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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    My best / most standout experience was when I was dating a German girl who agreed to try swinging with me, some months later I actually met a nice Polish girl and what followed was some months of me having them both in bed. Me and English man sleeping with a German and Polish girl at the same time. It went on for some months and the Polish girl lived a 5 minute walk from our house so 3,4,5 nights a week I'd come home from work and there would be two girls waiting for me.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Occasion 9: Watching My Husband fully Commit to the Other woman : It was our first time Swinging. We had a 'no crime, no foul' attitude . Yet saying you're all in and actually being there are two different things. After all it was our first experience with this sort of thing. We were at an amazing club where the hosts linked us up with an incredible couple. They were perfect at seducing us. I knew I couldn't start with the guy until I knew my husband, Alex, was completely committed to the other wife sexually. We're in a private play room and they start kissing. I'm standing with the other husband behind me. He starts kissing my neck and I reach my arm above and behind me, stroking his hair in encouragement. My eyes remain transfixed on my husband. I whisper just loud enough for my soon to be new lover to hear,"Let me wait for it." He knew exactly what I meant and kept kissing my neck from behind as my breathing got deeper. Alex was nuzzling the other girl, sill kissing , but with trepidation to this new experience. I could feel the zipper of my little black dress being drawn down as kisses on my neck became a tongue along my ear. I'm still watching Alex as my dress gently falls to the floor and my shoulders, breasts and belly are exposed. He still indulges me, waiting for me to cue him, as he draws my panties to the floor and I step out of them without looking down. I'm still watching Alex get more and more into the girl we had only met less than an hour ago. A hand starts moving along the crevice of my hip as he comes up , lips kissing long my spine. His teeth and tongue gently return to my neck and a finger finds my clit wet and slippery for him. Then I see it. Alex moves fully upon her, tongue moving deep into her mouth and she welcomes her body, now half naked, against him and I know Alex is going to fuck her. There's no turning back for him. I turn around to my new lover and say,"I'm all yours now," I kiss his lips , his chest and move down his body to suck his cock. He stops me, touches my cheek, draws me up to him and kisses me and says,"Tonight is all about you." What happens next was literally the best sex I ever had until that night.

    If I get a couple of 'likes' I'll keep positing 'occasions '. Sandra

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Our firs mfm , she has never been with anyone else over 30 years except me, so meet this gentleman at restaurant week before we we gonna meet again so mrs gets comfortable with him we talk flirt then we go home without anything happening, that was the plan just to get to know one another, week of time they text each other with flirting and some pictures, I had seen in he's profile he's private album he was huge😲 Big and thick, so when he asked mrs to do you want to see what you be playing with tomorrow night, she said yes, and he sent her a picture so I saw the picture and said to my wife wowww honey he's really big so you know, she didn't think much of it and I let it go, figured she will find out soon, the day came we met at the hotel while we were getting undressed he was also but 15 feet away from us , I was facing my wife, I was asking something to my wife she was answering me then she stopped talking, when I loooked her face impression she was like 😲 I looked back at our friend he was naked and hard very thick, I knew she was going to enjoy that, especially at some point she took him in her mouth she was full I knew what she was thinking, how am I going to take that in me!! But she gladly did and as our firs ever playing was extremely memorable and success, I didn't think I could possibly top my fantasy with a reality, but happened, yes she was little bruised by it the next few days. But never stopped us keep having fun

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    For me, my most memorable swing event went like this.

    My wife and I were fairly active in the swing community, and we were contacted by another couple. We went back and forth for a couple of months, they seemed reluctant to meet, I didn’t push - after all, if they’re not ready, they’re just not ready, right?

    So, finally, they agreed to meet for drinks at a bar. We go over, have a great time, we invite them to our home, they accept. We sit around for over an hour, nothing is happening. I’m trying to make some moves on this sexy lady, but for one reason or another, it’s just not going anywhere. They’re getting ready to leave, the lady gives me a nice and very suggestive kiss as they’re at the door on the way out. I whisper into her ear, “Would you like to come upstairs with me?”

    To my surprise, she agrees and announces to her husband what she’s going to do. We head up to the master bedroom, go slow for a little while waiting for our spouses, and then when they don’t appear, we make wonderful love for over an hour. (The spouses were doing the same thing downstairs.)

    We became great friends with this couple, meeting with them often and traveling with them.

