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    Basically, the same thing happened to us like Intuition. It was dusk and it was very quiet outside. We live out of town and our nearest neighbors are about a half-mile away. We were all playing in our bedroom. I was in the doggy position with my partner and it's my absolute favorite position. I get so much feeling from that and I've been known to be quite vocal while going at it.

    Little did I know that the windows were open, there I was being quite vocal, and a neighbor was walking her dog down the road. Dave said he'd seen her walking down the road but he didn't say a word. So, here's our neighbor walking down the road, and there are more noises coming out of our bedroom window than at grand central station!! Dave said he seen her turn and she looks at our house and just stands there for a minute or two taking it all in. When our session was done, he told us all about it. OK... now I'm embarrassed. I see this woman all the time and I'm sure she was wondering why strange noises were coming out of our bedroom with a stranger's car in the driveway. Oh yeah... just a little embarrassing.

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    Ok here is our story, not only was it embarrassing but also outed the four of us.

    We had been in a somewhat long term relationship with this couple, after a really hot night of sex we decided that they should just spend the night. I got out of bed early and let our dogs out and opened the garage door. Not long after I returned to bed all were awake and the morning play began.

    My wife and the other husband finished and went to the kitchen to make breakfast, wearing only robes. Myself and the other wife still "working it out" rather loudly in the master bedroom.

    A knock, followed by 3 other couples walk into the kitchen via the back door, to find my wife and the other husband cooking and the obvious sounds of sex from the bedroom.

    the other couples had come to ask us to go for a ride on our motorcycles with them, so now all our friends know about our swinging... we all still laugh at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjomc View Post
    ...A knock, followed by 3 other couples walk into the kitchen via the back door, to find my wife and the other husband cooking and the obvious sounds of sex from the bedroom.

    the other couples had come to ask us to go for a ride on our motorcycles with them, so now all our friends know about our swinging... we all still laugh at it.
    OMG, that is WAY worse than someone just hearing us. Good thing your other friends were cool enough about it to laugh it off. That's the kind of stuff right there that could potentially send you scrambling to find your realtor's phone number.
    Fear is a symptom of ignorance. Knowledge is the cure.

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    There were several of us playing on the bed, and one of the play-husbands decides that he's going to nail me. Another play-wife helps him put the condom on, and we go at it. When we're done, he pulls out, only there's no condom.

    He looks for it. I look for it. Play wife looks for it. I get up and go to the bathroom to um, retrieve luck. I come back to the bed, and eventually play-husband has to go in after it. All the while I'm thinking 'if I have to go to the ER, I'll just die...'

    Another play-husband who was on the bed as this unfolded said he was contemplating being the next to play with me, but that after that episode he was laughing too hard and out of the mood.

    Good thing this was a couple we trust and I'm on the pill.

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    A couple nights ago we went out with a group of friends for my birthday. Eventually two other couples and us headed over to someone's house for some hot tubbing. We had six of us in the hot tub where we were each paired off but not with our spouses. I was making out with this guy who has a smaller frame and is very smooth all over. He was between my legs facing me and I was the one sitting. I noticed a shadow come from behind as he was receiving kisses up his back and just about to his neck. The person started appear and I eventually realized in the moonlight it was my husband! I exclaimed "D....., what are you doing????" and it was then he realized who he was kissing wasn't me but the other guy's back.

    They both laughed it off but my husband was quite mortified and lost his erection for a bit. Eventually he recovered and it was a running joke all night. Thank goodness neither are homophobic. Apparently the woman he had been making out with said all the girls were on top so my husband didn't think twice about who the person was. Once we got in the house the lights all stayed on just to tease my husband. It was such a fun night and great that everyone was so easy going we could joke about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALilOEverything View Post
    It was such a fun night and great that everyone was so easy going we could joke about it.
    Poor guy!! But it was funny. It's wonderful when you find those easy going types to party with!!

