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  • Dipping Our Toes in the Water

    These are all true stories of our evolution in swinging...

    My wife and I have been together for about 10 years and are now in our mid 30’s. We have a wonderful relationship and make each other happy every day. She’s a gorgeous Italian/Spanish mix with a beautiful tan and amazing curves. I knew early on in our relationship that she had a wild side as she loved to flash her tits to random men. I always got a kick out of it and always encouraged her to do so. She’d flash taxi drivers, men at the bar, basically anyone who’d ask. She would often get complements from men and women on how pretty she is. This happened almost every time we had a date night and it usually ended up with her making out with some random female. It didn’t take long for me to realize that watching her being pleasured is a HUGE turn on for me.

    About 3 years ago we were in Vegas and we decided to switch things up a bit and try out a swingers club. When we arrived to our destination, we were disappointed in the area and people inside. We’ve never been to a place like this so we didn’t know what to expect. The doorman said we could go in and check it out for a discounted rate. If we liked it, we could stay, if not, at least we didn’t pay full price. The minute we walked in, we felt uncomfortable. It was cold, dark and 90% of the people there were single, creepy guys trying to hit on her. We left and never went back to that club. She hated it and said she would never go to a swingers club again.

    As time went by, we found out about another swingers club in Vegas and decided to give it a try. We took a cab and were pleasantly surprised with how welcoming everyone there was. The staff gave us a tour and explained the rules of the house to us. She LOVED the place and so did I. I knew if she let her guard down, she’d have a great time. After a couple drinks she started to loosen up. We were sitting next to a good looking couple. She and the other female started talking. It didn’t take long before they were making out. The guy said they were having an after party at their house and invited us. We looked at each other and said why not?

    When we arrived, there were about 15 people at the house so we sat next to the couple that invited us. Turns out he’s a porn star with a knack for making a woman squirt! Well, she never squirted before and said it couldn’t be done. He smiled and said he was confident that he could make it happen for her. Not one to turn down a challenge, she agreed to let him try. They both stood up and walked to the stripper pole (probably a normal thing for a porn star to have at his house). He told her to hang on to the pole as he rubbed her legs and worked his way up her dress. He had a huge smile on his face once he realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He then proceeded to slide two fingers into her and slowly started to massage her clit with his thumb. He asked her if she was ready. She looked down at him with a smile and shook her head yes. He then aggressively started to thrust his fingers in and out at a feverish pace. The look on her face was pure pleasure mixed with disbelief. Within seconds she began to squirt. He took his hand out and showed me how wet it was. He then stood up and walked back to the sofa. I was speechless and so was she. The only words she could say were “can you do that again”? He laughed and made his way back to the stripper pole. He made her squirt at least 5 times that night and she loved every bit of it.

    Since then we’ve been back to that same place several times and she’s played with a few different females but no male contact since she learned she could squirt. The last two times, however, she stepped her game up with the male contact. It started when we were playing pool at the same swingers club. Everyone around was watching as she bent over for a shot because she doesn’t wear underwear when we go out. After we finished our game, a young black gentleman asked if he could get a game with her. It didn’t bother me so I let her decide if she wanted to play a game with him. She was ok with it and they started the game. They made simple bets on shots like if she missed a shot, she’d have to shoot the next one with her tits out. She ended up playing most of the game with her top down. On one shot I suggested that if he makes it, she would have to give him a lap dance. He made his shot so she sat him down, reached down and adjusted his cock so she could grind on it during the dance. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen. When she was done, she gave him a kiss and stepped off his lap to continue the game. She was losing so badly that she said “if I keep losing like this, I’m gonna have to suck his dick”. I looked at him and nodded my head in approval. As he made the last shot, she grabbed him by the hand and took him to a room in the back of the club. As they walked toward the room she looked back at me for approval. I just smiled and gave her the thumbs up.

    He sat down and she got on her knees, between his legs. She slowly reached up his shirt and started kissing his stomach. She then made her way down to his belt buckle, undid his pants and pulled them down. With one last look at me, she grabbed his cock and took the tip in her mouth, gave it a little suck then began to lick it up and down. She then proceeded to take the whole thing down her throat. I was amazed with her enthusiasm as she started bobbing her head up and down. By this time, a crowd formed around her. The sight of her sucking another man’s cock turned me on so much that I proceeded to pick her dress up to feel her ass. I was rock hard by then so I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and began to slide it in her. She began to moan but because of the beers she drank, she needed a bathroom break. When she came out, she was done playing. That night she went way further than I ever thought she’d go and didn’t think she’d ever go any further... Until she proved me wrong on our next visit…

    It was my birthday weekend and I suggested that we go to our favorite swinger club. She agreed and we were on our way. She was wearing a very sexy, short black dress that revealed a ton of cleavage. I knew she would be getting a lot of attention that night. Sure enough as soon as we walked in heads were turning. We ran into a guy that we’ve seen there a few times before. He didn’t speak much English but we made the most of our conversation, mostly me bragging about her amazing oral skills. After about 15 min we all headed to a private room so he could see how good she was for himself. We walked into the room, shut the door and she immediately dropped to her knees and went to work on me. He was very impressed with her skill level and asked if she would give him a turn. She agreed and moved over to him. I didn’t get a chance to record the last time this happened so I pulled my phone out and started recording. She licked the head of his cock then slowly took him into her mouth. She would deep throat him, take it back out lick the tip and repeat until it finally turned into her bobbing her head up and down. I sat back on the bed and watched with a sense of pride on how deep she could take it. She then moved back to me, bent over and took me in her mouth. He pulled out a condom and asked if it was ok. In the past she had said that she didn’t think she could ever go that far and I didn’t want her to feel pressured so I told him it was up to her. She thought about it for a minute, while her mouth was still on my cock, then gave him the approval. He picked up her dress, she reached back and guided him inside her. As he began to thrust in and out, she began moaning louder and louder meanwhile bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She then reached back, between her legs, and began to massage his balls. This almost put me over the edge but I didn’t want to cum yet so I suggested he get on top in a missionary position (her favorite). She then lay down and he positioned himself between her legs and slowly guided himself into her. He began picking up speed but stopped to pull her tits out so he could suck them. All I could think was how lucky I am to have such a sexy woman. His pace picked up, she spread her legs even wider as he held onto the heel of her shoes for leverage. I knew he was getting close and the excitement was building. Soon he came inside of her as she looked into his eyes. They got up, he took off the condom and she cleaned him off with her tongue and mouth. We parted ways and soon left the club. On our way back to the hotel I asked if she enjoyed herself and she said she did but would have preferred a bigger cock (he was about 6.5”). She wasn’t sure if she’d ever do that again but if she did, she would want to fuck someone with a bigger cock. I’m not sure if she’ll ever go that far again but at least have the video for memories.
    Comments 6 Comments
    1. BELIANE's Avatar
      BELIANE -
      Sure lucky to have such a woman...
    1. Suzywalker's Avatar
      Suzywalker -
      Very hot story! I like it So, did she try again???
      I could have been her and my hubby could have been you!
    1. bigfella56's Avatar
      bigfella56 -
      Could we see them uncovered next time
    1. Luckyguy1's Avatar
      Luckyguy1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Suzywalker View Post
      Very hot story! I like it So, did she try again???
      I could have been her and my hubby could have been you!
      We're planning a trip back to Vegas soon so anything could happen. Stay tuned.
    1. Luckyguy1's Avatar
      Luckyguy1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigfella56 View Post
      Could we see them uncovered next time
      Ask and you shall receive.Attachment 8798
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