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    Default 55 and over swingers.

    Where are the swinger sites for those of us that are 55 and over. We maybe as they say over the hill but we sure as hell aint under cumm all you older swingers lets form a website of our own.. facelick

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    I've not heard of any sites for those 50+, and I don't see how they would survive. We are in our 50s and there are so few people in our area in our age group that a special "age category" site would have only a handful of members.

    A problem I see with trying to start a 50+ site is that younger people wouldn't join, and many people want to play with younger couples, ourselves included. We have yet to find a couple in our age category to play with, and have found people in their 30s and 40s lots of fun, so we'd never be interested in joining a site geared toward a 50+ crowd.


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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    I really hear what you are saying and its true. But my wife loves older men and wont even consider a man under 55..

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    There was one at one time that I recall but evidently it didn't have enough of a following to stay afloat. It seems like most of the sites that try to target to one particular niche within swinging have a really hard time attracting enough members to stay alive.

    They are out there (the 55+ swingers) they are just mixed in with the rest of us.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    An over 55 swinger site would have to include a lot of other things besides swinging, to keep the interest going. If it also offered discussions about other subjects, but it was made clear that the site was for intended for sexually open-minded individuals and couples, it might succeed.

    The biggest site killer would be the self-centered young studs offering to service all the old women because their husbands were incapable of doing so. To prevent this, you'd need to control the membership, either through dues, or by recommendation and individual review.

    I personally have no interest in playing with anyone under 50, but my wife likes younger men. If there was a review process for membership, there wouldn't need to be an age limit.

    Technically, it would be no problem, since there are now lots of computer savvy oldtimers. If there was an individual willing to initially fund the site and a thick-skinned workaholic who wanted to run it, the idea might work. Barring that, it's just a dream.

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    Red face Re: 55 and over swingers.

    i.ll tell ya we need to do something for the over 50 crowd ,like someone said before , we might be over the hill but we damn sure not under it . i.m 53 male and i really enjoy having 3sums with married couples since i,ve turned 50 andrelocated it has been a slow go . i dont know what else to do. anyone have any ideas.


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    Default Over 50's

    We live in Brisbane, Australia and are in that age group - our libido's are still strong and we would love to meet a single male or a couple same age group or at least 40 - 45 for freindship and MFM threesome or MFMF. Have tried most of the so called Swingers Sites over here and a couple of Yahoo Groups but single guys are as rare as hens teeth. The other thing we notice is that the Swingers Sites in Australia nearly all carry the same posts and many are either very out of date or carry ads from overseas which are useless.

    We have nothing like this site.


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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Hey! There are quite a few of us right here over 55!

    Hold on, let me check my ID..., yep, me too!

    But, I don't really think about age when I see a woman that I admire. I'd guess I see as many over 60 that I like as under 50.

    I've always enjoyed older women..., there just aren't as many now! LOL!

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    We didn't start swinging until I retired at 55. My wife retired at 53. Plenty of free time, secure income, health insurance, home paid for, the kids gone and on their own, prescription for Viagra, still enjoy sex, good health, and really have an understanding of the over 55 crowd. The mirror tells a different story but mentally and sexually we still have the desire of a 25 year old. Hope the Over 55 crowd doesn't give up. Our orgasms are just a strong as ever. Our enjoyment of sex is just as great. This forum is an interesting tool and gives like minded people an excellent way to help each other. Please keep discussing the topics related to the Over 55 crowd.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    The main reason I suggested a website for those of uf 50+ is that all the swinger sites we have visited display but hand full of older adults..And I know there are alot more out there but for some strange reason they wont come out and play with us..
    Diane & Allen

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Perhaps your problem is in your geography. Some areas simply have more folks over 50 than other places thus less 50+ swingers. Here in sunny Florida, there are tons of 50+ swingers.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Yes we have seen a truck load of couples 50+ in Florida...Damn I wish we could move there... facelick
    Diane & Allen

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    This site might be what you are looking for.

    Ted and Teresa
    No lifetime is enough unless you live it in such a way as to make it enough.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    WOW...TO TNT... didn't even know that site existed, but it must be an AFF site, I just clicked on it and there was my pic!!!! Surprise........LOL

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Quote Originally Posted by classi_chassis
    WOW...TO TNT... didn't even know that site existed, but it must be an AFF site, I just clicked on it and there was my pic!!!! Surprise........LOL
    Yep it is just another AFF storefront
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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    It's also for those over 40. There is a huge difference between that and 55...and up.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Yes but you are in the majority of swingers listed. facelick
    Diane & Allen

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    can i join and i am not dead and love to have a good time with all but especially those of our age. We can still have fun and because we want to go to bed earlier is not just to sleep and the more the merrier

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    Much thanks to those who answered this thread. I learned our ads need not say "looking for older couple" but "looking for couple". "We are xx yrs old and....". Makes it sound more like seeking compatibility than age group.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    We set an upper age limit of 50 but if a couple that was older contacted us we would not ignore them or automatically reject them out of hand. Like those who don't quite qualify at our lower limit of 25 we can allow exceptions based upon the individuals that make up the couple.

    Older couples have a lot to offer besides sex like SouthBond said -
    Plenty of free time, secure income, health insurance, home paid for, the kids gone and on their own, prescription for Viagra, still enjoy sex.
    (he should have also added - well versed in English grammer and spelling ) You would not believe how many of those under 30 that we have received email from that is almost unreadable.

    In the end I hope every couple of every age finds what they are looking for. Heck, I am not that far from fifty myself.
    What's good for the goose is good for the gander

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    how about 57

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    It seems to me that the best bet would be meeting in clubs. Here, they are meeting you, not just reading your stats (including age which is just a number), on a profile. People will get to know you for you in a face-to-face setting, whether it's a meet-n-greet, off-premise event, or on-premise club.
    When age is a concern, it seems to me that the odds for making good matches would be much better this way.

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    Default Re: 55 and over swingers.

    SEE!! There is a lot of us out there, huh. I nominate this thread as thread of the month. We are all getting older, that's a fact. We all are someday going to have to face this thread. If you are lucky you will make it to my age, 63. What needs to be said is we are still as horny in our desires as a 25 year old. And if we, at worst, are not as good as we once were but are only good once as we ever were, it is an hour of play and a 20 minutes of slow, romantic, rhythmic sex all the way to titty pinching, pussy pounding of a ride! And with the sexsuality of swinging activities going on, and a little Levitra, fun is as assured as with a 25 year old, only more experienced and in less of a frenzie to get there, which means a lot of fun time along the way.
    Age is relative to the one who thinks about it. I think I am 45. We are all in an age catigory. From my life, I suggest that 'young' is to 30's, 'a little older' (than middle age) is in the 40's. 'Middle' age is 50's, 'Mature is 60's and 'senior' is 70's+.
    When are you going to want to quit the lifestyle because you are too old Mr. & Mrs 45 year old swingers? Arent you going to want to have sex with another couple when you are 60? As was said, there is no niche for age, we are swingers, we are amoung you and think we are as young as you, just born in another year, and we can still give a heck of a ride.!
    I still go ohh! And she still goes Ahh!

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