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    Default NOT gay or bisexual contact.

    There is no way in an intimate MFM encounter on the same bed that the men will not come in contact with each other in some way. Touching arms or legs or rubbing or bumping into each other does not mean you are gay or bisexual. Relax and have fun in those close quarters! It's a part of the play.

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    Default Re: NOT gay or bisexual contact.

    I think it's something with white culture. I have witnessed many men, not gay, engaged in long hugs, holding hands, touching, but never a white guy. Our culture has us so sketched out by man to man contact that we think if our knees bump we will 'catch gay'. I was guilty of this but then my knee bumped and I was straight, I blew a guy and I was straight, I let a guy screw me and afterward I was still straight, although sketched out.
    I learned that my sexuality was not affected by sex of any kind.

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    Default Re: NOT gay or bisexual contact.

    Interesting. I always thought that my white friends were more open minded than my black friends. Nice to get others opinions about this topic. I agree w you 100%. Have been in many situations that involved me touching or being engaged in acts w other men and never once did I think that it made me or the other guy gay. Just adults having fun.

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    Default Re: NOT gay or bisexual contact.

    I think what defines bi and gay is the level of desire that one holds for same sex contact. I think it is perfectly normal to engage in same sex contact in heat of the moment during swapping and still not be either bi or gay. I consider Crazed bi because he has confided a strong desire at times to be with the same sex. I call myself bi curious because there is a strong desire I have to caress/look at/kiss etc a woman's breasts and have often wondered what it would be like to give or receive oral sex with women. one day I will set out to fulfill that desire and answer that question.

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    Default Re: NOT gay or bisexual contact.

    Yeah I don't think it is exactly white males. I think in general the is a lot of negativity against men touching each other. Really area's of the world where it's ok for men to hug and touch each are so homophobic you risk serious legal consequences. I would also agree with PeetWheatstraw.

    It's pretty tough to share a bed with a foursome and not touch the other guy, but I have done it quite a few times now.
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