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    She's a young black woman, with a knockout body, long thick hair, and firm tits with very sensitive nipples. Her ass is amazing, especially when she has a g-string on; holy shit, instant hard-on for sure from me. Her pretty tiny pussy is always trimmed nicely with a small cute patch of curly black hair, pussy lips waxed totally smooth. One of my favorites is to eat her pussy, feeling her soft wet clit against my lips, her pussy juices flowing into my mouth when I tongue fuck her. She loves when I go down on her. She always wraps her hands onto my head and pulls me into her, fucking my mouth with her pussy, telling me how good it feels and how much she loves seeing me eating her pussy.

    We're watching a movie, lounging about on a Saturday evening. Smoking a joint or a “few”. I had on my comfortable shorts & tank top. She was wearing a tank top and some small tight booty shorts, small enough to have her g-string exposing itself at times. I love that & always take it as a nice subtle tease. The evening started out warm, but as it got later, it got cooler. She lay next to me, cuddling closer and closer, pushing her ass back a few times against my crotch, knowing how much I love her teasing me. I teased back, pushing my hard dick against her ass. This brought out a slight reaction from her. She could feel the head of my cock pushing against her, so she pushed back, reaching back and pulling me closer.

    She turned her head and kissed me. Her lips felt so good against mine. I love kissing her. I kissed her lips, then down her neck, kissing the sides of her chin, nibbling her ears. Just driving her wild. I could see her nipples were hard, so I reached over, taking her breast in my hand, running my fingers under the bottom, and then circling my fingers around her nipples. One, then the other, slightly pinching them, rolling them lightly between my finger tips. She loved this and moaned, lowering her head some. She pushed her ass back hard against my now, rock hard cock.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Not sure who it could be, I got up, went to the door, and looked through the peephole. It was our friend, whom coincidentally had dated my girlfriend shortly for a period of time before I, some time back. He knocked again and I told him hold on, then unlocked the door, walking away as he came in.

    Our friend came in and said he had been wanting to drop off a PS4 game of ours that he had borrowed and was in the neighborhood. Apologizing that he hadn't called, we shrugged it off and said thanks for bringing back the movie. My girl asked him if he wanted a beer and he said yes. As she got up to get a few beers, her nipples were completely visible through her thin shirt. I caught our friend looking at her ass rock back & forth as she walked towards the kitchen. I gave him a wink & smile. Damn, she looked so hot, I couldn't blame him for looking.

    After a few minutes, my girl came back in the living room, beers in hand, grin on her face, and those beautiful hard nipples just hard as can be. She sat with me on the couch as our friend sat in a chair. My girlfriend suggested we finish the movie and asked our friend if he wanted to watch with us until the ending. He agreed & my girlfriend went and turned the lights down lower and turned the movie back on. I rolled up a joint that our friend & I would smoke. She doesn't smoke, but I'll give her the occasional shotgun hit. Fuck she looked so good, my cock was still hard. As the weed took effect, the haze of smoke filling the room, several shots of whiskey between him & I. I found myself getting more hornier. I've always thought about her looking cute & sexy, hanging out with me & another guy like so. I’m quite sure our friend was more than likely maintaining his composure the best he could.

    She told me to lie down, she wanted too cuddle. She positioned her body in front of me as before, again pushing her ass back, feeling that my cock was still rock hard. Our friend "acting" as if he were into the movie and drinking his beer. My girlfriend reached back, putting her fingers to my nose, I could smell her sweet pussy on them. Naughty girl had went into the kitchen and fingered her little sweet pussy while getting the beers. I had wondered what had taken her so long. She asked how my beer was and with a smile, she asked our friend if his was good too. She later told me she had stuck both bottles in her mouth & pussy and got them all wet with her pussy juice. Oh what a dirty slut…Hearing this was hot & just added more to my erection.

