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  • The Night I Caught My Wife

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    My wife of more than a decade and mother of our small children has always been conservative. She shies away from anything containing fantasies and sex. One evening we were at a garden party of a very attractive single neighbor which started at about 4pm. We live about a 5 minute walk from the neighbor and it was getting late and I felt I had to go and check on the kids (playing on their IPADS).

    Well needless to say after a couple of beers and a little champagne I wandered home, the party with about 40 people all in their 30s and 40s was just getting into the swing of things. The plan was to as a group go out later that evening for some of the people to a local pub. My plan was to head home and watch the kids (no need to have 30 teens in the house).

    My wife was having a great time. The vibe was super positive. She is blonde, fit and wearing some very sexy clothes she bought in a boutique in Miami recently. I felt bad for leaving but realized that if she has a good time I am happy.

    Hours had passed and I checked social media, no check ins or updates. Fair enough. I awoke at 4am and still no one home. I opened my window and could hear some music playing, must be the party. I checked on my kids, they were fast asleep, I locked the doors and headed over.

    The door was open a crack and there were some 10-12 people having prosecco, music still playing. I did not want to sound jealous and I opened the door to a bedroom downstairs. Her friend was lying in bed, fully clothed chatting with some guy. Reminding me of early 20s drunk discussion. She noticed me and said my wife was somewhere... she turned away.

    I then looked around, not willing to go upstairs in someone else´s house... I grabbed the bathroom doorknob and heard some rustling around. Someone yelled..”hey I am busy”...and he double checked and locked the door. As I walked away I could hear my wife but not sure where... I looked back, nothing. I exited the house and to the side of the front door there is frost covered window to the bathroom. Between the frost covering and the window pane is about 1cm of open space. I could see the guy in front of her kissing her neck. I felt a rush of anger and then excitement. OMG I was a voyeur watching my own wife.

    He aggressively kissed her, she pushed a bit away, he turns her facing the bathroom mirror and proceeds to grab her ass, then hands up her blouse to her breasts. His other hand then pulls up her dress just enough, her hand pushing back until she lost her balance almost on the sink. He then pulls down her panty, I can see she is super excited. I had the urge the knock but then opted not to. I was actually enjoying the scene. He guides her hand to his pants where she begins to grab away at his cock. He pulls his pants down enough -- then someone knocks on the door..”hey I have to use the bathroom”... -then “oh... Bob is getting lucky with that blonde neighbor...” she grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy. She lets out a grunt and begins to push harder and harder... her hands slipping from time to time off the sink.

    As they fuck he stops and positions himself on the toilet, she sits on top of him and he continues to fuck her while sucking on her breasts...I am in shock.

    I am about to leave when someone walks out “hey enjoying the show...? Bob is fucking that blonde - she really wants it... such a cock tease”... I am more shocked. I looked back and he is again behind her fucking her. He finally appears to slow down, I guess as he is cumming into her.

    She then pushes off, he tries to kiss her and she pushes away washes her face and then leaves the bathroom. My call to leave.

    I leave, take a quick walk around the neighborhood, now I want to shock her... I check home, she had not come home yet. I return to the party she is not in the bathroom or living room. I knock on the door of her friend only to hear someone say...”Don´t go in there please...” I open the door a crack and there she is again riding half clothed the same guy again... she yells “fuck me, fuck me harder...cum inside me”... and he grunts...

    I walk home...after promising not to make a scene. I didn't... but loved seeing her pleased.
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    1. alexandsandra's Avatar
      alexandsandra -
      So, your wife is cheating on you , if this is even true in the first place. And if it is, it's not her first time cheating on you.
    1. Usraman's Avatar
      Usraman -
      Swapping should be open and honest, if this story is true then it is not the first time she has cheated.
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