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    Default Sex with the husband?

    Has any single male/"bull" in a MMF encounter with a couple ever been asked or encouraged to have a sexual experience with the husband/boyfriend? Has any husband or boyfriend tried or successfully had sex with you in front of his wife?

    The husband of a couple I was playing with rubbed his hands over my ass as I was fucking his wife.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    LMAO...the exact same thing happened to me during a foursome. I honestly thought it was my wife, but much later after we talked about it we realized it was the husband and not my wife at all. I thought it was kinda weird as I wish he had just said something. I mean for me it is not that big a deal.

    We do have a pair of playmates where there is contact between all four of us. Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time looking for it, but I am into it if it happens. It can be situation dependent.
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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Yes, I frequently find when I'm with a couple the man will want some degree of erotic engagement with me.

    By agreement with my wife, I play only in groups or with couples in committed relationships. And it turns out that with many of the couples I've played with over the years, the husband wants some contact with me as well. It might be as little as touching my butt or fondling my balls while I'm engaged with his wife/GF, up through giving me oral and sometimes including penetrative sex between the two of us. (Indeed, during my first MFM, more than 30 years ago with a couple I knew socially, the husband fondled my balls while I was fucking his wife missionary. I also thought at first it was the woman reaching down over my ass. But when she and I conferred the next day, she confirmed it was her hubby who was holding my balls while I ejaculated in her pussy. (In 1982 no one used condoms.)

    One point of nomenclature; I've found in threesomes with two men and a woman, MFM is generally used to describe a tryst where the contact will be exclusively or primarily between the mean and the woman. MMF suggests that the two men will have substantial contact with one another.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    My husband is bi so we actually look for someone who doesn't mind some male to male contact in a MMF threesome. Ideally, the single male would not mind receiving oral sex from me and my husband. But we are very respectful on this point. We know not everyone is into male to male contact and we are very clear before playing as to how much contact the other male would like. I'd say if a playmate is into same-sex contact, that should be discussed up front.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    I am bi curious. I don't think I would mind some same sex contact as long as the male is not aggressive and the woman is present in the room.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Since male to male sexual contact in any way shape or form is a huge deal, this is always something to bring up well before the clothes come off. I'm bi, I prefer to mmf rather then mfm but will go with whatever. But I am very careful about contact with another guy unless we have talked about it.

    In high school, 4 of us were banging away in the same bed. I reached over and played with his balls while he was screwing. It wasn't talked about but logistically, I was the only one that could have done it. It was an impulse and I was kinda freaked for awhile that he would bring it up. Not worth the stress. Best to ask.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    My late wife and I were involved in a swap with another couple. During the action, I saw her hand raised above Mr. Playmate's back and interpreted it as a sign that she wanted me to take her hand, something she liked me to do when she was climaxing. Just before our hands clasped, Mrs. Playmate pulled me into a kiss, I closed my eyes, and my hand landed on her husband's back.

    He went nuts! "I can't stand to have a man touch me!" he almost yelled, just as Laura was in the throes. Needless to say, the mood was altered.

    Uh, Mr. Playmate, has anyone ever suggested an in-depth conversation about your ego?

    We never played with them again, but that wasn't the only issue prompting that decision.
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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    I'll interject a different perspective. Have been bi since my early twenties & mm is all good with me. Then and now most of my group sex includes other bi males. The women usually enjoy watching & some just watch for a while as two or more men put on a 'show' for them, some are naked & participating from the start. Invariably the ladies clothes come off at some & they join in. Fairly often I'm contacted by males, usually married, who are curious & want to experiment. These almost never go anywhere, but I'm open to couples who want to try new things. Oral male sex is the preference of most of the people who contact me & anal with him or her is rarer. Sometimes the lady only wants oral as well, others want vaginal penetration too.

    There were some groups or foursomes for a few years that were more conventional 'swaps' & many of the males in those were not interested in mm contact, tho I don't remember anyone getting mad about it when casual or accidental touching occurred. Most of the groups I played with in my younger days were very open & often both genders would take a break to watch mm or ff. Also occasionally had a single lady or several want to watch three or men simultaneously play together.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Since I am bi, I have no problem with it anyway, but think about it, you are screwing his wife and in the most intimate position with her. It kinda makes sense that he wants to be part of it as well as an extension of her passion for you and for the moment.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    I am a wife of a Bisexual couple, both in the Lifestyle for 12 years, and I have always gotten off on watching two guys having sex, thank goodness that my hubby is as emotionally secure as I am, and we share guys for a good MMF, as long as I can either watch or join in.. We both believe that all humans are innately Bisexual and that it is society that judges and keeps others insecure in their own sexuality. Being both Nudists and in a very Open Marriage, there are no rules. By the way, if other women say they don't like seeing two men together, they are LYING!