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    We were in a hotel room with another couple on a weekend trip when I had a sneezing fit. Of course we had eaten mexican for supper...the gas had built up....every sneeze created a fart. Ms Dive and the other couple still laugh about it...I still cringe...
    Just because we have to grow old does NOT mean we have to grow up!

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    There we were, enjoying some midday FFM fun. And the door opens, and ins teps the maid! Everyone dives for the floor trying to grab the covers while we roll. As soon as she realizes, the maid backs out apologizing, probably at least as embarrassed as us.

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    Ha ha, good to have a sense of humor though! I would've lost Mr. Stiffy as well after that.

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    We have never laughed so hard. This is a great thread!

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    When I was banging away with a nice, older milf-type she began to either expell gas (couldn't smell anything) or queefed from the (protected) rigorous penetration. After that, I couldn't stop laughing. She went along with the laughing but I think she was embarrassed for sure.

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    Yep, queefs can be funny. If there's a little one, you try and let it slide, but if it's raspberries a plenty what are you going to do?

    Have to laugh and reassure her it happens all the time. Sometimes, especially doggy-style the poor woman gets slowly pumped up with air, which all comes out afterwards when positions change!

    Sex is pretty ridiculous and undignified when you think about it, all legs in the air and crazy orgasm-faces! Gotta laugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StewartP View Post
    Yep, queefs can be funny. If there's a little one, you try and let it slide, but if it's raspberries a plenty what are you going to do?

    Have to laugh and reassure her it happens all the time. Sometimes, especially doggy-style the poor woman gets slowly pumped up with air, which all comes out afterwards when positions change!

    Sex is pretty ridiculous and undignified when you think about it, all legs in the air and crazy orgasm-faces! Gotta laugh!
    This. Yeah, and I did my best to assure her that she was still great and that it was no big deal due to that one little "break in the wind".

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    Well, this was definitely more embarrassing for the guy than for us...

    One of the things that was on our "list" for quite awhile was finding a younger guy (19-23 or so) for her to play with. Eventually a situation more or less fell into our laps when we weren't even actively looking (isn't that the way it often happens?!). In any case, this guy was 21 (22 now since this was last year) and had the serious "hots" for my wife. We invited him over for dinner a couple times just to get to know him and make sure things seemed cool. At this point we hadn't mentioned anything to him about actually getting to be with her sexually. Once we were convinced that things would probably go okay we invited him over for dinner again and figured that'd be the night we let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Just to liven the mood I suggested that my wife wear something a little more revealing than she had previous times. It wasn't anything outrageous, but she had on a short denim mini-skirt and a top that definitely showed him more than he'd seen before.

    After dinner my wife and I cleaned up and I made drinks for all of us. I asked her if she still wanted to go through with it and she said she did and was feeling pretty horny. We hadn't really discussed "strategy" beforehand and were talking about how I should go about letting him in on everything. After a little back and forth she decided that she'd probably be most comfortable with just starting something. She said that she thought he'd probably be more comfortable that way, too, since he wouldn't be sitting there thinking about it and feeling weird. And keep in mind that, again, this guy was really into my wife.

    I returned to the other room with our drinks and he and I began talking. Shortly into the conversation I told him that my wife had a special dessert planned for him. Corny, I know, but it was the first thing that came to mind. His back was facing the entrance to the kitchen so he didn't see her immediately when she came back in. I, however, did. And much to my surprise she was topless. Now, if you think I was a bit surprised, you can imagine his surprise when my wife kneeled down beside his chair. This was all at the dining room table just so you have the visual. His eyes nearly came out of his skull! She started rubbing his crotch and he was at a complete loss for words other than a few "ums" and "whoahs."