    Fifteen years later, our spouses are out of the picture. (One death, one divorce - not from swinging.) And that wonderful lady is now my girlfriend.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Will add here, I've posted about this elsewhere but we had a long-running "ski-poling" fantasy/joke as an easy intro for Mrs. E into swinging. When we were first talking about it, she was convinced that she would hesitate about having sex with a stranger but that hands were meaningless, so it became kind of an in-joke between us about her giving two men handjobs. We only fulfilled it a month or so ago and she couldn't stop giggling until we'd both cum. Very fun memory.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Our standout in memory experience was our first swing club experience in London. Nude slow dancing, watching other couples have sex and then having a fairly large number of couples standing around a center of room sexy color spot lit round bed watch us have sex. It was our first experience having sex in front of other couples after we were married. At the time, it seemed the thing to do. P.S. we stuck together and did not play with others. Julie

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Quote Originally Posted by JandKinBoise View Post
    This may be too focused but wth. As a bisexual with a strong oral fixation, the high point of my sexual life was licking a pussy being fucked.
    Are you a guy or woman? We all like doing that.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Occassion 10: 'Flipping' a couple to try the Lifestyle. Alex and I were on a nice vacation. We ran into this couple and had a highly intense sexual vibe from both of them. I could tell how intensely Alex was lusting for the wife. Yet, they were 'vanilla' types who the idea of Swinging was totally foreign. Cheating was in their zeitgeist, but swinging and being honest was a totally foreign concept. So, we got together for lunch and we confronted them both, yet nicely. That it was obvious each was interested in having 'cheating' sex and we could have something genuine, honest and a lot more fun. The only thing we had to help them get past was that lying and cheating was part of the thrill and they needed to evolve past that. We then ended up in our suite and they both ended up confessing that they had cheated on each other. It was cathartic for them both and frankly a bit more than we wanted to be around. Well, the next day they showed up and said they wanted to have sex with us honestly and openly. With that, I watched Alex give this girl the fucking of her life. Full on reverse cow girl with her begging for more. My romp was more sensual and I went so far as to trust him totally and bareback his cock inside me. Great kisser. To this day, they never cheated again and write to us in Christmas cards how they Swing a couple of times a year and never looked back. Yes, we took a bit of a risk, but it truly worked out. I still recall fondly the thrill of him thrusting deeply into me, cumming inside me.

    If I get a couple of 'likes' I'll keep posting 'occasions '. Sandra

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    several with the same single man stick out. one, is The time that we tried double penetration with mild success, I was straddling crazed as he entered my pussy,J came up between crazed knees and began massaging my ass and squeezed out some lube rubbing it in. I flinched at first when he touch my asshole as I had not done anal successfully yet but he was gentle and slow and waiting for me to get into the sensation crazed was creating. when he knew I was aptly distracted, he just plunged right in!!!I didn't have time to be scared, I only felt...extremely full. we moved together in tandem for a bit then I got a little too carried away and crazed slipped free. J just continued to move in my ass and crazed was still sliding between my lips with every thrust he hit my clit when he senses that J was almost there, and so was he, crazed reached up and squeezed my nipples sending me over the edge we all came together and it was very very memorable.

    Crazed may decide to chime in as well, but I know he has told me that one thing that made it so hot for him, is watching both my own and J's reactions to each other while being in such an intimate vantage point.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    So I'm brand new here, only been swinging for 6 months. But I've/We've had a good deal of interactions.

    I suppose the one that sticks out at the moment for me was after my daughter's soccer game. We are good friends with a couple whose daughter is also on the team, we've swung with them once at a part we went to very early on. After the game the girls were all going for pizza and that kinda left us parents with some time on our hands. Now honestly sex isn't always on our brains or anything but I guess K (the dad of the other girl on the team) was thinking about it all day. He said it was because of my sports top, a long sleeve spandex purple crop top. My stomach was showing a bit, little bit of a muffin top i'm still trying to get rid of. I'm not a busty girl at best a B but more an A cup.

    He invited us over to their house which was just a few blocks down the street from the fields so we walked. It was really hot out and so we were all pretty sweaty when we got inside. K invited me into the kitchen for some water while his wife J and my husband L went to the bathroom (not together just to actually go). In the kitchen we chatted about the game, drank some water and then K, as bold as I've ever seen sat in a dining room chair and asked if I'd ride him.

    I was stunned to say the least. I mean we are still really new to this life and hadn't been so very upfrontly asked something like that. Well it was why we were there after all so, blushing like a little girl, I started to take my top off. He told me to stop and keep it on. It was stained a bit with sweat and really clinging to my breasts, I wasn't wearing a bra so my nipples were poking through. He told me he loved seeing my breasts bounce when I was cheering on the girls that's what gave him this, and he pulled down his track shorts.

    K isn't especially long, maybe like 7 inches at best, but he's thick. And wow he was as hard as I've ever seen a guy get. Well i pulled my yoga pants down, i was wearing some simple seamless purple lace panties with a wide waist. They were kinda sweaty too. Honestly at this point I still wasn't used to the whole, other man inside me thing. It was still and still is like some kind of strange dream. He told me to leave the panties on too, so i straddled his lap.

    He pulled my panties just enough to the side to see my vagina and complimented it. Telling me he loves how smooth and tight I looked for a mom. Surprised me a lot but was kind of a turn on. His penis was straight up and so he very gently but firmly put his hands on my bottom, half exposed in the panties, pulled me to him and lowered me on.

    I told you he's thick so it was intense. I'd only had sex with him one time before and that was after I'd had a load of semen inside to help lube me up. Now it was just me, my sweat, my already warming juices and him. His eyes were locked on his tip pushing my lips open, entering me, slowly sliding in. I'm kinda tight so it was slow, pushing in a little sliding back out then going further. It took several minutes but soon every inch was in me and it was soooooo intense. He was long enough to just tickle my cervix but it was that girth, stretching me that was making me shiver.

