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    Default New Year's Eve tradition

    Our New Years Eve tradition is to let an old friend from high school be the first one to have sex with my wife in the new year. When the clock strikes midnight they'll wish each other a Happy New Year and kiss for as long as they want to. She'll ignore me. When they are done I'll take her hand and she'll take his and I'll lead them to our bedroom.

    Over the years we've made a ritual out of it. When we get to the bedroom I'll "present" her to him. They'll kiss some more and he'll undress her. When she is naked I'll lay a special pillow I had made up with his name embroidered on it on the floor at his feet. She'll kneel down on it and wait for me to take off my wedding ring. I'll give it to her. He'll hold out his hand and she'll slide the ring on his finger.

    He waits and lets her get his cock out of his pants. Jon and I are the same height and build except for his cock. It's a lot bigger than mine. It's awesome to see his cock grow bigger and harder as she sucks on it knowing he is going to put that into her. As she sucks on his cock I'll run my fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp and occasionally pressing her head down on his cock. When he is ready he'll pull his cock out of her mouth and help her stand up.

    I'll walk her over to the bed. She'll lay down on her back and get comfortable in the middle of the bed. I'll lay her arms over her head and spread her legs apart as he gets undressed. I'll get KY out of the night stand and massage it onto her pussy. It helps her accept his big cock. I'll rub her clit making her hornier and hornier until he gets on the bed. He'll position himself between her legs. Before he penetrates her I hold her hands keeping them down on the bed over her head. I have to hold on tight because she always wants to try to hold him back as he enters her because she is not used to a big cock.

    He has learned to go slow but she still looks like it hurts when he is entering her. She is fine once he is in and begins to fuck her. When she has relaxed I'll let go of her hands, get off the bed and let them have as much room to play as they want. I'll sit in a chair in the corner of the room and watch. It's awesome to watch her getting fucked. She really enjoys getting fucked by Jon. I think it's not only because he has a big cock but I think she really likes him. Loves him? I suspect that because they aren't just fucking they are making love to each other.

    It's a little uncomfortable to me to watch her kissing him the way she does as he is fucking her. He is pretty good at holding back from cumming and waits for her to go first. He is pretty good at staying hard even after he cums. She never cums as hard with me as she does with him. She has passed out from cumming a few times over the years. I kind of like fucking her when she is passed out after he is done with her. If she hasn't passed out from cumming with him she looks like she is bored when I take my turn. I can barely feel her after being stretched by his big cock and being soaking wet from him cumming in her. I can understand how she feels. If I can barely feel her she can't feel me. It's almost like fucking air. The only thing that keeps me hard and makes me cum is knowing that the wetness I feel is his cum in her.

    After we all cum we all go to sleep. He always fucks her again before he leaves. I always wake up from the bed moving as they fuck. It's awesome to be laying beside her as he fucks her. He'll take off my wedding ring and lay it on the nightstand before he leaves. I'll want to fuck her again also but she rolls over and falls back to sleep. She'll sleep most of the day. I'll put the "Jon pillow" away for another year and the KY, look down on her and smile knowing that she has been well fucked and used by Jon.

    It's usually weeks and even months before I have sex with her again. She said she dreams about having sex with Jon and she never sucks my cock. She only does that with Jon. I over heard her talking on the phone with one of her girlfriends later in the evening. She thought I was sleeping. She said she was fucked so good that it felt like she could still feel his cock and that it was the best sex she ever had. I was happy that she got fucked that good and I couldn't wait for it to happen again.

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    We only had sparkling apple cider.

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    Chicup..., now that's funny! And, I might add, the perfect response! LMAO

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    Quote Originally Posted by ViSexual View Post
    Chicup..., now that's funny! And, I might add, the perfect response! LMAO
    A person might see humor in it. But I have to tell you, that's all we had. Consuming alcohol on New Year's Eve might encourage me to write Dear-Penthouse-like stories at Swingersboard.

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicup View Post
    We only had sparkling apple cider.
    that made me snort out loud!

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    We spend every New Year's Eve at the Grove. Although we watch a lot of others have sex at the party, we always wait and have our first of the year, just us, back at the house. Then we fuck our housemates' brains out!
    Just because we have to grow old does NOT mean we have to grow up!

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    Default Re: New Year's Eve tradition

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicup View Post
    We only had sparkling apple cider.
    I actually had some alcohol on new years eve. Well sort of, I came down with a bad cold and had some Nyquil before retiring early, I am pretty sure Nyquil has alcohol in it.

    That said, I sure hope I didn't start a new, new years eve tradition.
    R (He is R, she is P)

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