    We had a throw blanket covering us as we lay. She reached back, grabbing my cock though my shorts, squeezed it, pulled on it, then reached inside. Her warm soft hands felt so good touching my dick. The touch of her fingers, her firm grip when she pumped my cock, rubbing her thumb over the tip, using my pre cum as lube. She worked her thumb down over the rim, fuck it felt so good, & I was so fucking turned on, with her giving me a hand job with our friend in the same room. I'm sure our friend knew what was up & tried to not pay attention.

    It was pretty dark in the room and with the movie going, making the room flash with the lights of different scenes. So, figuring he couldn't see anything, I reached down and into my girlfriend's shorts, pulling them down under her ass. Grabbing hold of her panties, pulling them to the side, discovering how wet her pussy is with my fingers. She pulled my dick out from my shorts & started to stroke it. I slipped a finger into her, then another as she reached too my cock again, gripping it tight. She guided it toward her pussy. I took my fingers out of her, running them over my cock head, lubing them with her juices and then slowly sliding my cock head into her tight pussy. My girlfriend let out a light moan as my cock went in a little deeper, then deeper, then deeper, inch by inch, filling her pussy full. She moaned a couple more times, and as I looked over at our friend, he was definitely looking. My girlfriend looked back at me, kissing me, telling me quietly to “fuck her deeper". She was so turned on, knowing we had already gotten pretty hot before. Our friend showing up & now to be fucking me in front of him in the room. She loved it.

    I did as I was told and started fucking her deeper and harder. Knowing she loves it when I go deep and grind, my cock head rubs her g-spot, making her pussy squeeze & clench all around the entire length of my dick. I continued grinding my cock deep inside her pussy. She was shaking and moaning, loving the feeling of her pussy getting fucked. "Fuck my pussy hard fucker!" she said to me.

    At this point, it was obvious to our friend what we were up to and when I looked over, he was looking at us, more particularly her, my sexy ass girlfriend getting fucked. Not being apprehensive at all, stroking his exposed dick, and being entertained. I'm quite sure even he'd perhaps be reminiscing about the times he was once fucking her. When he was with her, she was in no way the type of person she is with me sexually. Sharing our bedroom stories with our friend in the past, sort of a "comparing of notes" you can say. To be blunt. She wasn't quite the slut in the bedroom with him as she is with me. She knows I've fantasized about a threesome with her and another guy. As our relationship grew, I got her more into the idea to the point to where she was fantasizing about herself. It became her naughty fantasy, one she would tell me about in my ear wile riding my cock sometimes.

    I sat my girl up on my dick, straddling over me facing away. He walked over from where he was seated, standing in front of her stroking his cock. Next thing I knew, she was pulling our friend in closer, then taking his cock into her mouth.

    As she rode my dick, I listened to my girlfriend make the noises of a cock sucking champ. She was sucking his dick, sucking his cock so hard, he was having a hard time standing. I pulled my girl from his cock and had her get on the couch, doggie style. With her ass in the air & the rest of her body over the arm rest, facing him. I grabbed her ass & spread her cheeks open, laid my cock over her wet asshole, then slowly slid it down, in then pulling it all the way out, then over again, inside her wet pussy…Teasing her as our friend stood in front of her, feeding her his thick cock.

    As my cock slid into her pussy, my girlfriend moaned on his dick, almost making him cum. He told her how good she sucked cock & how much he missed fucking her mouth & pussy. She loved compliments, feeling her pussy squeeze on my dick as he said them. She said thank you & like a good little fuck toy, started sucking him deeper and harder, gagging on his dick, with spit dripping from her chin. She went to work sucking his dick like a pro. Seeing her sucking his cock while she pushed back on my dick, had me so hard, I could see her pussy getting creamy wet. She loved being such a dirty fuck doll.