    K just sat back his hands on my bottom and slowly helped me rise and fall on him. Going about halfway up then down, hitting my cervix. Then almost all the way up to the tip and back in slow. He kept that pattern and pace up for a while. He'd alternate watching his penis slide into me and watching my breasts gently bounce in my top. We were already sweaty from being out in the heat at the game but this worked up more of a sweat, like we were dripping on the floor more than my juices, which themselves were dripping down his balls to the floor under us. My tummy was bouncing a little too as I rode him.

    He has some incredible staying power and I think we were like that for nearly ten or more minutes before I couldn't hold back anymore and I orgasmed. I'm a little bit of a crier when I orgasm so I teared up whimpering, crying, body shaking and vagina squeezing down hard on him just making the orgasm more intense. I'm not sure if it sent him over the edge or he just let himself go because right in the middle of my orgasm he pushed deep into me right up against my cervix and blasted thick streams of semen. He's a very heavy thick ejaculator and i felt it splashing inside so hot it was amazing.

    We just sat for a minute after that, dripping sweat and now some other fluids. Then we saw the clock on the wall. Our girls were due to get done with the pizza party soon so we were going to need to pick them up.

    K pulled out of me and put my panties back over me before anything could drip out. He patted my stomach and kissed my stretch marks and said he loved filling a mom's tummy. Totally made me blush. I put my pants back on went to check on my husband and J. I walked in on L orgasming onto J's beautiful C cup breasts. She kissed his tip and thanked him, waved to me and got up. Gave me a kiss on the cheek as she walked by going to take a shower.

    I left with my husband to go get our car and pick up our daughter and the entire ride home my vagina was FULL of semen. My panties were a total mess! I'm just glad it didn't leak and show through my yoga pants.

    That's a stand out experience for me.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    My biggest fantasy fulfilled was our first time we swapped. It was our friends and my wife's best friend having sex with me. I think I fantacized that a few times. Before it happened I never thought I would see my wife and her having oral sex together and I know I didn't have a fantasy of watching my wife have sex with another man.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Firsts are always memorable when it comes to sex. What woman doesn't remember every detail of the first time she kissed, first time she was touched, the first time she touched "that thing" and the day she gave in.
    I never had a fantasy of swinging. I may have daydreamed while reading a novel that a handsome man would be romantic with me. I never had a fantasy of having Mr. Grey pinning me down. I'm more the type that wants the soft kiss that escalates. That's what I got on our first swap. The next day that same lover became Grey and I hated it. If the that second day switched with the first, my swinging days would most likely not gone on.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    That first year or two in the LF is just so exhilarating because one you step into it, each new event is kind of like living a fantasy that you may or may not have had. Ours started with MFM but probably really started when we happened into the Garden of Eden in Key West, a roof top bar where patrons dance topless or nude. I wanted to try it and it just felt so wonderful. After that, several MFM, swaps at a couples club, vacations at Hedo and Desires, we were in a somewhat sleepy area on the FL coast, small motel, Thursday night, off season. Had been to the bar down the street, closed it at midnight, came back to the motel and hubby and I went skinny dipping in the ocean behind us. Came back out, carrying our bathing suits in the dark, showered off in the motels cold outdoor shower and made s statement about how fucking cold it was. Suddenly from the dark, a voice came out, come over and have shots with us, it will warm you up. There were four guys on a picnic table, guests of the motel as well. We joined them, me topless but with a small towel, we had apparently dropped my bikini top. Well, it went shots, body shots, to each guy getting a turn. Next morning I awoke, turned to hubby and asked, was that a GB. He assured me it was.

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    Occasion 11: This is Not the Man I Married: Thereís a slow thrill as a man moves over me. With both of us naked, he gently enters me, cock into me deeply and firm as his hips rest upon me, I gently gasp in the moment; knowing whatís to come. And itís wonderful because I want this moment so very, very badly. And heís not my husband, but in this moment, heís my choice.

    If I get a couple of 'likes' I'll keep posting 'occasions '. Sandra

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    Default Re: Most standout event/fantasy fulfilled during your time in the lifestyle?

    I went to BDSM birthday party where the lady guest was screwed doggy style over the kitchen table by a dominatrix husband with an 11 inch cock. His cock had a huge gold PA and the underside of his cock also was pierced for the bar bell. He lasted forever and the woman had several orgasms until he was ordered to pull out without coming. His wife the dominatrix strapped on a dildo and fucked the birthday girl in the ass and I could hear her cries in the other room while I was getting whipped. Things got wilder when the husband with the big cock sucked off the husband whose wife was getting screwed in the ass at the same time. A beautiful dominant woman from San Francisco force me to kneel and suck dildo that she had strapped to her waist almost gagging me as she shoved it all the way down my throat. I had to leave early and get back to my girlfriend who allowed me to go threatening that if I had sex with anyone I would pay steep price. But it was definitely one of a kind party with lots of naked breasts and wild sex.

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