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    Default My Best & My Worst Swinging Experience

    Best & Worst Swinging Experience:

    Okay so like the title says I will detail my BEST and my WORST swinging experience.

    Just for a bit of background I have been involved in the lifestyle for about 22 years during which I have had MMF + MFF threesomes and foursomes with couples:

    Okay so lets begin.....


    This will perhaps be a wake up call for some new couples but basically in my younger years me and my girlfriend at the time met a nice young man around our age. To begin with we were just friends and would hang out most weeks and built a fairly decent friendship with the guy.

    Some months later we decided to speak with him about a threesome me and my girlfriend found him attractive and asked him if he would like a MMF threesome, that basically us two guys could give my girlfriend some fun nights together to which he eagerly agreed. That first night we had a really nice threesome, it was really exciting, we both had full sex with my girlfriend and she had several orgasms after which we all spoke and there didn't seem to be any problems at all.

    Well the next day we got an eager text from this young man asking if he could come round for the evening too which we greedily said yes When he arrived we chatted for a while and soon me and him were cuddling my girlfriend in bed, slowly we tuck off our cloths and once we were naked the entire drama began, a drama which ruined my entire swinging life with that girlfriend.

    You see once we were naked this young man suddenly announced that he wanted anal sex with my girlfriend, but we had already told him that she doesn't like anal sex. We reminded him that my girlfriend doesn't enjoy anal sex but he is welcome to her mouth or pussy all he likes, at this point the man tried to blackmail us and demanded unless he can have anal sex he is not doing it.

    We were speechless so basically we decided to get dressed at cancel the situation seeing him leave in a huff. We were very shocked indeed however this event was only the tip of the ice burg, in fact what happened over the next three months crippled our relationship. Perhaps two days later I woke up and went to work as normal until suddenly I got a panicked phone call from my girlfriend saying this man had approached our home shortly after I had left for work.

    He had banged on our door and when my girlfriend answered he tried to talk her into having sex / an affair with him alone, he was very insistent and my girlfriend felt in danger. She slammed the door and bolted it shut. Later that day when I got home I text the man and asked him to please stay away from our home, I was polite but let him know we my girlfriend isn't interested and asked him to please back off as we were new friends after all.

    The next day I again left for work and perhaps 15 minutes after I left he again turned up at our home and threw stones at my bedroom window until my girlfriend opened the window to see who it was. He then shouted up at our bedroom window asking her for sex keeping in mind our neighbours could hear the entire thing. My girlfriend shouted at him and told him to f**k off and if he came back she was calling the police.

    I got home later that day and was furious so messaged this man again in a much more hostile tone telling him if he comes near us again the police will be called or he will have to handle me. Well perhaps a few days past and we heard nothing until again I left for work and about 15 minutes later he appeared knocking on our door, for about 30 minutes he shouted my girlfriend through our letter box saying the classic line “I Just Want To Talk” and stated that now we had had a threesome he should be allowed to sleep with her alone.

    By this stage my girlfriend was terrified and again I got home and text this man with full on abuse asking him what the f**k he thought he was doing? I made various angry threats and he didn't even answer any texts. Well about a week passed and we didn't hear a thing, we finally thought we had scared him away, but sadly we were very mistaken.

    Like stated perhaps a week had passed when one day my girlfriend left for work and as she walked out of our house this man came charging out of the bushes over the road and caught my girlfriend on the street. He grabbed hold of her arm so she couldn't run away and proceeded to ask her for sex, he then said unless she had sex with him he was going to tell our family we had a threesome.

    My girlfriend began screaming and managed to break free and ran into a neighbours garden seeing our neighbours quickly come to her rescue. I came home that day to find my girlfriend shaking, she had barricaded herself in our bedroom and on opening the door she flung her arms around me in tears and wouldn't let go for nearly an hour.

    It was at this point we realised she was been stalked so I text this man again and told him clearly the police had been called and was at our home interviewing us now. This was our big mistake because we hadn't actually called the police, we were younger then and what could we say, we invited this man into our house for a threesome and now he has gone nuts, we were embarrassed.

