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    Default What to do at the club?

    This post isn't going to age well since I only need it to survive for two and a half days.

    We're going to a new club on Saturday. We don't swing/swap at new venues because we like to get to know the people before we take it to the next level. However, we like to make an impression, too.

    My wife and I are, more than anything, voyeurs and exhibitionists. On our first visit to any club/party, we like to show off with each other in a pretty visible area. Typically, this has been going down on each other with some exaggerated moaning and pretty "vanilla" type stuff. My wife texted me five minutes ago and said, "Sucky sucky munchie munchie is too vanilla. Ideas to get us to stand out?"

    That, my friends, is where you come in!

    Any ideas on some type of public play that will really grab peoples' attention?

    Just so you know, we've got an enormous assortment of bondage gear, collars, vibes, plugs, floggers, paddles, restraints, dildos, body paints, cock rings, anal hooks, gags, masks, harnesses, costumes, prostate toys, etc. We also have a mini-backpack we take with us, so we could bring a few items. We usually just bring water, lube, condoms, mints, baby wipes, and mouthwash. But we've got room for some toys.

    Please give me some ideas that will really turn some heads!

    Thank you so much and I'll be sure to update after the party letting you know which idea we chose (in great masturbatory detail)!

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Since you are already into bondage, how about showing up with her already tied up...shibari? Naked at the But naked tied up in decorative knots and rope...just a suggestion.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Light spanking/flogging? It's not something we are really into ourselves, but for us and others like us from what I've seen, it's an attention getter as long as to a newbie's eyes it's not extreme to the point of being more a turn-off than a turn-on.
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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    BDSM is an attention grabber. Not our thing. We hate loud slapping and red/bleeding parts. Ouchie!

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Quote Originally Posted by njbm View Post
    BDSM is an attention grabber. Not our thing. We hate loud slapping and red/bleeding parts. Ouchie!
    We don't go that far! We're more into the bondage, humiliation, subservience, and psychological aspects than the pain. There's spanking and hair pulling and rough penetration, but nothing that causes bleeding or welts.

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Sorry I just saw this. I may have input. SOOO how'd it go, need some masturbation material.

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Quote Originally Posted by lovefest04 View Post
    Sorry I just saw this. I may have input. SOOO how'd it go, need some masturbation material.
    Well, we went to the new club and it was a bust. We pulled in about an hour after the party started and there were 3 cars there. Assuming the hosts were parked in the garage, this was a little too intimate of a gathering for us. So, we ended up going to Couple's Choice in Markham, IL (AKA Club Release on alternating weekends).

    We got there around 9:30 PM and there were maybe 10 or 12 couples there. It was a somewhat thin crowd, but over the next hour, people just poured in. At the end, there were probably about 60-70 people there. The DJ finally turned up the music, people started loosening up, and the party got rolling!

    Some guy fucked his wife on the bar, but he was done in like five seconds. My wife and I went to the room with the circle bed and I ate her out for a good 30-40 minutes. We had a couple people watching and several others timidly pass through only taking a glance. A little later, we were in the room with the pool table sitting on the couch.

    Before I begin, let me interject a little side note. When we go to the club, I pop a Viagra for a little added insurance. I don't need the help, but it has three main effects for me. I don't know how it is for anyone else, but sometimes it does absolutely nothing. When it works, it basically increases the frequency of erections, so I can get hard again within 3-5 minutes after orgasming. The other effect is that it increases the size of my erection considerably. My average erection is about 6.5 inches (7 if I'm really excited). The Viagra basically pushes me to about 8 inches ind increases the girth by about 30%.

    Anyway, she knew I didn't orgasm from when I was eating her and she could see my dick throbbing through my pants. While about 10 people were standing around, she just unzipped me, reached in, and blew me in the billiards room. It wasn't a "pleasure area," but this kind of activity is not frowned upon anywhere in the club. And, of course, after the Viagra boost, I was quite satisfied with my presence, so I was quite confident when noticing people watching. Lol.

    After I came, my wife put on a bit of show while swallowing and kept stroking me a little. I got hard again pretty quick and a woman came over with her boyfriend. The boyfriend didn't seem happy. He also seemed like he didn't even want to be there. She complimented my cock, my recovery time, and my wife's "sensual swallow." We hung out with them and talked for quite awhile. She was awesome. He was kind of a buzzkill. Basically, it was her idea and he was willing to come along as long as they didn't play with other couples and only used private rooms to fuck. Whatever.

    Eventually, my wife and I went up to the medium sized room (the Playboy Room) where a few other couples were already fucking. I ate her out again, fucked her, and after she sat there moaning and hollering from the orgasm, some big black guy high fived me. Lol.

    Now here's another side note about my wife. She'll take an eternity to cum from manual stimulation or oral. However, when it comes to penetration, she orgasms within 5 strokes. Sometimes, insertion alone will do it for her. While in The Playboy Room, we went at it for awhile and she got all tuckered out. She came, but I didn’t, so after a few minutes of playing and recovery time for her, she sucked me off and swallowed again. That's when the black guy’s girlfriend/wife (while riding his dick right next to us) high fived my wife.

    We played around a little bit more just to give people something to watch, but we were getting tired and ended up taking off shortly thereafter.

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    Default Re: What to do at the club?

    Sounds like a fun evening! Thanks for sharing with us.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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