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  • A Stroll Down Memory Lane With Old Friends

    A few weeks ago, Linda and I, spent the weekend with Jim and Jill, a couple that we first met in our hometown years ago. I guess you could describe them as two of our oldest friends considering we’ve known them since we were all in our early twenties. They were the first friends we made as a couple, as opposed to friends we each brought with us into our marriage. Over time our friendship with them progressed from being close friends into a lifestyle relationship.

    In the early days of our relationship with Jim and Jill, we had so much in common with them we just seemed to migrate toward one another. We were two young couples, both married for a short period of time, both with young children, and I guess most importantly we were both looking to spice up our lives. Early in our relationship with Jim and Jill, we were in constant contact with one another. We were best friends that went everywhere and did everything together. These days we live five and a half hours apart, making getting together an all too rare and very cherished occasion.

    This particular weekend was similar to so many others we’ve spent together since we’ve moved apart. We arrived at their place Friday evening, left Sunday afternoon, in between we played, shared memories, and enjoyed each others company.

    On Saturday, we decided to have dinner at their place, being we cherished our time together and didn’t want to feel inhibited during our brief time together so we opted for the privacy of the four of us dining at their home. Over dinner Saturday night we laughed, joked, and talked about the fun we’ve shared over the years. It was one of those occasions where one person would recall something they remembered from our past, which would jar somebody else's memory of something that they remembered from our past. The one consistency to the stories was the sexual content.

    By the second round of cocktails around the kitchen table, my mind was spinning with memories of not only the four of us, but also of the other people we’ve met in the lifestyle over the years. Ghost like visions were floating through my mind as I searched for subject matter for the conversation.

    We’ve met so many people over the years. Some remained as friends, most however, are now just memories from the past. As I tried to remain connected with the conversation of the group, my mind was starting to wonder back in time as I tried to recall titillating subject matter for our conversation.

    My attention returned to the group when I felt Jill’s hand on my thigh. I guess I must have been smiling in my daydream because she asked what I was finding so captivating. "I was just thinking about how far we’ve came in this lifestyle and of the people we’ve met along the way," I replied.

    Jill ran a hand up my thigh as she told me that it was selfish to keep all those memory’s to myself when I should be sharing them with the rest of them.

    With a smile, I replied that just now I was thinking about the first time we played with Lynn and Carl. Jill cocked her head to one side and with a puzzled expression asked, “Who?” I replied, "You know, we brought them to one of your party’s out at the ranch back in the day."

    Jill thought for a moment more before the light came on, with a smile she said, “Are you talking about that very straight-laced couple?” I just nodded and smiled at her. “I had forgotten all about those two,” she said. "I do remember that party, I thought when you two walked in with them in tow that the party was over, they were so straight-laced I thought they would run out of the house screaming when they found out what kind of party we were having."

    Jill shifted around a little so she was facing me. "I have always been curious as to how you two talked those two into bed, I can’t wait to finally hear that story."

    I thought about the details of that first night with Lynn and Carl for a few moments getting the events straight in my mind, and this is the story I told....

    I’m sure you guys all remember how it was back then living in that small rural agricultural community in the central valley of California. Social outlets for couples were none existent in that area, at least on regular bases back then, which made private social events so popular, and the Fireman’s Ball, Policeman’s Ball, and those type events were events that just about everybody in the local area would attend. Other than a few dingy bars and private parties, those events were about to only places for socializing. They were opportunities to get dressed up in your best and sexiest clothes and have fun.

    It was just Linda and I attending that night, we weren’t even thinking about anything to do with the lifestyle. I glanced at Jill. I don’t remember why you two weren’t there with us, but it was just the two of us that night. We were just going out to enjoy the dinner, have a few drinks, and enjoy the band while we danced the night away.

    You know Linda well enough to know that we were of course fashionably late. When we got there, the only table with seats available happened to be the one Lynn and Carl was sitting at. They were those big round tables with about eight couples sitting around it and two empty chairs beside Lynn and Carl. I can’t remember who else was at the table, but when we asked the group if they minded if we joined them, we were warmly welcomed to their table.

    It was a typical small town gathering where you recognized everybody there but really didn’t know most. Linda and I both knew Lynn and Carl from school, or I should say knew who they were. All I knew of them was that they were a straight-laced, church going, young married couple, who I’ve never seen at a bar or any of the private party’s we’ve ever attended.