    However the man seemed to vanish and we didn't hear a peep from him for several weeks, again we thought out threat about the police had worked but sadly it hadn't. This is where things tuck an even more drastic turn for the worse because basically this man turned up at my girlfriend work, he marched straight into my girlfriends work and started heading straight towards her. In response and before he could say a word my girlfriend ran for her life and locked herself in the managers office where she stayed for about an hour.

    This was so upsetting for her because this nut case man had marched into her work looking to have sex with her or start some affair and all her work knew she was my girlfriend, it caused a big scene at her work and they had to call a taxi to get her home early. I walked in my house to find my girlfriend in tears and both my parents stud there.

    My girlfriend hadn't said anything to my parents about the threesome but had said someone was stalking her and she was very shaken up. It was at this point I understood this problem wasn't going to stop and what followed from that point still haunts me to this day. You see when I realised this wasn't going to stop I called my manager and explained my girlfriend was in serious danger and luckily my manager was a star and he gave me the entire week off work.

    The following day I sat in a darkened room looking out the window at the woods / bushes across the road from our house. This man knew my working patterns and it was obvious that he was waiting until I had left the house for work and then turning up shortly after so I sat in wait looking for him. I sat there in the back of the darkened room so he couldn't see me and waited for several hours but he didn't show up seeing me comfort my girlfriend.

    I sat there in total for 3 days, every morning I woke up and sat watching the street and to this day I still can not believe what happened. It was the third morning and I had sat there for about 2 or 3 hours watching our street, and honestly I stud up about to call it quits for the day and I remember picking up my half drunk cup of tea and was just about to head to the door when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye.

    Looking closer I could see a man just walking into the woods across from my house, as my eyes focussed from the darkened room I could see IT WAS HIM!! However what happened next was perhaps the most creepy thing that has ever happened in my life because this man ducked down below the bushes and went out of sight.

    I couldn't understand it, if he was suppose to be watching our house why would he sit totally out of sight where he couldn't see anything. I stud confused for a few seconds until suddenly his head popped up from the behind the bushes and I noticed his head was bobbing up and down. I stud there in the darkened room looking at him wondering what the hell was happening when it suddenly clicked, he was actually sat behind the bushes looking at my house and masturbating.

    With that in mind I still remember dropping my cup of tea and before the cup even hit the ground I was half way down those stairs. I charged out my door and ran straight across the road and jumping over these bushes actually found this man with his jeans around his knees masturbating. From that point I actually kicked the f**k out of him and beat him black and blue seeing me punch, kick and drag this man onto the street.

    His nose was bleeding, his eye was swelling and I sent him crashing down onto the pavement seeing him bounce off a parked car. I quickly began issuing threats of what would happen if he ever came near again. Like a rat he quickly scurried to his feet and ran off bleeding, he got perhaps 50ft away before he turned around and starting hurling abuse at me threatening to call the police, threatening to tell my family about my threesome desires so I gave chase seeing him sprint off.

    Several hours later the police arrived he actually called the police on me for assault saying I had attacked him. The police came into my house in full view of our neighbours and basically we didn't mention the threesome at all we simply said he was stalking my girlfriend. We explained how this man had grabbed her on the street, how he had turned up at her work , how he had terrorised us for about 2 months solid. The thing that finally convinced the police was when I said.

    “Look this is my house its him harassing our property”

    Plus I explained he was masturbating in the woods across the road and the police dropped the case and went back to warn this idiot man away from our home. What followed was truly upsetting as my girlfriend was terrified, every time someone knocked on the door she would bolt to my side, she was petrified of leaving the house to go to work, for about 2 months solid we had to get her a taxi straight from our door to her work, it even effected her job as she no longer felt safe there.

