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  • Christmas 2016 Bank Party

    Julie and I (Rob) learned that the lawyer we work with at our hometown and his girlfriend both bank and invest out of town at the same bank we do. They are a widow and a widower that met after their first spouses had passed away. John is in his early 70’s and Muriel in her mid-60’s and is very nice looking. They make a great couple. They both have grown children who are not excited about their Mother and Father dating and traveling together. Julie and I happened to run into John and Muriel (the first time we had met her) at a restaurant out of town when we first learned they were dating. For quite some time, Julie and I were the only ones who knew they were driving out of town (sneaking) for dates, some travel and shacking up. We started socially meeting them occasionally out of town for dinner, theater, etc. Julie and Muriel get along well with Julie being 34 and me being 54. Last summer, we went weekday boating with them 3 times to the remote west end of the lake and did nude sun bathing with no hanky-panky.

    When the seasons got closer to Christmas this last year, during a dinner with Muriel and John, the subject of the out of town bank’s Christmas Party for investors came up. We all decided to go to the party (an hour and a half away from our home town). The girls coordinated their party wear. Julie was going to wear short skirt, lacy button front blouse and fur jacket. When she was getting dressed, I noticed her pulling a garter belt on and thigh high stockings and loved it. Very rarely does she wear something like this! She said that Muriel had told her that she was going to wear a garter belt and stockings too rather than nylons, etc. The guys wore khakis and sports coats.

    Since there was a hint of snow in the air we all went together in my COWBOY CAD Pickup Truck. We headed north out of our hometown, and I commented on the “Hooterville” sign when we passed it. Hooterville is a small place about 20 miles northwest out of town and has a nude exotic dancer club (The L&L) that Julie and I have been to a few times before we were married (We have a story on this site about Julie’s experiences there). Julie said that we had been there a few times and had had lots of “fun” (giggle, giggle). Muriel commented that she had never even been to such a place with John being quiet.

    The bank party was being held in the downtown bank’s fancy lobby area with a cocktail bar, buffet, etc. The bar was great, but with me driving, I had one Manhattan and switched to iced tea in a rocks glass. A three piece combo with a vocalist would provide entertainment. About 8 PM, the combo played some nice dance music. John and I danced with both Muriel and Julie, switching back and forth between them. Some basic dance skills really is a good thing to have I’ve found. The combo was finished by 9 PM and the party closed down. It was a very nice party.

    John got the girls’ fur jackets while I went to get the pickup from the parking garage, warmed up and out front. About an hour later with light snow falling, as we got to the Hooterville sign and the girls both commented on the L&L Exotic Dance Club in Hooterville. I took my foot off the gas and turned west to Hooterville. There as lots of laughing and giggling in the pickup as we pulled into the very small town. There was only 6 vehicles parked out front of the L&L and none of them had local plates.

    I angle parked directly in front and Julie said let’s go as she popped her door open. She pulled her jacket off and put it on her seat. Muriel did the same as John helped her out of the pickup. Julie and I walked in first. The club manager, remembering Julie, greeted us from behind the bar. We walked on back to the show room where there were two dancers, a waitress and two tables each with two men comprising the entire audience. I pushed two tables together close to the stage and moved chairs all to one side so we could all face the stage and dancer pole. Our girls got glasses of wine, and John and I each ordered a soda. The dancers took turns doing their sets. Both of the dancers were in their late 20’s or early 30’s and probably 6 or 7 on a scale of 10 for 30 year olds. At the end of the first song of each set, the dancer’s bikini top came off, at the end of the second song the dancer’s bottom came off, and the dancer danced the third song in the nude. The dancer would then pull her bottoms back on, come down off the stage and then go from table to table doing topless short table dances for tips.

    After we were at our table for about a half hour or so, two of the men at one of the tables left. The manager came over and introduced the two other middle-aged men as contractors passing through from out of town. Since the crowd was so small, the manager asked if we cared if he shut the outside lights and signs down and made it a private party for a while before shutting down (I saw him wink at Julie). It was not a problem for us Julie told him.

    Both dancers came back out from the dressing room area and joined us at our table. I asked the contractors to join us too. The manager came and went and the waitress brought drinks and kept tabs straight. The dancers were both local house girls. Being so close to Christmas and the short weeks, girls on the dancer circuit had not traveled out to the rural areas. The dancers were nice girls with children and husbands. They said they could make much more money dancing than waiting tables or working in a big box store. Their husbands get home from the factory jobs and babysit so their wives can work. As everyone visited at the table, the dancers were getting pictures of their kids out on their phones to show Julie and Muriel. Muriel was fascinated and had really gotten interested. It was really funny watching prim and proper Muriel interact with a topless dancer at the table.

    It came up that Julie had been on the stage with a dancer a couple of times when we were dating. She had had her boobs out with dancers sitting at our table during the evening then and finally was talking into going on stage with a dancer and going nude on stage after last call at closing time.