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    "Do you enjoy two mouths on your cock?" is a question we usually ask before anything gets serious. Don't require a guy to be bi but he should be receptive to shared oral at least.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Quote Originally Posted by NerdsAreFun View Post
    "Do you enjoy two mouths on your cock?" is a question we usually ask before anything gets serious. Don't require a guy to be bi but he should be receptive to shared oral at least.
    That's about as close to a neutral way of asking as you can get, without being obtuse.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    I tend to go for my guys with larger cocks, and yes, have had two in my mouth at the same time, but is is not comfortable (the same with two in my ass at the same time, done it, but like one on one).


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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    When we first started swinging I thought we were going to stick to straight M/F swaps, but soon discovered that Mr T and I are more bi than we thought! We have had one MMF but the guy was not into anything to MM so we are currently looking for an M for us to have some MMF bi-fun with. I told Mr T that once we find the perfect guy I would love for us to play together a few times until we are all comfortable with each other and then if he (Mr T) and the guy want to get some alone MM time I more than happy, as long as I get a blow by blow account of what happened once Mr T comes home! We are also looking for a woman to join us for some FFM fun too, with the same long term goal as the man.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Cum to Las Vegas, as we have more Bi couples per capita than either New York or San Francisco. It is not hard to find us. Just need to look. When it is in the summer months, we all wear less clothes in public.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    We look for MMF/MFM encounters because I enjoy the extra spice, and she LOVES watching it. However, I need to know ahead of time that he is either bi or curious. We have a regular single friend who, like me, loves giving and receiving oral. And he's been an intimate friend for several years (we like consistency). He was my wife's first solo date.

    About a year ago, she was entertaining a guy here at home. She had told me that he had admitted to some curiosity about M/M play. I had looked in on them a couple of times and seen them in various stages of play, including her riding him. The next time I looked in, she was going down on him, so I slipped in and we shared his cock for a few minutes before she moved up to kiss and check on him. I kept enjoying his cock. I felt him wrap his hand around mine.

    Just a minute later, she moved back down and whispered, "he's going to cum".

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    The secret of good MMF/MFM is that both partners need to feel the chemistry together with another guy involved. Much of the time it starts with the wife (like Me), to seek out an open and uninhibited guy with a great cock to see how he is using it. I then will introduce the idea of meeting my hubby, who used to BE the third guy with other couples, and we then set up a meeting for dinner, drinks, etc to verify the chemistry. Of course, I do tell them that I am a DP slut and have done adult films, then they get more curious. Once they meet Dave, they like his charm and sexiness, which leads to me getting what I love...two hard and smooth cocks. Works like a charm!

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    I've had a fantasy where I'm dominated by a couple, both the m and the f. It would be hot to be used by both genders. When I'm alone with a woman I feel hetero and masculine and I want to "top". But if there is another male involved my fantasy would be to be the submissive. Probably something that is never seen in swinging.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Dave and I switch, but when we both dominate other gals and guys, the fun really begins.We are both very oral and anal, so we are rimming experts and I can put on my Dave-size strap on for double the fun. But you must be willing to try.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    You mentioned with a 'bull', on another board a 'bull' writes how he goes about ensuring the (willing) male is properly cuckolded up to the point of doing oral on him and eating cum from the wife's pussy.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Quote Originally Posted by VegasNudeCouple View Post
    Dave and I switch, but when we both dominate other gals and guys, the fun really begins.We are both very oral and anal, so we are rimming experts and I can put on my Dave-size strap on for double the fun. But you must be willing to try.
    wow, lucky gals and guys, this is really hot, I can't think of anything much wilder than being dominated and servicing a couple. Not sure what "Dave-size" might be but I hope you're gentle with them!

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    Multiple times and made it great. Really changed the mood in a good way. Creates so many things to do to each other. Giving is as good as getting.

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    Default Re: Sex with the husband?

    You two sound like a real hoot to be with, Hugs!

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