    Now here's the embarrassing part (for him, anyway). She instructed him to stand up, which he didn't waste much time doing. Once he stood she pulled his jeans and boxers down and he stepped out of them. He was already completely rock hard and she started stroking him. He couldn't take his eyes off of her and what she was doing. Having gotten much more comfortable and verbal over the last few years we've been in the lifestyle, she started talking to him a little bit - telling him she loved how hard he was and that he had a nice cock and all of that. The kid was literally shaking while she was stroking him. She asked him if he ever thought about doing something like this with her and he managed "uh huh." She sat there a few more seconds just stroking him and looking up at him. Then she said "would you like me to suck on it?" He said something like "oh God yes!" She started licking it a little bit first, and then started "snapping" her lips over his head with her lips tightened. She does this to me and it drives me crazy. She did that maybe three or four times and then took him down. As soon as she did he started yelling "oh God, oh God, I'm gonna cum!" And boy did he! Everywhere! She was completely covered. I haven't seen a guy cum that hard or that much in a long time. It was actually pretty amazing!

    Now, you can imagine this poor kid's embarrassment. She barely even started the blowjob and he had shot his load. He kept apologizing and saying how bad he felt. I lightened the mood by telling him it was no big deal and that my wife was just that good. He was definitely shaken though. So while my wife went to clean up we sat and talked a little and finished the drinks we had. I went to make another round and my wife appeared in the kitchen. She was saying she felt really bad for him and that she hoped we hadn't ruined the kid. I told her I was sure he could get it back up with no problem and that she should give him another shot. So we went back out (my wife still topless) and moved to the living room where my wife sat on the couch next to him. She had her hand on his leg (his boxers and jeans were back on by this point) and finally just came out and told him that it was okay to touch her if he wanted to because I think he felt a little uncomfortable just "going for it." Once they kissed and he played with her tits a little he calmed down quite a bit, though you could tell in his mind he was saying to himself "I can't believe this is happening!" I suggested to my wife that she complete her undressing. I thought he was going to have a heart attack when she took her panties off and he saw her pussy lol. I'm not bragging, but my wife is gorgeous and has a heavenly body.

    In any case, he went down on her and then she returned the favor. After all of the excitement he didn't last too long once he got inside of her, but it was still very hot and very enjoyable for everyone. She called him the next day to make sure that he was okay with everything and that he wasn't uncomfortable. By that point he was fine and even asked about doing it again lol. She was very into it and told him that she'd love to. So, a couple weekends later they were back at it. He goes away for school, but he's home in the summer and on breaks. We've made it a point to get together with him any time he's home. Since a year has passed things are very normal now. She's even gotten him off over the phone a few times when he's away. But wow, that first time he probably just wanted to crawl into a hole.

    Anyway, I guess that would qualify as our most "embarrassing" story. That is, other than the time a good friend of ours was screwing her so hard that a picture fell off of the wall and nearly took her head off. But we knew him so well that wasn't really embarrassing. And, come to think of it, maybe that's just not embarrassing anyway. :-P

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    He pulled out of her as he was cumming and sprayed his cum up to her neck. As I lay next to her I thought I would continue the erotic moment and began to suck on one of her nipples to discover a drop of his cum that I had just licked off of her breast. AWKWARD!

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    Dang dude that's just fucked up.

    Well nothing like your moment but we are newbies and are not officially swingers yet (haven't played with others well she has). But the first and only time we have had sex with each other at a club we were in a large play room with about 8 other couples (all strangers to us). And I started to get hard with my wife but lost it when it came time to penetrate. Now nobody saw me cuz it was semi dark and everybody else was busy playing. But here I am the man who prided himself a self-proclaimed stud. Who at 43 can get it up and keep it up for a long time, have always laughed at my wife's stories of her previous one (or two) pump chump boyfriends and I can't even get it up for the woman I've been with for over 20 years. Eventually I got it up maybe 7/10 of the way and was able yo finish but I was still embarrassed in front of my wife.

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    We had a similar situation playing a few months ago... Her play partner was screwing her and pulled out to take off his condom and stroke on to her chest, and shot hard. That was a turn-on for me and I decided to jump in bareback.

    She told me later the whole time she was cumming with her ankles on my shoulders her inner voice was crying out for a towel while his cum dribbled all over her upper body. I underestimated her obsession with cleanliness. Whoops!