    That night as we joined them their appearance didn’t do anything to change my initial opinion of them. It was the first time I think I’d ever seen Carl in a coat and tie, as for Lynn she was in a powder blue dress without an inch of skin showing anywhere below the neck except for her hands. The dress formed a collar all the way around her neck and was loose enough as to not give a hint of the body it concealed. Her Sunday best was the thought that crossed my mind when I first saw her that night, her attire was far more suitable for church than it was for a night on the town.

    My opinion of them was such that I made a conscious effort to watch my language that night. I slipped once and felt as if I had cussed in front of a priest, those two were just that prim and proper. I didn’t have anything against them or their lifestyle. I was just trying my best not to embarrass them or do anything to make them feel uncomfortable.

    While we were waiting to be served dinner, I told Linda I was going to the bar, just to be social I asked them if I could get them anything. I was actually surprised when Carl said that sounded like a great idea and he would join me. I had a preconceived concept of them and drinking wasn’t a part of that concept, what I was expecting was a polite decline or a request for a soda or coffee.

    As the night progressed, I actually found myself really enjoying their company. As we got the opportunity to know them we found that they both had a great sense of humor and turned out to be a lot of fun. During dinner, Carl and I made a couple of bar runs and it seemed as if the four of us formed our own private group at the table.

    As the night started unfolding we started by talking about all those things young couples talk about; family, kids, work, and those sort of things. As the alcohol flowed our interactions became more light hearted with a lot of laughter and joking around.

    During dinner conversation, I guess it was alcohol induced, I found myself trying to imagine what Lynn’s conservative attire was concealing. She was a beautiful woman and I was starting to find her 50’s “Leave it to Beaver” conservative appearance very appealing, in a thought provoking kind of way.

    Our conversation continued through dinner and soon the lights dimmed and the band started playing. Linda started moving to the rhythm of the music so I asked her to dance. After we danced to a few songs, we returned to our table. We danced with our own spouses, talked at our table, and teased one another for about the next hour or so. We were having fun together in a couple to couple way.

    I had gone to the bar to get another round of drinks for the group and when I returned to the table, Lynn was sitting there alone as Linda and Carl were on the dance floor. Lynn was rocking in her chair to the bands version of a rocking “CCR” song. I sat the drinks down, held my hand out to her, and asked her if she would like to dance. With a smile, she followed me to the dance floor.

    Lynn and I danced to a couple rock tunes and as the last song ended, we stood facing each other for a moment, both a little winded. Before we could leave the dance floor the band started playing a slow song, I smiled and held my hands out toward her. She returned my smile and moved into my arms, I was pleasantly surprised when she wrapped her arms around my neck as I pulled her toward me.

    I tried to behave myself as I wrapped my arms around her. The truth though was that I was using my body to explore her lush body. I felt her breasts as they pressed against my chest. I felt her moving against my cock, and when she straddled my thigh and started rubbing herself against my thigh, I almost went into shock.

    As courteous as I was trying to be, my cock had a mind of its own, and when this beautiful woman started grinding on my thigh my cock came to full attention, and the harder my cock got the tighter she held me.

    As the band went from that song, straight into another slow song Lynn’s head was on my shoulder, her mouth was just below my ear, and I felt her breath on my neck. As her breathing became faster as she started moaning. She was no longer dancing to the music she was now grinding herself against my cock as we moved together on the dance floor. I tried my best to conceal her actions from those around us through the song. As the song was ending, she moaned loudly into my ear, her body went rigid, and then went so limp I had to support her weight. I supported her for a few moments before pulling my head back and smiled at her. Her face was moist, flushed and her breathing was not back to normal yet. She gave me a weak smile as she attempted to stand on her own again.

    She wrapped an arm around my waist as we started to walk back to our table. As we walked, I thanked her for the dance. She looked at me and started to giggle as she said, "Is that what we were doing?' I smiled at her and replied, "I’m not sure what it was, but I was pleasantly surprised by whatever it was."

    Lynn stopped and smiled as she looked at me, “Are you saying it surprises you that I’m a sexual being that is able to enjoy sex?” I was for one of the few times in my life at a loss of words. As I was stuttering and stammering, searching for something to say, Lynn started laughing. She tightened her grip around my waist, pulled close to me, and whispered, “Carl and I have a very active sex life that I enjoy very much, I might have got a little carried away with you and don’t make habit of that kind of thing, but I enjoy sex very much.”