    It also had a massive effect on our relationship because before that man we was a fun open minded sexually active couple with an entire life ahead of us, now however the entire group sex subject had gone straight out the window and my girlfriend blamed me heavily, after all it was me who wanted to see another man f**k my girlfriend and she became very upset towards me.

    In total I had spent maybe a year building my girlfriend up to trying a threesome, we talked, we planned, we were both excited and in the end it all got smashed apart by one idiot person. Whilst our relationship survived it tuck about 3 years before the damage started to fade, in the end she agreed to try again, she agreed he was a lone nut case, that it wasn't fair judging everyone because of that one mans actions, sadly however it had caused so much damage to my girlfriend she couldn't ever settle with the threesome idea and in time she ran away with a new man who didn't want threesomes and left me alone with an entire home to run alone.

    However the story doesn't stop there because it was about 2 years later that this man turned up at my girlfriend work again. He walked in the store wearing a hood and before my girlfriend knew it he was stud right next to her at the till. He held his hands up in an apologetic stance, he said sorry to my girlfriend and then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to go for a drink with him that night.

    My girlfriend flew into a rage and began hurling abuse at him seeing other staff quickly come to assist, the man quickly left the store and we never laid eyes on him again, it was perhaps a year or two after that point that me and my girlfriend went our separate ways. I remember feeling so guilty, remember thinking how my silly desires had landed us in so much trouble and now that girl is married to another man with several wonderful children, a family that could have been mine.

    Some simple bits of advice I'd give to any new couple would be:

    Do NOT let people know where you work
    Do NOT let people know your working patterns

    It goes to show just how obsessed some people can get when it comes to sex, that man fully believed that because of one threesome he had the right to have sex with my girlfriend alone and to stalk her until she was terrified. His urge for sex even lasted several years seeing him turn up at her work again and ask her for a drink.

    Honestly I can not even begin to explain what it was like jumping over some bushes only to see this thin scrawny pathetic excuse for a man masturbating whilst stalking my girlfriend. The funny thing was if he had just stuck to the threesome plan he could have had her as much as he wanted.

    It was some years after this that we met an old friend who also knew that man, our old friend explained the man we had a threesome with all those years ago had just been arrested for trying to have sex with under age people, by all accounts the child protection agency had been called.

    Needless to say that was by far my worst ever swinging experience. Sure there are some nice guys out there and since that point I have had some amazing MMF threesomes with other girlfriends but I must admit each time it does feel like I'm putting a loaded gun to my head.


    Well moving onto my best experience

    I was about 30 years old at the time and I was dating a young women from Germany, we both agreed swinging was something we wanted to explore together and after having 4 or 5 MMF threesomes my girlfriend showed an interest in MFF seeing me meet another young women.

    It actually tuck me a fair while to speak this girl around and convince her to try with us and have to say I was so happy she did. She had a gorgeous size 8 figure and the strangest bit of all was that she was from originally from Poland. So please imagine the scene an English man in bed with a German and Polish girl at the same time lol. Looking at it from a second world war historical point of view it felt like I was preforming a miracle.

    It started slowly at first mainly us just laying in bed and kissing, cuddling but within a few weeks I was undressing them both in bed. I honestly couldn't believe my luck, regarding their vagina's one girl had outward lips (outie) and the other girl had nice perk lips tucked inside (innie) and whilst one had nice light pubic hair the other had lush dark pubic hair but they were both sexy girls.

    It was a little bumpy at first but we soon got into the swing of things and the best thing was this girl lived about 10 minutes away from us meaning I got to see her all the time. For about 1 / 2 months she came round to our house about 4 or 5 times a week seeing me lavish myself with MFF action.

    It was heading to the two month point where our new play mate began asking questions about where we wanted this to go? She was a little nervous and new to the situation so basically we all sat down and spoke and after a good chat we all agreed that both girls would date me together, that they would both class themselves as my girlfriends, would both share me, and my original girlfriend even agreed that I could see this new girl alone as well and spend nights at her house with her.