    Every little bit I would reach over and unbutton one of Julie’s blouse buttons, reach in her bra and touch her boobs. Her skirt had ridden up and the blond dancer next to her saw the garter straps and was impressed. Muriel hiked her skirt up a bit and showed her garter straps and stocking tops. With lots of laugher at the table, the blond dancer asked Julie to help pick out music over at the digital jukebox player machine. When the girls got the music selected, they moved to the dance floor area between our table and the stage and started dancing slowly together. At the end of the first song, the dancer had her bikini top off, Julie’s blouse unbuttoned and skirt unbuttoned with the zipper started down. At the end of the second song, the dancer was nude in heels and Julie’s blouse and skirt were on the table in front of me. John was feeling Muriel up as they watched Julie and the dancer. The second dancer, the two contractors, the club manager and waitress were all sitting back and watching the show with me.

    With the third song, Julie won’t let the dancer help her remove bra, etc., so the third song of the set ended with Julie in her bra, panties, garter belt and heels and stockings standing across from us at our table. It was a great look too. I tipped the dancer and Julie each a $10.00 bill. By Muriel’s third drink, she had loosened up a bit and John sitting tight to her was feeling her boobs up and had hiked her skirt pretty high to rub her panty covered pussy as Julie and the dancer stood across the table from us and visited.

    Julie asked me and the manager if her taking more off would be a problem. The manager replied that it was a private party, her choice. I said that if you are comfortable, go for it. The two contractor guys both said go for it with a bit of applause. Julie and the dancer picked up Julie’s blouse and skirt and headed back to the dressing room. Ten or fifteen minutes later they came back with Julie dressed again. She walked over to our table and handed me her panties. Julie and both dancers went over and selected a lot more music.

    Both dancers and Julie moved out on to the dance floor area between our table and the stage. At the end of the first song, the dancers had Julie’s blouse and skirt both off leaving Julie in her bra, garter belt and stockings with her shaved pussy showing. At the end of the second song, both of the dancers were nude and Julie was wearing just her garter belt, stockings and heels. During the third song, the dancers and Julie did some three way boob rubbing and feeling each other up a bit. When the next music came up, it was slow dancing style (Time of Your Life, Unchained Melody, etc.), and Julie stepped to our table, held out her hand and I got up to slow dance with her. The dancers asked the contractors to dance. One got up and the other guy wouldn’t. The two nude dancers slow danced with the one contractor with him feeling them both up.

    John and Muriel finally got up and moved around the table to the dance floor area too. Julie, the dancers and Muriel chatted and laughed back and forth with girls helping Muriel out of her sweater top, skirt and finally her bra. She absolutely refused to remove panties, etc. She and John were very attractive dancing with Muriel topless, wearing panties, garter belt, stockings and calf high boots.

    Muriel and Julie were both a bit high and/or really comfortable and relaxed. Julie could feel my hard dick pressing as we danced. As we got close to the table, she sat down and with me standing in front of her, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my khakis, spread my shirt tails, reached in my boxers and pulled my cock out to lick. One of the nude dancers stepped to the table and got my glass of soda and handed it to me as Julie started licking and sucking my cock. I was standing there blushing, and I think my face was hot. This was almost a new experience for me, getting a blow job in public (kind of) from Julie with people standing around closely watching (We’ve done this a swinger/nude resorts a couple of times but then others were doing the same thing too). Only the one contractor guy had remained sitting behind the table watching.

    After a bit with me starting to thrust a bit, Julie pulled back and asked one of the dancers for a towel. The Club manager quickly walked over and got a fresh bar towel. Julie finished jacking me off into the bar towel (no muss and fuss). Julie dried my cock off a bit with the towel, I sat my glass down, and I stuffed my cock back into place and zipped up.

    Julie stood up and John and Muriel joined us reminding us that it was a work day tomorrow. The two dancers still nude were now visiting with the two contractors (one standing and one sitting) about going into town for breakfast and possibly doing private shows at the contractors’ motel rooms.

    The dancers, Muriel and Julie all gathered their clothes and costumes and walked back to the dressing rooms to use the bathroom and get dressed. I walked out and started the pickup to warm up. And brushed some snow off the windshield. When I got back in with the girls’ fur jackets, the girls were out and almost ready to go. As our girls were thanking and saying good bye to the dancers, John was giving the dancers each a $20.00 tip for the great show. Club lights were switching out at the manager and waitress shut down for the night.

    On the twenty minute ride back, it was quiet for most of the way, then Muriel followed by Julie started laughing and talking. Muriel couldn’t believe what she had seen and done. The prim and proper lady was filled with guilt and remorse. Julie said she thought Muriel was having a good time at the club, John and agreed and Muriel broke out laughing and agreed. Julie invited Muriel and John to meet us a nude resort (not swinger! God forbid) in Mexico in March. Muriel said nudity really didn’t bother her as long as it was discreet and private in the right setting. She didn’t want to go to a nude resort filled with young hard bodies. Julie told Muriel that revealing mesh wear, sarongs, etc. are just fine at the resorts or even just a beach towel wrap. As Julie and I wrote this John and Muriel have made resort reservations and are working on arranging plane tickets to meet us there for a week.

    Best Regards,

    Julie and Rob
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    1. ARFun1234's Avatar
      ARFun1234 -
      Great night.
    1. GoldCoCouple's Avatar
      GoldCoCouple -
      How did I miss one of your stories. As always, love hearing about your experiences!
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