    Linda and Carl were already at our table when we got there. As we approached them, Carl was leaning toward her as they talked and I could see his hand on her thigh. When he saw us approaching, he rapidly pulled his hand away from her thigh, sat back in his chair and greeted us.

    We talked as a group for a few minutes before Lynn and Carl returned to the dance floor. When Linda and I were alone, she looked at me and started to giggle. I looked at her quizzically and asked what was so funny. "Lynn and Carl," she replied. "I always thought they were so straight laced and conservative, and during that last dance I thought he was going to fuck me on the dance floor, I also saw what you two were up."

    I laughed and told her that I hadn’t noticed them on the dance floor, I was too busy getting Lynn off and told her about Lynn having an orgasm while we danced.

    Linda asked if I thought it would offend them if we asked them over to the house to play. "I don’t have any idea, why don’t you ask them," I replied. Linda looked at me with that sly smile of hers, “because that’s your job,” she replied.

    We decided that I would talk to Carl and she would bring the subject up with Lynn to see if they would like to come over for a nightcap and just let whatever happened happen.

    When Lynn and Carl returned to our table Linda commented that she was going to the restroom and asked Lynn if she would like to join her. Carl and I watched in silence as they walked away.

    As they walked out of sight, I commented to Carl, “Damn, those are two very sexy ladies my friend.” Carl chuckled and replied, “You’ve got that right, and both are beautiful.” I took a sip of my drink and told him that Linda had commented to me about how much she enjoyed dancing with him tonight.

    Carl’s face went white, he started stuttering and stammering about not meaning anything and hoped I wasn’t upset. I started laughing. "No, I’m not upset about that, I hope you two enjoyed yourselves. In fact, we talked about it and we would like to invite you and Lynn over to the house to continue the party there."

    "Are you sure that you’re not upset?" Carl replied. I laughed again, "No not in the least, you two were having fun, while Lynn and I were enjoying ourselves, and it’s all good."

    Carl was silent for a few moments. He then looked at me and said, “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?”

    “I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m asking,” I replied with a chuckle. I let that sink in for a moment without comment.

    He finally told me that Lynn and he had been talking about this kind of thing for some time. He didn’t know exactly how she felt about it tonight, but the idea turned him on. "Carl, if you are open to the idea, why don’t we just play it by ear when the girls return," I said. "I think Linda is talking to Lynn about it so let’s just see what direction this thing goes." Carl was nodding his reply when the girls returned to the table.

    Linda and Lynn were both laughing when they returned to the table and sat down. Lynn sat beside Carl and wrapped her arm around his, and gave him a little hug. Linda gave me a wink as she sat down between Carl and I.

    Everybody was quiet for a few moments lost in our own thoughts. I broke the silence by asking Linda if she would like another drink. "I think I would like a nice glass of wine at home," she replied. She then slowly stroked her hand over Carl’s thigh and asked him if Lynn and he would like to come over to the house and join us for a nightcap.

    Carl glanced at Lynn. “Would you like to go?” he asked meekly. “Sure, if you want to,” she slyly replied. I rose from my chair, “Well let’s blow this Popsicle stand,” I said.

    Linda was standing beside me giggling; she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, and told me she was sure that a Popsicle stand wasn’t what I wanted blown. As we turned toward the exit, I swatted her butt and told her she was right.

    When we got to our place, it was obvious that both Carl and Lynn were very nervous. I poured the girls a glass of wine and got a beer for Carl and myself. We sat around talking about everything except what was on everybody’s mind for several minutes. I knew that this was a first for them and was trying to determine how to steer the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go.

    Finally I got up and announced that I was going to go out on the patio for a smoke and would be right back. Carl got up to join me and we went out on the patio. Once in the patio I checked the hot tub to make sure it was warm and asked Carl if he thought Lynn would like to soak in the tub with us. He shook his head, “To be honest with you I’m not sure, this is a first for us and I don’t have any idea what she is open for” he replied.

    We were on the patio for maybe ten or fifteen minutes smoking and talking about how best to convince Lynn to join us in the hot tub when we heard the sliding glass door slide open. We both glanced toward the door and saw both Linda and Lynn walk through the door. They were both clad in terrycloth robes and giggling as they joined us on the patio.

