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Thread: Penis jewelry

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    Default Penis jewelry

    We go to nude beaches, resorts, and camp grounds. Mrs. D hates penis piercings, as many women on this site indicated, but she likes rings. Both at the base and around the head. Not many men wear them and I'm worried I would be self-conscious wearing them out in the open. Mrs. D just laughs and says "We're already naked." What do other girls on this site think? Yes or no?

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    Swingers Board Addict angelkin's Avatar
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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    I would find it interesting, but be a bit intimidated not knowing much about them Do they get, stuck on things?
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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    Intriguing! Can you post a link to photos (like a site where you buy them)? The only thing I can picture is a cock ring, which I wouldn't think you'd wear just lounging around at the beach.

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    If you google cock jewelry you will find numerous sites. We bought a very simple bronze penis crown from Extreme Restraints. They say for the crown to be worn just behind the head. I may need a couple of drinks to wear it out in the open. We have seen cock rings, piercings, and even a prince albert on the beaches. I've never been drunk enough for that. As for having sex with anything on, we've seen it done, but it would have to come off for us. Or perhaps covered with a condom if we thought it might increase her pleasure.

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    I've had a prince albert, reverse prince albert and up to six scrotal piercings at one time all while wearing cockrings on nude beaches in Europe and no one said a word about it but they did look longer than normal. On some other sites related to 'naturists/nudists' genital jewelry on men is frowned upon while women are given some latitude regarding genital piercings. And please don't ask me why 'cuz I haven't a clue. As for the swinging scene I've NEVER had ANY complaints and leaving in certain combinations of jewelry sends women into an orgasmic frenzy. However! I have been asked to remove the jewelry because either they had tried it before and didn't like it or they were afraid of it...either way it worked out well for all involved! LOL

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    Sunny...For Your Pleasure sunbuckus's Avatar
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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    I thought this was an interesting question. Ladies, what do you think about penis jewelry? Gentlemen, would you consider adorning your penis in this fashion?
    We've all got "junk", mine just happens to be in the trunk. Actually, it's everywhere except for the headlights!

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    I guess I'm old fashion in that sense. I stay away from piercings, see them as an additional health risk.

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    I haven't really considered them. We know people who have them and are very happy with their decision, and that's perfectly fine. I find it interesting enough to ask about and want to learn about how it feels and so on, but just not enough interest to want to do it myself.
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    Think I'll Stay edtungsten5858's Avatar
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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    Piercing no. I have my eye on a piece called the Snake (I am not positive on the precise name), which is a small snake that wraps around the head of the penis and the tail is inserted in the urethra. I would love to try it, but $$$$. Someday, maybe!

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug19482000 View Post
    a very simple bronze penis crown from Extreme Restraints. They say for the crown to be worn just behind the head.
    My previous post in this thread was talking about piercing, and still no interest in that, but I took another look at the crown thing and I could kind of see doing that. Can't say I really like the once you have it on going to be very difficult to get it off part though. That little pointy part looks a little scary too given it's location
    Not all those who wander are lost

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    Mrs Doc is completely turned off by penis piercings. I have only two words…..HELL no!!!!

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    We saw a young guy in his twenties the other night at the club with several metal rings just below his cock head. He was hard all night and had a massive sized dick to boot! My wife couldn't resist stroking it lol. I just can't figure out how the hell he got them off?

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    No not for me

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    Default Re: Penis jewelry

    Babe dislikes penile and scrotal piercings. Such men will receive a pass. The one time she saw a man whose manhood was adorned with jewelry she laughed and dismissed him as a potential candidate. This separate from cock rings worn to aid erections and delay ejaculation. Those are functional and they don't bother her. Babe may not be a representative sample...

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