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Thread: How bi are you?

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    I'm bi, first time with another man was about 15 years ago. First time letting a man go bareback was last year. I prefer sex with my wife and females in general, but enjoy men too.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    As a newbie, it really helps to read all these responses. Thanks everyone :-)

    I like the term 'Situationally Bi', as it sums up my few experiences with men. All three have been in the presence of a woman as well, and I found that being the third member to them as a couple compelled me to be their plaything of desires. I had never thought that I was Bi until during the first experience, when I was in a situation of wanting to kiss her. She was giving him oral at the time, and she stopped and said 'do you want a turn?' I just went with it and it was great fun seeing how they both reacted. They seemed to love it, and so did I. From that point on I realized that I played for both teams, but because I don't actively seek out men, or imagine living with a guy, I believe that my bisexuality relies on the situation. Great term, and discussion. Thanks.

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    Lots of guys are "situationally Bi" My hubby was that way before I met him, then he found out that I like to see my male lovers suck a cock with me. I am one of those gals that asks, "You want some?" while holding a massive cock in a threesome. I agree that it is a great way to see how a lover is secure with his sexuality and by the way, all mammals are innately Bisexual, it is our society that generates the rules. My current husband shares my feelings and bisexuality.

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    My first sexual experience was with a girl when I was 14. I've ever since admired the female body and have had crushes on other girls. If it wasn't for my religious upbringing, I probably would have had a girlfriend. But I also liked guys and had several boyfriends. Until we started swinging a few months ago, the only two people I have ever had sex with are my husband of 18+ years and the girl I had sex with when I was a kid. I'm most definitely completely bi. I lean more towards wanting to have sex with other women than guys right now, but we did swap with a couple and I really loved it. I'm still looking for a girlfriend though. I've been craving that kind of a relationship with another woman, I'd love to find another couple with a bi female who is looking for the same thing as I am who would be interested in a relationship with me apart from the guys. It's complicated I know, lol! I'm not expecting to find what I'm after. I love my husband dearly, he's my best friend and I will be with him the rest of our lives. He understands me and loves me no matter what. I just really want to be able to experience all a woman can offer.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    My hubby and I are also committed and deeply in love, but we find that if you can let go of any residual insecurities about sex with other same sex lovers, there are no emotional hangups. I too, was 14 when I had sex with another girl, and still find the need to appreciate and give love to another woman who may turn me on.. They comment on my muscles in a sundress or nothing at all, and I share the love of a hard, self-assured female, that is why some of my girl lovers are Bi or Lesbian. My hubby understands, that is why we are able to have a real Open Marriage and at times Polyamoric relationships.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasNudeCouple View Post
    ..........We believe that all humans are innately Bisexual, and as we love to share opposite sex lovers, same sex can also be exciting if you've never experienced it.
    thanks for speaking for the rest of mankind and telling us who we are and what we like....

    I grew up with very educated and liberal parents who never missed an opportunity to tell us their kids that even though we are Jews there is only one race, the human race and that the only thing that mattered for 2 people to be together was their love for each other, not their race, skin color or gender.
    So no pressure for me, I chose women very early...I love women...

    I've had my first 3somes or 4 somes in my very early 20's with my best buddies and non-significant girls. Sometimes there was dick contact and it never bothered any of us, all extremely open minded and believing in live and let live, pro-choice, pro gay marriage(it started in Canada in 2003) but we were and still are alpha males on a planet with too many fabulous women and so little no, in my case I love my buddies but I've never felt anything sexual towards men...if I had I would have explored it right away.

    I've always felt terrible for closet gays and for the terrible life they live before coming out. I was lucky to have the parents I had considering they were born in the early 1900's and they taught us we had 100% free choice that they would always love us.

    So no, for the 1st 60 some years of my life it's been women only, but hey, I'm not dead yet and maybe I'll wake up one morning looking at men has taught me anything's possible but in the meantime, even though I've been sexually active for 44 years, the magic of women is still that, magical!

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    Checking It Out Alex77's Avatar
    Bisexual married couple m/f
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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by BiCaliGirl777 View Post
    I'm Sometimes I go for women, sometimes men. When I go out it's usually the personality that catches my eye first, then the gender.