    Linda wrapped an arm around mine and asked if the water was hot. "Yeah, it’s ready," I replied. She laughed as she looked at me and asked, “How are we supposed to get in, you haven’t removed the cover yet.” While I took the cover off the tub and as I was putting it away, Linda removed her robe and got in the tub, she was soon followed by Lynn.

    Lynn paused at the top of the steps as she was getting into the tub and our eyes met as I saw her lush nude body for the first time. Her body was beautiful, her breast were firm and stood proudly on her chest. Her pubic hair was a full “V” and trimmed nicely which was something you didn’t see much back in those days. She smiled as she proudly allowed me to view her body for a moment before continuing into the tub.

    I shed my clothes while rushing around the tub toward the steps. As I was climbing into the tub, I glanced at Carl who was still standing in the same spot staring at the two women in the tub. "Are you going to join us?" I asked. That seemed to shake him out of his trance and he started ripping his clothes off.

    I moved between the two girls and sank into the warm water next to Lynn. When Carl got in, he proceeded to the far side of us and sat down beside Linda. The four of us sat in silence for a few minutes just enjoying the water.

    After several minutes, Linda shifted around toward Carl and started talking to him so quietly that I couldn’t hear their conversation over the sound of the churning water.

    I turned toward Lynn and smiled as I asked how she was doing. "OK" she replied with a glance toward Carl. Then she smiled and asked me how I was doing. I knew she was nervous and she was almost sitting on her hands, it was obvious this was all very alien to her and was unsure of what to do or say. I slowly reached down and took her hand in mine. While looking into her eyes I brought her hand to my hard cock.

    When her hand touched my cock, her eyes and mouth opened wide as she let out a quiet gasp. Slowly her fingers wrapped around my cock and she just held it for a moment before slowly stroking it. I moved my hand to her thigh and as she stroked my cock, I traced my fingers over her thigh.

    I gradually slid my hand between her thighs caressing her and waiting for a sign that she was ready for more. That sign came as she slowly spread her legs wide enough to give me access to her pussy.

    With my hand flat against her torso, I traced my fingers over her pussy, not probing, just enjoying the wetness I found between her lips. After a few moments, she draped her leg over mine as she leaned back and opened herself fully to me. I slowly ran my fingers over the length of her pussy and stroked her clit. Her grip on my cock strengthened as I touched her.

    I turned slightly toward her, and with my other hand, I touched her breasts. Taking her nipple between my forefinger and thumb and tweaked it. As I caressed her body, I complimented her beauty. Up to that point all of our exploring was under water, it was no secret what we were doing it was just that it wasn’t flaunted.

    Linda moaned causing Lynn and me to glance toward her and Carl. Linda was on her knees on the seat, leaning forward facing Carl. It was obvious that she was stroking his cock as he drove his finger into her pussy. Linda then straddled his thighs and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him to her and kissed him passionately.

    As Lynn’s attention remained on her husband and Linda, I slowly slid a finger into her pussy. As I probed her with my finger, her mouth opened and her eyes closed as a low growling moan escaped from deep inside her.

    Lynn’s pussy was wet, slick, and flowing. She didn’t attempt to stop me from probing her; in fact, to the contrary her hips started thrusting forward to meet my probing finger.

    After several minutes, Lynn opened her eyes and looked at me. With a breathless whisper she said, “I’ve never done anything like this before.” I smiled at her and said that I planned to make it so pleasurable for her that it wouldn’t be the last.

    I was taking my time slowly exploring Lynn’s lush body for several minutes. Neither of us was paying any attention to Linda and Carl, our focus was on our own pleasure. That changed when we heard a growling moan from Carl.

    When we turned our attention toward Carl and Linda, we found Carl standing on the seating area in front of Linda who was sucking his cock. Carl was holding her head in both hands, his head was tilted back, and it was obvious he was cumming in her mouth.

    Immediately after cumming, Carl started apologizing to Linda for his lack of control. She slowly removed his cock from her mouth, smiled, and assured him that she understood and that it was all right.

    As Lynn and I were watching the interaction between Linda and Carl, I felt her release my cock from her grip. I turned my attention back to Lynn and immediately noticed the expression on her face. I didn’t know if I was seeing pain, anger, or revulsion in her face, all I knew for sure was that something was definitely wrong. “Are you alright?” I asked. Lynn just nodded her reply.

