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    A fwb was once a stranger cpl36996's Avatar
    couple/single married male
    What is the first thing that you look at a man to see if he attract you and make you to have a second look for another attraction.
    In my case I always look the woman's finger nails, if they look well taking care it means she takes care of hersel. second her feet if she wears open sandals if she wears a close shoe I look for her crotch and last her face.
    So, what is your first look either for a man or a woman.

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    Swingers Board Addict agreatguy's Avatar
    Couple - Man posting
    That's easy.
    Her smile. It is the sexiest curve a woman has.

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    A fwb was once a stranger cpl36996's Avatar
    couple/single married male
    Wow no one gives a first look?? I understand onece you establish a conversation the level of attraction increases to a higher level but to approach that person something must have stricken you to approach him or her.

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    Handsome face. Nice teeth. Athletic physique.

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    The very 1st thing I notice about a woman is her eyes. Not the color, but whether or not they shine, or sparkle, or whatever the proper word would be. Do they light up? The 2nd thing, oddly enough, would be her hair. I find long hair very attractive. Soft, curly, and long.

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    Smile is the first impression, but the personality is more important than anything else.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    The attraction is 100% on my wife. If shes likes, I like. Personally, attitude is tops I would say. The physical side is low on the scale.

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    Life is for living Judy39's Avatar
    Couple (female posting)
    Daring eye contact. Confident but not overbearing.

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    I agree with eyes. A smile and other things can be faked but a twinkle in a woman's eyes when you meet her is honest.

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    Its the eyes. I can feel them undressing me when I am clothed, and caressing me when I am naked.

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    I wish we'd encountered more people like you when my wife and I were playing. We're both overweight (not morbidly). I have a slightly-more-than-usual amount of body hair. My penis is not porn-sized. My wife is not bi-anything except bi-racial.

    Our personalities, except in two cases, didn't mean squat.

    In he vast majority of our experiences, we found that size, bi-ness (of women), race, and "hwp" mattered. A lot. Not that these groups were populated solely by perfume-ad models, yet there were always the written and unwritten criteria, and getting past them was an exercise in futility. A man could be a few steps away from being a complete asshole, but if he had The Right Stuff, nothing else mattered. New entrants into the market were often literally looked at with scowls and glares. Many of the men found "No, thank you" an unacceptable answer, and the women said "no" more often than not. After three years of that, we quit, and my wife doesn't even allow the subject to be brought up.

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