    What followed was amazing, literally 5 or 6 days a week I'd come home from work to find two horny girls sat on my sofa waiting for me Sometimes I'd open the door and they would be sat there half naked playing with each others pussies seeing me drop my back shortly followed by dropping to my knees and spending 30 minutes giving them both oral sex. The funny thing is the days she wasn't there were days where my original girlfriend had a night shift so I basically just walked up to the other girls house and within moments was laid in her bed kissing her.

    It felt totally great some mornings I'd nip over to the other girls house and f**k her several times then I'd walk back home with my dick still wet and smelling of the other girl and would cuddle up next to my other girlfriend who was still in bed and would be having sex with her moments later. The Polish girl had the nicest tasting pussy ever and on a lot of mornings I'd be laid in bed kissing my original girlfriend and could still taste the Polish girls pussy on my lips.

    It was great because they both had hormone implants for contraception basically meaning I could bare back them both all I wanted, and sure I remember one morning specifically, I had arrived home from a night shift and after a quick shower I went to see the Polish girl, she opened the door and she looked stunning what followed was us having really passionate deep and enjoyable sex, I honestly ate her pussy so much I could smell her all over me before having her several time.

    Kissing her at the door as I left she looked amazing and I could help but kiss her for several minutes, walking home on that early sunny morning I got home and got into bed with the German girl who was asleep. As I got into bed she stirred awake and said good morning, she asked if I had been to see the other girl? I replied yes as honestly my dick was still dripping in her pussy juice which seemed to turn the other girl on.

    Waking up a little she began kissing me and it was grate as we kissed we could taste the other girls pussy which tasted so nice on our lips, the next moment the girl reached down and started rubbing my dick seeing him soon rise to attention. Giving me a little blow job she sucked all the other girls juices off my dick before asking me to fuck her which I eagerly did despite feeling a little drained.

    I collapsed on the bed panting after sex seeing us snuggle up in bed, the early morning sun was breaking through the curtains and I was just starting to nod off to sleep when a thought popped into my head. In fact I was laid there and at that very moment my cum was in two different girls and have to say it felt amazing knowing I had two girls on tap that lived just a short walk away, that both of them had a pussy full of my cum, that I was in them both at the same time.

    From that point things really began to take off, we began speaking even more about our three way relationship of sorts and basically I made a deal with them. I said when I come home from work usually in the afternoon I'd like them both to be there. That I'd like to create a routine that basically I'd walk in from work and give them both a kiss, that I'd basically drop my bag and walk straight upstairs for a shower, I'd freshen up and brush my teeth and by the time I got back downstairs I wanted them both sat on the sofa with their pussies out.

    That I'd walk in from work, that I'd have a 10 minute shower and I'd walk downstairs and have them both right there on the sofa, that I'd simply drop to my knees and suck both their pussies before shoving my dick in them both swapping and changing as much as I liked. Then after a good f**k with them both we would all cuddle up and spend the evening together, we would eat, watch films, do couples things together and most evenings I'd spend cuddle up between them both, then later in the night I'd take them both to bed for the main event.

    Sometimes I'd be sat there watching a film and would just pull out my dick and they would lay there on the sofa both licking and sucking him, then later would be head up to bed and just have proper long sessions. I still remember one night specifically where I was f**king one girl but passionately kissing the other, suddenly the girl I was f**king exploded all over my dick seeing her let out a very strong orgasm and looking at the other girl I simply said “You Next” and within about 10 minutes she was laid under me having a massive orgasm.

    It was great because we actually spoke a fair bit and I got them to try all sorts of things, for example I got one girl to lick my balls for about 20 minutes as the other girl slowly bounced up and down on my cock and on occasion would pull out and slide my dick into the other girls mouth so she could have a little suck. I think overall that is my favourite thing, f**king one girl's pussy and just been able to pull out with my dick dripping in her juices and just push straight inside another girls mouth, I proper love going pussy to mouth with two girls it feels awesome.