    Over the next few minutes, my total focus was on Lynn. I had pretty much concluded that this night might be ending much sooner than I expected or wanted. I was trying to decide what emotions she was showing and how best try to defuse the situation. My thoughts were that the fantasy might have come crashing down when it met reality.

    Before I had a chance to say anything to her, Linda touched my shoulder as she was walking past. With a smile she told Lynn and I that she needed another glass of wine and that her and Carl were going inside. She told both of us to enjoy ourselves and she would see us inside when we decided to join them.

    When Linda and Carl closed the sliding glass door behind them, I turned to Lynn and asked her what was wrong. She didn’t look at me, instead she just stared straight ahead and shook her head, as she replied, “Nothing.”

    "Lynn, I saw your expression and I know you were upset about something," I said, "if you would allow me I would like to try to help alleviate those feelings but first I need to know what they are." Lynn looked at me and shyly smiled, “You would just think I was being silly,” she replied. "I guarantee you I won’t think you’re silly," I offered.

    Lynn looked at me in silence for a long moment before blurted out, “Carl hasn’t cum that quickly since we were in high school. I don’t know what Linda did for him that I don’t do but whatever it was it turned him on more than I’m able to."

    Well that wasn’t what I was expecting, and it took a real effort not to burst out laughing. Lynn wasn’t upset over what Linda was doing for Carl; she was upset because she thought Linda was doing it better than how she does it. "Lynn, it wasn’t what she was doing, it was who was doing it," I said. "The newness of this whole thing, the excitement of this whole thing, and the fact that you are allowing him to enjoy this in your presence just overloaded his resistance."

    "When you two first started having sex my guess is that he didn’t last all that long with you either," I continued. "My guess is that she wasn’t doing anything much different than what you do for him, he was just experiencing it with somebody new."

    Lynn smiled at me. "Thank you," she said, "I know you’re trying to make me feel better but it still bothers me and makes me wonder what I could do to make it better for him."

    I looked at Lynn and nodded my head. As I got up from my seat and sat on the edge of the tub, I told her I understood and that being true, I offered to help her that was what I would do. I gently stroked her hair and told her to show me what technique she uses when she gives Carl head.

    She just looked at me and giggled. "You mean you want me to give you a blowjob?" she asked. "Well sure, how can I critic your skills if I haven’t experienced it?" I chuckled. Lynn started to get up on her knees on the seat in front of me reluctantly.

    She stared at my cock for a moment as she knelt in front of me before wrapping her hand around base of it. She looked up at me with a sly smile on her face and told me, “I think you just want me to suck your dick so you can cum in my mouth like Carl did to Linda. You don’t care how good I am at it." Her language was totally out of context for her and I think talking dirty turned her on a little.

    "Well," I smiled back at her, "I must admit that while the idea of you sucking my dick isn’t appalling to me, it is however in the interest of science to make you the best little cock sucker you can be."

    Lynn was now slowly stroking my cock as she stared into my eyes. "I like to start with the head," she finally said as she slowly licked the head of my cock while she continued to stroke it. After a few moments she added, "and then I like to lick the shaft to make it all wet and slick so that it slides in easier."

    Lynn held my cock by the base as she slowly licked the length of the underside. She continued slowly and methodically as she licked my entire cock. When she had my cock coated with her saliva, she rose up from the seating area to a position giving her better access to my cock.

    As she stared into my eyes with a mischievous smile on her face, she bent down and kissed the head of my cock. Her left hand never left the base of my cock and as she pulled my cock toward her, she cupped my balls in her right hand, and slid her mouth over my cock. In one continual motion, she slid my cock into her throat to the point that her chin was resting on my balls and her nose reached my pubic hair.

    As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, her left hand alternated between stroking my cock and a twisting motion around my cock. Her right hand softly and gently caressed my balls at the same time.

    In just a matter of just a few minutes, Lynn had me on the verge of an orgasm. I lightly stroked her head and told her to slow down a little, that I was getting close. Her reply to my warning surprised me. Her right hand tightened around my balls. She didn’t really hurt me, but she generated enough discomfort, to cause my pending orgasm to subside instantly.

