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    Default Re: Guys, top or bottom, your preference for anal sex?

    My ex-wife taught me how to suck cock wearing a strap on dildo. I can swallow an 8 inch dildo balls deep without choking. She was training me to be a submissive bottom sucking cock only and occasionally taking in the ass. She was definitely a voyeur and wanted to watch all the action and perhaps make sure that I was being submissive enough keeping her riding crop available. We wanted to find a safe guy that was hung and STD free but we split up before we could bring the party to fruition. I had no idea of going bi by myself so I let my desires fade.

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    Default Re: Guys, top or bottom, your preference for anal sex?

    Quote Originally Posted by jnrswinger View Post
    my wife has pegged me with her strap-ons for years and I have fucked her ass. With men I'm total 100% submissive. I love sucking cock and swallowing (fave is the classic on my knees). For anal my fave is prone boned. I have also dressed for a few men too. Never done it (or should say been done) in front of the wife but would love to. I'm also interested in cream pie cleanups but doubt that will ever happen. Not even got to actual swinging yet. However a nice man about our age we met a couple of times at a local nude beach and chatted with last summer just emailed to say he is in town tonight and asked if our invitation for drinks was still on. I asked my wife and I was surprised how enthusiastic she sounded. The look on her face was priceless. She definitely remembered him. No hesitation. Said his name and "Are you inviting him here or going out somewhere?" I called him and we are meeting for dinner and drinks tonight. He told me he is going to be in town one night a week for a while. Trying not to get my hopes up too much!!! I'm thinking....... we have plenty room, why pay for a hotel every week? (He's self employed.) I would so love it if she would do it with him. 3 way would be cool, but frankly I think I prefer to watch. Maybe, just maybe, we can get the ball rolling finally.
    Well we met for dinner and a couple for drinks - his treat. It was pretty vanilla on the surface. Wee talked about our common interest in nudism and about beaches and resorts we have been to. Several times he commented about people inviting him to play and said he declined "I like my wife thanks". But he said if didn't bother him if they got it on. I got the feeling of you know "the lady doth protest too much." There definitely seemed to be some chemistry - the way he looked at my wife and she at him. Maybe I'm just imagining things. He has commented in the past the she looks great and is very sexy. He loves her pierced nipples. Said he wishes his wife would get her done. He's a great guy and it looks like we will meet his wife in a couple of weeks. She is not really into nudism except at home. WE told him about a resort we just came back from which has bot textile and nude areas. It would be a great low key introduction for her. He is very interested. He is very laid back but definitely a real MAN. (Certainly has a nice looking cock on him as we know from the nude beach. Thicker than mine even soft and looks like it is probably a fair bit longer hard too. Nice big helmet head. She would love it if she would just try it. Like everything else, takes her forever to try something new but once she does she's into it big time. Anal was the same way, now she loves it and pegs me too. We have invited him to our house next week for dinner and my wife surprised me how eager she seemed to do that when I suggested it. I'm going to take it slow and see what happens. If that goes well I am going to suggest he just stays over at our house each week instead of getting a hotel. If nothing else it will be good company. He like the same beers as me and wines. We talked about port and chocolate. We have some ports - and some chocolate pot truffles, maybe if we do some with him she will loosen some of her inhibitions. It would definitely give her an excuse. I would really love to watch her having some great uninhibited sex and not be distracted by being intimately involved myself. Well we shall see where it goes, may something, maybe not. It sure would be a great intro to swinging finally. If nothing happens he is still a cool guy and a good friend. Can't wait to meet his wife too, she sounds cool.

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    Default Re: Guys, top or bottom, your preference for anal sex?

    Bottom for sure, love being penetrated and fucked...get that P spot!

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    Default Re: Guys, top or bottom, your preference for anal sex?

    I'm totally versatile, but prostate cancer surgery has left me erectionless (maybe I'll get it back, maybe I won't, time will tell. I'm alive so I don't really care!).

    In the mean time I've embraced the bottom role and it's been great. Either with a dick or a strapon, getting is great! I've never had such intense orgasms. It certainly changes the dynamic, but hey, being flexible is part of the lifestyle!

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