    Separately, when Mrs. E and I met, we were more or less doing the FWB thing. She kicked another would-be suitor to the curb a month or so after we started when he went limp in her mouth. The embarrassing part for her is that she texted me about it outraged as soon as she got him and still can't believe she was comfortable enough to write about it. Made her laugh at herself bringing it up the other night.

    (For the record, shyness aside, Mrs. E sucks cock like she's training to do it at the summer Olympics. I can't even relate to how dead inside a man has to be to get sidetracked from that.)

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    Most embarrassing moment I encountered was when a young M+F couple came round to my house for some MMF fun.

    I had met the girl on my own before and she was really hot; thin, sexy, cute little nose and wore glasses which gave her some kind of naughty school teacher look which was sexy.

    After chatting for a while we soon got down to business, we began with plenty or oral sex, taking it in turns sucking on her nice little pussy which she enjoyed loads, shortly after I slid my dick up her pussy and began fucking her, I fucked her several times whilst her boyfriend laid there watching us, by the time I had done she was hot and panting, plus she had my cum dribbling out of her pussy.

    Her boyfriend flipped her over onto her knees and then proceed to start having anal sex with her, she seemed very reluctant and even said "No" to the anal sex but her boyfriend simply continued anyway. It turned into a rather long anal sex session and after a while she began to enjoy it. Her boyfriend was pounding away at her bum as hard as he could and lasted at least 20 minutes before he finally filled her bum with hot sticky cum.

    Having cum he slowly carried on pushing in and out for a while, then slowly he pulled his penis out of her bum and the girl basically exploded diarrhea and his own cum all over him. She covered him, herself, and my bedding which stunk rather foul. Think everyone was rather embarrassed and the girl jumped in my shower to clean herself up.

    I have to say it was really awkward sitting there with her boyfriend, I mean she was in the shower and I'm sitting there with her boyfriend and he was covered in light brown sticky shit, all his tummy and legs were pebble dashed with diarrhea.

    To be honest it was a real shame because whilst the girl really liked me, whilst me and her was really enjoying meeting each other it seemed the exploding diarrhea event had embarrassed them enough that they never met me again.

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    And we have a winner!

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    Holy crap!!!!!

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    Oh no....

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    We were at a large house party and had completed a MFM with a guy we get there. I went into the bathroom to clean up a minute and when I came out, a young man said, your husband said you would want another one. I looked around, didn’t see hubby and said ok. He handed me a shot, I drank it and led him to the bedroom. After we were done, I learned that he was part of the catering staff and hubby had sent him over with a shot for me which I had already apparently had too many of.

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    Before Mrs Doc and I met, I was dating a woman who had a young and very curious cat. She and I were in the middle of a fun afternoon delight. She was on her back and after quite a bit of foreplay, I slowly slid balls deep into her.We were at somewhat of an angle so that as I retracted a bit, my balls would hang down and sway a little. Im not bragging about size, it was just the angle of penetration! I'd move a little, my balls would sway, she'd groan. After the third thrust, I felt a very tentative touch on my scrotum. Next thing I knew, my balls were being batted so that they moved. Apparently, this was amusing to the cat because she then started to smack my balls, whap, whap, whap! I started laughing, had to explain to her why and then she started to laugh. The cat gave my balls one more smack and jumped off the bed. I lost my erection from the laughter especially after I thanked her for having the wee beastie declawed as a kitten. It wasn't the first time the cat had come into bed like that, she apparently was drawn by the woman's moans, but it was the first time the cat participated.

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    Not really an embarrassing moment in the actual event but funny all the same .. we were both in the shower getting ready to go meet our first encounter . . We were changing ends and my wife reached up and grabbed the hair conditioner that was hanging from the rail , it squirted some straight into her eye .... omg Im going to meet him an he will think I got pink eye !!! Hahaha all ended good tho ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by <GasMasked Lover> View Post
    ... he ripped the loudest and most disgustingly orderous fart, then he tried to blame it on our dog!
    I had a great aunt who had problems with gas and would blame it on her dog. The bad part was that she would hit the dog and tell it to stop. It got to the point where the dog would yelp, whimper and run away every time the old lady farted.

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