    She allowed me to calm down before she continued. I was amazed that she was able to curb my orgasm while at the same time keeping my cock hard. That and the fact she was able to deep throat my eight inch cock as she did gave me a different perspective of this young woman. It was obvious that the illusion of her being prim and proper was just that, an illusion. This young lady was a master in the art of oral sex and I couldn’t wait to find out what other skills she possessed.

    Lynn continued pleasuring me with her oral skills for several minutes. As pleasurable as what she was doing was, and as easy as it would be to let her continue until I filled her mouth with my seed, I felt that even greater pleasures awaited me if I would also try to please her as she pleases me.

    I reached down and slowly pulled Lynn to her feet as I slid off the edge of the tub. As I silently stood in front of her, she looked at me with questioning eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately. As we parted our embrace I whispered to her that it was obvious that her oral skills were top notch and as pleasurable as her oral skills were there were still more pleasures I would like to enjoy with her.

    My hands slid down her back until they were cupping her ass. "My only question right now is would you prefer to stay out here or would you like to go inside?" I asked. She smiled at me for a moment then told me, "It's getting a little chilly out here, why don’t we go inside to warm up a little bit."

    Inside the house, we found Linda and Carl in the den. She was on her hands and knees on the floor and he was fucking her hard from behind. Lynn and I paused as we entered the den for a moment to watch them. As we watched, Lynn took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. I lead her to a space on the floor a few feet away from our spouses.

    As Lynn sat down on the floor, I knelt between her legs. I kissed her as I eased her onto her back. Once she was on her back, I kissed my way down her body enjoying every erotic zone between her lips and her pussy.

    It was when I reached her pussy and was able to get an up-close view of it that I noticed just how large her clit was. Her clit protruded an inch and a half or two inches beyond her lips, it was the most extraordinary clits I’ve ever seen.

    For the next few minutes, I did my best to return the oral pleasure to Lynn that she had given me. As I did, I especially enjoyed sucking her marvelous clit, which her moans told me was very sensitive.

    I maneuvered myself around until my cock was near her face. I then rolled her on top of me before continuing my oral assault on her pussy. We were in a classic “69” position as we pleasured each other.

    Lynn was grinding her pussy into my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and parted the cheeks of her ass giving me better access. Her exaggerated movements were making it difficult to maintain contact with her pussy as I tried to lick, suck, and tongue fuck her.

    I was doing the best I could and at one point, while I was running my tongue over the length of her pussy she moved just right and my tongue found her little rosebud. When my tongue touched her back door, she moaned loudly and pushed back against my probing tongue. I probed her as hard as I could with my tongue and she started flooding me with her flowing pussy.

    When I returned my attention back to her pussy I gently ran a finger over her rosebud to see what reaction that would get from her. As I brushed the pad of my finger over it, she moaned and pushed back against it. It was obvious from her actions that she enjoyed her ass played with.

    I was reaching the point that I knew if I was going to last long enough to fuck her, I was going to have to get my cock out of her mouth. I rolled her off me and onto her back then moved between her widespread legs.

    Lynn rose up on her elbows watching me as I approached her pussy with my cock in my hand. When I touched her pussy with the head of my cock, she raised her knees and with her feet flat on the floor aimed her pussy at my cock. I slowly ran the head of my cock over the length of her pussy coating it with her moisture. When I placed the head at her entrance, she started arching her hip trying to force her pussy onto my cock. I allowed the head to enter her but held back not allowing any further penetration.

    Lynn looked at me with a near snarl on her face waiting for me to impale her. After several moments of teasing her, she looked at me and whispered demandingly, “put it in.” I let my weight fall forward and thrusting my hips forward at the same time driving my cock all the way inside her tight wet pussy in one quick thrust.

    As she watched my cock penetrate her, she let out a sharp gasping moan. I held my cock firmly inside her until I felt her start to rotate her hips, fucking herself on my cock. When I felt her moving against my cock I slowly withdrew it from her before thrusting it back inside her again in a series of methodical movements.

    I fucked her in the missionary position for several minutes before lifting her legs up, holding them against my chest I fucked her using deep hard thrusts. Then with surprising strength, she rolled me over getting on top and started bouncing on my cock.

    After several moments of this, she was moaning and breathing hard. I rolled her off me and onto her stomach. I moved behind her and jerked her hips off the floor. As I, lifter her she reached between her legs and guided my cock back to her pussy. I slammed my cock back inside her and continued to fuck her hard and deep.