    With the bi-erasure and hate I get within the lesbian/gay and even straight community, I'll take what I can get lol
    Same here. It was hard to fit in anywhere. I ended up being in two different closets. But ended up married to this wonderful woman. She knows I am bi and so is she.
    But yes I am fully bisexual.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex77 View Post
    Same here. It was hard to fit in anywhere. I ended up being in two different closets. But ended up married to this wonderful woman. She knows I am bi and so is she.
    But yes I am fully bisexual.
    Was always puzzled by the attitude of many 'gays'. Among swingers and the under thirty crowd I've found the difference is fading.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    I think I'm situational bisexual. I love the taste of cum and I love sucking cock, however it only turns me on when a woman is involved.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Don't forget that our society dictates what is "right or wrong", and forgets what feels natural and good to us. As a happily married woman, I love to see my hubby suck on a cock with me, and he likes when we together eat a cum filled pussy. We are both very oral people and have learned to appreciate the different tastes of guys' cum. Nothing wrong with this, just makes us more slutty I guess, but so our all of our friends.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    I would call myself bi-flexible. I am attracted to masculine men. Bodybuilders, football players or other blue collar types. I enjoy and appreciate masculinity just as much as I do the female form.

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    Single male

    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by MrBiGuy View Post
    I would call myself bi-flexible. I am attracted to masculine men. Bodybuilders, football players or other blue collar types. I enjoy and appreciate masculinity just as much as I do the female form.
    Same here! Beefy, masculine, muscular men turn me on. Having sex with these types makes me feel more masculine
    " A girl's legs are her best friends, but the best of friends must part". -R. Foxx

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    My wife Laura and I are attracted to couples and guys that are muscular, tan (prefer all over), smooth and not afraid to try new things and like group play (gee, sounds like me she says). Masculine, Feminine, we are both, you know yin-yang. I can take a guy and turn right around and be the bottom while my wife watches, films or joins in.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Bisexual enough to suck cock get fucked and eat cum with my wife

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Dave and I have found an interest in different flavors or cum, both from men and women. We were fine wine lovers before, now we are cum connoisseurs.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    I consider myself totally and extremely bisexual, both physically and emotionally. During my puberty, my first sexual encounters were same-sex and then opposite sex. My first swinging bisexual threesome started with the three of us and then the husband and I having sex all night together then we shared an emotional relationship together. I love looking at sexy people and I am sexually attracted to both women and men. I love playing with women as a swinging couple where the husband is bisexual as I need a man to finish me with that fantastic orgasm. There's just something more passionate about me sexually connecting with a man. I love strength and feel of a man and love the taste of cum and really love to suck cock, especially in 69 and love to feel him in me and me in him. So kissing is a must for another man and open to our penetration. I've been told I'm virtually gay and would welcome an emotional relationship with another man.
    Kinsey Sexual Orientation Range: +5.5. or +90% homosexual.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Wife is bisexual to the highest degree and has been most of her life. I'm situational bi. Although I've only experienced the oral side, I'm always on the lookout for it at Desire with the possibility of taking it further. It's rare though, to even encounter a couple with a bi guy. I do have fantasies that I'd like to make realities (receiving anal, facials, swallowing, sucking cock with the wife, eating her pussy while I'm fucked from behind, yadda yadda yadda). A classmate blew me twice, when I was 12 and 16. I didn't reciprocate and never thought I would until I met my wife and we got into the lifestyle. Even then, it was a few years before I had a guy's cock in my mouth, and that happened spur of the moment. She found it an incredible turn-on. Unfortunately, it's only happened a couple other times. I think it's my/our hesitancy to be upfront with couples and reveal it.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    I'm 100% bisexual these days and comfortable with that. But with men I'm 100% submissive and it's all about the physical sex and stuff, not any attraction otherwise.

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    Default Re: How bi are you?

    Love that term, "situational bisexual". I think labels can be VERY misleading, but sometimes new terms can help. I do it for the recreational purpose; I do not find men attractive & could not be in an emotional relationship with one, but for fun, why not?

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