock in my ex wife’s mouth. I grabbed her head and forced it down. She resisted a bit and then let me continue. She flicked her tongue around the head and occasionally flicking her tongue in the hole.

    “Oh my god. You taste great," she breathed. "My ass and Shiela's pussy juices are wonderful.”

    Then she dropped her sexy mouth down over the head, sucking and stroking like her life depended on it. I was so ready to squirt my load into her waiting throat. Between Shiela and Ronda I was at my boiling point.

    “Suck it harder. I’m going to cum. I want to give you my second load. I’ve never been able to squirt twice in one fuck session,” I told her as I pushed her head down forcing my cock as far in as I could. She made a gagging noise, I let loose and shot my load in. I could hear her swallowing every drop. When the last drop shot out I let loose of her head. She raised her head to keep the head engulfed in her mouth. She gave one last suck and twist of her hand up the shaft and she sucked out what was left.

    She sat in my lap, our faces staring into each other’s eyes. I leaned forward and placed my lips on hers. We kissed each other, our tongues fighting together. It was a sloppy kiss. It was a wonderful kiss . We unlocked lips, clean off and got dressed. Once dressed we made it to the elevator and rode down together. The door opened and we stepped out. She hugged me and gave my a gentle kiss.

    “Thanks for signing the documents today," I told her. "Thank Shiela for notarizing the paperwork. Also the “dick-tation”. I’ll turn them in and send you a copy.”

    “I’ll tell her," Debra promised. "No need to send a copy. I’d like you to deliver them personally. It might be more fun that way. We can make up for all those lost years. Maybe you can give me a surprise gift?”

    “Sure. I’m sure I can come up with a surprise you’ll enjoy. I’ll work on that and get back to you when I have your copy,” I promised.

    “Thanks Doug. I’m sure you can come up with a special surprise. You always had quite an imagination for the dirty stuff. Just call me when your ready,” she replied. She gave me a wink and I nodded back. We went our separate ways.

    Oh. Did I fail to mention that we are married to two different people? Makes this thing extra exciting and dirty. The old Debra never was this dirty. I certainly like the new Debra better than the Debra I was married to. She’s more exciting and unpredictable. Definitely more fun. I’m sure she’ll be surprised with the surprise gift I come up with. She doesn’t really know how dirty my mind is.

    Stay tuned for future surprises.
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