    As I was fucking her, I ran the pad of my thumb of her little rosebud. When she felt me touch her beautiful ass, she let out a loud pleasurable moan.

    We were in front of the coffee table where Linda had placed her toy basket. I found a small vibrating dildo inside and decided to see if Lynn would enjoy me using it on her. I continued to fuck her as I applied lubricant to the dildo. After lubricating it, I turned it on and placed it on her backdoor entrance. When she felt the vibrator touch her she let out a gasp and looked back over her shoulder at me.

    As I started moving it around her opening, I whispered "do you like that?" Lynn just nodded her reply. I smiled and asked her if she would like me to continue. Again she just nodded her answer.

    As I slowly slid my cock in and out of her, I slowly eased the dildo inside her. When I started fucking her ass with that little dildo at the same time I was fucking her pussy, Lynn screamed out her orgasm.

    I couldn’t take any more, with the dildo inserted in her ass I felt it vibrating through the thin barrier separating it from my cock. I grabbed her hips with both hands slammed my cock as deep into her pussy as I could and started to cum deep inside her. When Lynn felt me cumming inside her, her orgasm peaked.

    I held my cock deep inside her as our orgasms subsided. After several moments, Lynn looked back over her shoulder at me. Her face glowed with perspiration, her hair was damp, and she had an exhausted smile on her face.

    I slowly removed the dildo from her ass before I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy. As I knelt behind her, we heard a Linda giggling on the couch. Lynn and I both glanced in that direction and saw both Linda and Carl snuggling on the coach as they watched us. We just smiled at each other, as Lynn and I tried to regain enough energy to move.

    After a few moments, I got up and helped Lynn off the floor. We stood naked in front of the couch looking at our naked spouses as they cuddled each other. Linda was mindlessly toying with his limp cock, his arm was around her shoulders, and her head was resting on his chest.

    Lynn must have felt cum dripping out of her pussy and down the inside of her thigh because she reached down and whiped her thigh. Lynn glanced back and forth between me and our spouses on the couch. After a few moments, she started laughing and wrapped her arm around mine.

    We joined our spouses on the couch, Lynn sitting beside Carl, while I sat beside Linda. After several minutes of silence, Linda looked over at Lynn and asked her how she was doing with all this. Lynn giggled and told her she was doing fine with everything. Linda mentioned that she understood that Carl and she had talked about this and inquired if it was what she was expecting.

    Lynn thought for a few moments before answering. "You know, it’s not exactly what I was expecting. I thought I would be jealous if I saw Carl having sex with somebody else. However, when I did see it I wasn’t jealous at all, in fact to be honest it turned me on watching you two. I can’t explain why, I just found it very exotic. I never thought I would have that reaction to this."

    The girls talked together with Carl and me silent bystanders to their conversation. After several minutes, Linda asked Lynn if she had any fantasies that she would like to fulfill tonight. Lynn thought for a moment, then started giggling before telling Linda that she should have asked her that before they all had sex. Linda just smiled back at her and told her that she was sure the boys would be able to rise to the occasion.

    Lynn looked back at Linda, and with a smile told her that she couldn’t speak for DB but Carl was a one time a night guy. Linda just laughed as she told her that guys would surprise her as to their ability to rise to the occasion when more than one woman is in the mix.

    Linda smiled at Lynn again. "Would you like to know what my biggest fantasy was when we first started in this?" Linda asked. Lynn was no longer smiling as she nodded at Linda. "Two guys at the same time," Linda said. Lynn’s eyes widened. "Really,' she replied, "have you done that before?" Linda just nodded and said, "One of the biggest sexual rushes I’ve ever experienced!"

    We were all looking at Lynn as we waited several moments for her to say something. Finally she looked as Linda and told her, “Me too. After Carl convinced me that this was something he wanted to try, the thought of two guys fucking me at the same time was the fantasy that really turned me on."

    Linda smiled and asked her how she envisioned it in her fantasy. Lynn was silent for a few moments as she looked at her hands. Without looking at Linda, she told her that she would think she was some kind of sick whore if she told her about her fantasy.

    Linda told her,"What I enjoy is having one guy fuck me from behind while I suck the other guy’s dick. What’s yours?"