    Can remember once weekend we spent the entire weekend together and I convinced them both to stay naked all weekend so basically all weekend I had two naked girls walking around my house, been fair most of that weekend I had them both in bed, in the end I lost track how many times I cum. I remember moving a little TV upstairs into the bedroom and basically all we did was f**k, watch a bit of a film, f**k again, watch the rest of the film, f**k again, put a new film on ect.

    I would get out of the shower and walk in my bedroom and would throw a few cushions on the floor and say “Come on Girls” and they would get on their knees and moments later I had two girls flicking their tongues over the end of my cock and taking turns having good hard sucks. I again spoke to them about it but a few times I arranged it so we would have sex and when I was about to cum I'd give them a warning and they would jump out of bed and kneel on the floor and I'd empty my load into both their mouths.

    In the end we were all together about 9 months before it went boom in my face, not in a bad way as such but basically the Polish girl became worried, she began thinking ahead to things like marriage and children and I couldn't really think of a way to explain that which worried her.

    My advice to any men who have the opportunity to explore MFF is DON'T rock the boat, be nice, don't argue, don't show off, don't push for too much but enjoy that situation as much as you possibly can. Honestly if you get the chance to have one girl and to see another girl as well then it doesn't matter how tired you are, it doesn't matter how long your next shift is you get round that other girls house morning noon or night and get her f**ked, and both of them at once whenever you can.

    Do not rock the boat by arguing with your girlfriend about silly things such as money, work, house tidying, just keep happy, keep calm, keeping exploring for as long as you can. Looking back my one big regret is that I didn't go round the other girls house more, there was plenty of times where I could have gone round, times where my girlfriend was at work, times where she was asleep, times where I got home from work and was too tired.

    Looking back now I'd have made sure I was round her house every chance I got because those chances only come once. There was so many times that I came home from work and decided to just chill out on the computer when in reality my actual girlfriend had given me full permission to go round to this other girls house as I liked and you know what I should have done even if I didn't tell her about every time.

    I guess it still felt a bit new I didn't want to upset my original girlfriend by going round to this other girls house all the time, looking back now I'd have gone round a LOT MORE and simply not told my original girlfriend so not to make her to jealous or anything. Personally I don't like lying at all BUT simply not telling her would have been an option.

    Just don't rock the boat, make it last as long as you can and enjoy it as much as you can because those chances don't come around much. You know I look back now and can not believe I was sat in front of two girls making silly fun sexual deals like my first load of the day should be in their mouths, making deals and funny games for my enjoyment, for example one night I got them both to swap knickers and fucked each girl whilst she wore the other girls wet knickers.

    I have to admit I love MMF threesome, I totally love seeing my girlfriend reach down and feel two hard cocks just for her, I proper enjoy giving my girlfriend DP and seeing her orgasm with two men inside her, but that said it doesn't have a patch on MFF.

    I honestly wish more women would be accepting of MFF because women are often cleaner, nicer, safer, more friendly, better hygiene, and nothing beats pulling off two sets of knickers at the same time. The feeling of been able to pull out of one girl and only a few seconds later be sliding up another is totally amazing, it feels SO NICE.

    Yeah I have to admit I love MMF, I love my girlfriend getting all that attention, most afternoons I'd love to just push my girlfriend onto the sofa and me and another guy take turns smashing her from behind and making her cum in pleasure, but honestly my experience of other men is that all they want is a sex toy, that they treat you like a blow up doll where along comes a women and you get this clean, nice, friendly person who really wants to know you, who wants to be friends and treat you with respect.

    I honestly wish more women would be open to MFF for most couples its the way to go.

    There you have it a massive rant covering my best and worst experiences.

    What's your best and worst?


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    Default Re: My Best & My Worst Swinging Experience

    Three words post.

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    Default Re: My Best & My Worst Swinging Experience

    So...the English invaded both German and Poland...?
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Yep the English invaded Poland and Germany, lots of shots were fired lol

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    great post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SASS View Post
    great post!
    Yes it was. Well written.

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    Thanks folks

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