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    The Savage Lovecast this past week has an academic explaining the new findings about female squirting. Is it urine or something else? The answer is yes and the explanation is fascinating.

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    Yes it is or yes it isn't? I've heard a lot of discussion both ways. But my one partner who did have female ejaculations makes me think it's not urine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViSexual View Post
    Yes it is or yes it isn't? I've heard a lot of discussion both ways. But my one partner who did have female ejaculations makes me think it's not urine.
    Listen to the scientist on the podcast. It's complicated (but tastes fine).

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    I am pleased that science has now, at long last, come around to agree with me. I have long contended that it is pee. It looks like pee,, it smells like pee, it tastes like pee. Pee is OK with me.
    Pedo ergo sum.

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    I can’t say I know anything about squirting. I have never squirted myself and have only read about it in magazines. I just figured it was uncontrolled peeing brought on by excitement. I never discussed it with any friend and have no idea if any of my friends know about it or do it. I never even did cussed it with my husband and had no idea if he ever was with anyone who squirted. I just had my first one on one with a woman. My husband and I have been swapping with a couple we met several years ago on vacation. I have not been very open to playing with any woman. My play has always been unenthusiastic. I enjoy being alone with the husband not so much as a group thing.
    For the first time I was alone with her. My curiosity has grown and I gave into it. Alone we played with a toy. I had been using the toy on her and she was about to cum when grabbed the toy and she squirted like three squirts. It was like a man cumming except a pee like liquid. I gave a Wow in like what was that. We had some laughs about it and later talked about it. She said it doesn’t always happen. She did say it happen with my husband. He had never mentioned it.

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    We have been in the LS for many years. We are mostly poly swingers in that we tend to play regularly with a circle of friends.....socially and intimately. We on occasion will fall into the heat of the moment with someone we just met, but not often. When we started this adventure very few women “squirted” and most women trimmed close but didn’t shave. Just to give an idea how long we have been in this. I, the male half, have enjoyed ladies who can become very arroused and wet. There is a slickness to this and some will be so wet it will trickle....even dush a little during play or pumping/thrusting during intercoarse. Some with more muscle control can and do “spritz” a modest amount of this natural fluid....or sexual fluids depending on who and how active that night she has been. Women I have been with that “squirt” the fluid washes away lubrication, natural or synthetic. Making the area around her opening dry like....almost uncomfortable for thrusting away. Further inside away from her uretha she most often still be wet/slick. And the volume of well as reoccurring not, nor has ever been in my opinion “sex fluid or femal cum”. Thanks to the porn industry this has become a fairly common practice. My lady friends who I am intimate with know that I am really not into this so they refrain from this when we are together. But when with other that enjoy this the water works are on. To each their own. And I am not prudish. If the woman enjoys doing this and it is part of her pleasure I do not mind. Just my preference.

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