    Lynn was still looking at her hands, "To be fucking Carl and have another guy fuck my ass at the same time," she meekly replied. "That’s really a common fantasy, I know of a number of women that really enjoy that," Linda said. Lynn looked at her with a questioning expression, "Really??" she asked. Linda nodded, "Not all women enjoy anal, but a large number of them really enjoy it."

    "Here," Linda said as she pointed Carl’s cock toward her, "give Carl a little head, and get him hard while I take care of getting DB ready for you." Linda turned toward me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a passionate wet kiss. When she broke our embrace, she smiled at me as she started to stroke my cock. “We need to get you hard if you want to fuck that pretty little ass,” she whispered in my ear. As she bit my earlobe she whispered, “You do want to fuck her tight little ass don’t you?” She knew I did, my dick was already rock hard.

    Carl moaned and we both looked in his direction. Lynn’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock. "Oh, go slow there little girl, you don’t want to get him off, you just want to get him hard and it looks like you’ve already accomplished that," Linda told her.

    Linda took charge of orchestrating the events that were about to take place. She had Carl slide down on the couch and got Lynn on top of him and his cock in her pussy. After he fucked her for a few minutes, she told her to stop for a minute and lean forward. She then had me lube her ass as well as my cock. When we were both lubed and ready, I placed my cock at her entrance. It took several minutes for me to get my cock all the way inside her tight little ass. Once I was all the way inside her Carl and I waited for her to become accustomed to two cocks inside her before we started fucking her again.

    It was just moments after we both started fucking her that she had her first orgasm. Her orgasm seemed to continue the entire time we were fucking her. Carl and I were both stroking her body as we fucked her. Linda joined the action by hugging Lynn and tweaking her nipples with one hand while she rubbed her own clit with the other hand.

    Carl was lost in his pleasure as he thrust his cock in and out of Lynn’s pussy, his hands were going from Lynn to Linda as he was squeezing their breasts and fingering Linda’s pussy. Finely Linda needed her own relief, she eased her way onto the couch and straddled Carl’s chest. She then lowered her pussy to his mouth and held his head against her as he did his best to get her off with his mouth. I have no idea if he realized that he was licking his own cum out of her pussy or not, if he did it didn’t seem to matter to him.

    Lynn had her arms wrapped around Linda and was using her hands and fingers on her breasts. The room filled with the sounds of sex, the slushing sound of a hard cock slamming into a wet pussy, the slapping of moist skin slapping against moist skin, the moans, groans, and shrieks of pleasure. I could feel Carl’s cock sliding in and out of Lynn’s pussy and I’m sure he felt my cock sliding in and out of her ass as I fucked her. It was all too pleasurable to last very long. I tried to hold back as long as I could, but when Lynn’s moans turned into loud orgasmic screams, I couldn’t prolong the inevitable and started to cum deep in her ass. As my cock stopped twitching I heard Carl moan and felt him slam his cock as deep into Lynn’s pussy, I could fill it twitching as it pumped his load of cum deep inside her pussy.

    After a few minutes, in a cascade of laughter and giggles, we all untangled from one another. We cuddled together on the couch as we tried to regain our composure. We were all enjoying the exhausted after glow of very pleasurable and satisfying sex.

    Linda and Lynn glanced at each other, and in that unspoken female form of communication, Lynn answered Linda’s unasked question with an ear-to-ear smile as she leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes. Linda smiled back at her and stroked her shoulder.

    We ended that night over coffee around the kitchen table talking about what took place that night. I must admit that by the time the four of us sat around our kitchen table in the nude, my opinion of Lynn and Carl had changed drastically from what it was when we joined them at their table at the Fireman’s Ball.....

    "Fuck," Jill said as she looked at me. She pulled her skirt up showing me her wet panties, "You’ve made me soak my panties. You are the only person I know that can get me this wet by just telling a story. How the fuck are you able to remember every detail as you do?" I just smiled at her, “well, the truth is I have a pornographic memory and I just remember every fucking thing.” Jill looked at me. "Well, I’m about to give you something else to remember then," she replied with a giggle.

    Jill looked over at Linda and Jim. "I’m going to fuck your husband." she told Linda, "and then test him in the morning to see how much he remembers. You two are on your own. You can join us if you want, but I can’t wait any longer to play with his big hard cock!"
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