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    Default Douching - do swingers do it?

    I was a very promiscuous single swinger who gave it up 21 years ago for marriage and raising children but am anticipating getting back into swinging with my husband along (probably as a non-participating voyeur because of ED problems). I am trying to find out as much as I can about modern swinging so our experiences will be as enjoyable as possible and would appreciate all the help I can get..

    In my college days I became extremely addicted to cunnilingus, and I need at least one orgasm that way before I am ready for PIV sex. In those days douching was very popular - in fact, after I became sexually active at sixteen my mom bought me my first syringe and taught me how to mix medically correct solutions - and I always douched before an evening of casual sex. I know douching, or at least frequent douching, is considered unnecessary and potentially harmful, and since I have seen no mention of it in this forum as a preparation for a swinging evening I assume no one here does it these days. Am I correct or is douching still a nice prep for oral sex, especially with someone new?

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Well, I guess there will be no more replies - but thank you for yours.

    In my wild single days on the evening of a sex party I always douched and wore a dress or skirt with no panties at all so I knew I would be fresh for oral sex encounters, and I know the guys appreciated it, just as I always appreciated a well-circumcised penis (sorry if I offend anyone by that - it's just my preference). I fully intend to do the same when I get into swinging, even if no one else does that.

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    I don't think its the best idea to disrupt your body by douching.....better to be healthy and clean....In my opinion!

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    My wife prefers to douche, not all the time however, but she is frequent enough about it that I am aware of it....and I will say, in a way, I am appreciative of it....
    If you want something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Let me say this, Do it, if you are comfortable with it..

    We all are in search of people who are hygenic, and cleaning inside as well as out.. well, it just speaks volumes about you, and the respect you show for yourself as well as potential playmates.
    Reality Checks written Upon Request

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Know that there can be such a thing as too much douching tho! The vagina is a wonderful, self cleaning organ and too much douching can rinse away the good "healthy" bacteria that fights off infections and other nasties. How do I know? Because it happened to the Mrs. and the doctor told her to only douche on very rare occasions. While I prefer a clean and pretty smelling pussy I do enjoy the natural scent and taste of a woman when I am down there!

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    The utimate in hygene is a bidet. A bidet is a spray that cleans the outside of the vagina, anus, or penis and balls. The spray can reach inside, but our bodies are the most effective at interior cleaning.

    There is a wonderful toilet seat bidet called the Bio Bidet. I am surprised that more swingers don't have one. Compared to a real bidet it is inexpensive and takes up no room but your toilet seat. It is simply the best quick way to clean all sides of crotches, male or female. We have one and wouldn't be without it.

    I have no connection, financial or otherwise with Bio Bidet. It simply is a wonderful accessory.

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    Swingers Board Addict couplers's Avatar
    female in poly family

    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    I've heard as well that douching is not good. I douche, but infrequently; it depends on the situation. I am only with two guys, and for both oral and regular intercourse, my bf likes me "fresh" while my husband doesn't care either way. So the only time I douch is if I have been with hubby and then am going to visit my bf soon after, and then I use a vinegar/water pre-mix. (But usually it is the other way around - I'll see my bf on the way home then have sex with hubby later in the evening, or on weekend mornings I leave hubby sleeping to see my bf, then follow up later with hubby when I get home. If it's an MFM hubby lets bf go first.)

    In most circumstances, however, my bf thinks I am fine without douching a couple of hours after sex with hubby and after I have had a shower. If one is up and moving around the vagina is self-cleaning. Our gf never douches, hubby and I think that "the mess down there" is part of the fun.

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Definitely a female subject ... I feel odd just commenting, but I've been married 17 years now and I've witnessed and learned a lot, I guess, about female stuff.

    My wife douches once a month, right after her monthly period. Plus, I've seen her use "plain yogurt" once or twice during the month. Something about the helpful bacteria in the yogurt helps with avoiding yeast infections. I asked her why she didn't use the flavored yogurts ... I like vanilla & raspberry She laughed and said the only yogurt to use was the plain, that it wasn't meant for eating when used for that purpose. Could have fooled me ... Mac

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    As a woman, I would suggest you do what ever makes you feel clean, comfortable and sexy...just as long as it's not harming you or causing other problems...good luck and thanks for sharing

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    Polyamory practitioner Big Rock's Avatar
    married male

    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Coincidentally, my wives and I were talking about this recently. Janie douches frequently but Bets doesn't. Since we are married , we are the only ones having sex with each other, so I said that I didn't care if they douched or not. I have tasted both of them, almost daily, for months now, and both pussies taste clean and wonderful, so I don't see the point. But Janie says it makes her feel better/fresher, so I have no issue with her continuing, but I would certainly not want her to do anything dangerous, but she is a big girl and can make her own decision.

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    I have to go along with the others douching can upset the balance in the vagina. A shaved, waxed or not the scent and taste should not be unpleasant.

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    I once had a Married Woman as a lover who had a preference for Lunch Hour encounters. She was a mother of four who loved sex the way it was intended, did not like a man cumming in her mouth and usually went into orbit when we came together. Every time we met she brought a larger shopping bag into our room and made the notable remark got to be prepared. We had fantastic sex and she had a preference for Missionary and Riding Cowgirl. Upon consumating our sexual union she would press her thighs together and travel to the bathroom with kit in hand. She would turn on the shower, get her kit together and call me into the shower with her. Upon entering the bathroom I noticed a large red douche bag and vaginal syringe hanging from the shower curtain rod. We would soap each other up, I would masterbate her as she inserted and manipulated the douche syringe as we stood together in the shower. Naturally we would kiss and rub each other until she told me to release the clamp. Upon letting the water flow, our love juices were flushed from her pussy down her thighs, onto our feet and tub floor as we kissed. After ward she would always say about how much better she felt as we toweled each other off.

    Very hot!

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    Default re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    Nope, never. Guys like the sweet taste of my pussy.

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    Default Re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    just in saying, how much do you clean up after sex? it depends on what you do and what the occasion is. At a house party, if available, I will clean up the best I can. but if I do a causal sex or an impromptu sex, it is hard to clean up. I have come home from an adult book store covered in cum. and that was ok. I could wash after I got home. As for douche, I'm not in favor of it. I like the feel. I like the feeling of being freshly fucked and I like to savor it as long as I can. I don't normally douche, but I understand those that do. This may not be on topic but it is something I think about a lot.

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    Default Re: Douching - do swingers do it?

    I have never douched. I do clean myself after. I wash my face too. I even brush my teeth.

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