    My girlfriend stroked & sucked his dick, fucking her wet mouth as much as possible. Each pump by me from behind into her tight little pussy sent his dick further down her throat. He'd hold her head on his dick for a few moments, making her gag & drool. She'd let out a moans of pleasure, all over his dick while in her mouth, every time I'd spanked her on her ass hard. Our friend & I started fucking her in rhythm, bouncing between us both. He admitted out loud that she'd never sucked his cock like she was doing, when they dated. I encouraged her as I continued fucking her, to suck his dick like she sucks mine "baby". She was so fucking tight. With each stroke it seemed as if she got tighter. I could see our friend, holding her head, and throat area as he fucked her mouth and throat deep, working his cock in. He fucked her face like the nasty girl she is.

    We both kept talking dirty too her, grunting as we pumped into her from both ends. As the pace of us fucking her picked up, I could feel her pussy getting tighter. Her body was starting to tense up & her breathing becoming more rapid. She was about too cum & cum hard. I love pounding into her pussy harder & faster as she's cumming. I told her that after she cums, she's going too fuck our friend next, & that I want her to fuck him good. Let him fuck you hard & cum on his dick too.

    All she could do was shake and cum hard on my dick after hearing that. Our friend had already pulled out her mouth, letting her catch her breath after her climax. He then sat on the couch, ready to plant his cock up inside her wet pussy. Before doing that though, when I slid out her pussy, I took a moment to lick her cum juices from her pussy. She loves having her pussy licked after she cums. She tasted so fucking good & was so fucking wet. I finger fucked her & licked her pussy clean of her cum.

    She reached out to stroke his cock, spitting on her hands. Straddling herself on top, over his dick. Sliding himself into her tight wet pussy. I sat on the back part of the couch, positioned to the side of them, so she'd be able to bounce up & down on his dick, while she sucked my dick. I had a perfect view of her as she bounced & rode his dick. Her beautiful firm tits bouncing with the motion of their fucking. Watching the look in her eyes, the way she bit her bottom lip, moaning on my dick in her mouth. He held her hips tightly, hands on her waist, forcing her body down harder & harder on his dick. She looked so hot being fucked by another guy as I was fucking her mouth, watching the drool hang off her chin. I was totally fucking turned on, loving the kinky girl she was being. Watching her as we fucked her was super hot.

    I grab the back of her head, forcing her mouth further down my dick, causing it to further go down her throat. She gagged as I pulled away from her mouth with my dick, which created a trail of spit connected from her mouth to my dick. Watching it break & fall on her tits. I wanted to watch my girlfriend & former lover fuck each other as I watched & stroked my dick, enjoying every moment. She knows very damn well how much this was all turning me on. She acted as if she were our very own sexy ebony porn star. The very kind she watched with me whenever we would fuck & watch porno's. When we'd discussed later on about that night, she'd mention as to how she'd never rode his dick like that before in the past.

    Switching positions, he stood while carrying her, his dick still inside of her wet pussy, laying gently her down on the couch & continued fucking. Several minutes of having her pussy pumped in & out, she was on the verge of cumming again. I moved in closer, sucking on her tits, putting my dick in her mouth. He steadily fucked harder & harder building up his pace, rubbing her clit. He pumped his cock in and out of her tight pussy so hard and so deep. I sucked her tits, kissing her on her neck & mouth...The sensation of it all finally sent her over the edge again as she started cumming on his dick. I pumped her mouth faster & deeper causing me to cum in her mouth. The feeling of her mouth on my dick, sending cum down her throat, as she moaned & her body bounced around from still being fucked.

    The sight of it all finally was too much for our friend to bear as well. He gave a few more solid hard & deep pumps into her pussy, before pulling out shooting his cum all over her stomach & tits. When I looked at her, her eyes were rolled back some and she muttered how fucking good that was. I loved how slutty she was for us. I knew she was dirty, but watching her in action, was super hot.

    We may plan another threesome in the future. Maybe perhaps get one of her female friends involved. Maybe even, just maybe, I may have two of my buddies stop in one evening.

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