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    • 17 minutes ago, MrMrsswinger said:

      I've been trying to learn how monkeypox got into America. Anyone heard?

      I haven't read anything. It is a little surprising that general info about such a rare disease coming to America hasn't been investigated. That's journalism 101, right? That's the first question I ask...'where did it come from?' 

    • There isn't much better than a good blowjob. I met a woman a long time ago who loved giving blowjobs. Her soon to be ex-husband could never cum via oral so she didn't do it much. She asked if she could give me one and give me pointers on how to improve (what a great line!). Always willing to assist a woman in need, I obliged and let her give me a blowjob. Oh....my....goodness....


      She was absolutely incredible. Never had one like it before and never had one like it since. No idea why her husband couldn't finish. She was all about pleasing. Any time I wanted one she was ready to go. And she wanted to give me them more than I wanted (5-6 times a week). We never had sex, she never wanted anything in return. We eventually moved too far away from each other and it stopped. 


      I enjoy receiving oral. I feel selfish if I get a blowjob and the provider gets nothing. I'll give oral any time my SO wants it. I enjoy it immensely. Anyway, everyone has their preferences.

    • 6 minutes ago, MrMrsswinger said:

      I've been trying to learn how monkeypox got into America. Anyone heard?

      Probably the same as covid. Travelers bring it in. 

    • 2 hours ago, njbm said:

      Direct contact with body fluids sounds like it is sexually transmitted. 

      Or a sneeze or cough. 

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    • I've been trying to learn how monkeypox got into America. Anyone heard?

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    1. When we arrived at the club on Saturday night we noticed a few couples that looked familiar. We hadn't been to this club in a while but we used to frequent it, so we knew some faces just looked familiar from having seen them there, and others might have looked familiar from having seen them online. One couple in particular seemed familiar and kept looking at us. We had some friends meeting us there, and shortly after they showed up, the male half of this couple came up to us and asked "are you Julie & Pet?" "yes, we are". "Hey, we met you guys about a year ago at....." At that point we remembering looking at their profile on SLS and the email history (they had no face pics) regarding having met at said party last year. I remembered their names form the email exchange and said "Oh, you're D right?" "yeah, and my wife is R, she's over there (points to her)."


      Ok. Great. He heads back to her and we decide we should be pleasant and go say hi to her. So, we decided to get up and give ourselves a little tour of the club to see what was new and as we walked past them, we stopped and said hello. He was all smiles and she seemed just kinda pissy. No smiles for her, no real pleasantness or nice to see you. We headed off to continue our tour and eventually returned to our seats with our friends.


      Later in the night, we headed upstairs and they followed. Again he was all pleasant and talking about how much they'd wanted to see us again after they met us before..... and she said...nothing. No smiles, she kinda wondered off at one point. Now granted, I wouldn't say we were interested in the couple right off, but we might have been had there been any sort of personality mesh from her. Basically, it was a situation where I wouldn't have felt I was taking one for the team if Pet had clicked with her. However, it seemed there was no interest from her whatsoever. I'm not even sure she wanted to be there. We did talk a little about the club and how they preferred the other club in the area. They've also been visiting our favorite club a bit (although not when we've been there evidently) and loved it (as do we). However, all of this info came from him. She said almost nothing.


      Eventually, we headed back downstairs and hit the dancefloor a bit. As we exited the dancefloor, she grabs me and says "Will you please dance with my husband!" (this was not a question, it was more of an exasperated demand to which the only allowable reply was "um ok"). So, I looked at him and he says "not right this second I've got to use the restroom" (or something) and walks off. She heads back to her seat and I head to mine. At this point I'm not feeling great, my stomach is hurting a bit (I just had surgery a few weeks ago and I'm still recovering, this was my first night out). He returns and asks me to dance and I oblige. However, I find that dancing is making me feel worse so I stop and head back to my seat.


      We left shortly thereafter.


      The next day we've already got a message from them (him?) about how great it was to see us and they'd like to get together.....


      Obviously, at this point there's little interest on our part, and it seems that there's no interest on her part. I really can't tell what her issue was. But, I know we are going to end up seeing them again, likely at our home club.


      I have no idea what my question is

    2. CXXC
      Latest Entry

      It is best to live without expectations. That way, you are never disappointed when things don’t work out the way you planed them! Such is the case of my recent experience.


      In the last year or so, I have been communication with this individual through swingersboard, Yahoo and texts! It has been a great learning experience and ever better friendship! What I have learned from her I will use with Mrs. CXXC. This is the perfect relationship if you ask me! It is a great give and take!


      As I said in the beginning, when one walks into a situation without expectation, on is generally pleased with the outcome. When we first became aware of the potential to actually spend more than a quick lunch together, my playmate and I were both cautiously optimistic. In our heart of hearts, we were really hoping that we would be able to spend more than a couple hours in a crowded eatery only to part ways with a kiss and a yearning for one another. Little did we know, fate, the universe, the gods, what have you, would be on our sides.


      As most of you should know, I travel for work a good deal. I happened to be in my playmates area for a day and thought it would be great to get together for lunch and possibly more. Her husband, it turns out, had a date scheduled for the same night! PERFECT!!!! We met for lunch, her husband was charming, polite and very generous in that he told me that he felt comfortable letting his wife go to my hotel room with me!


      The three of us split up, she with me, and I headed to the hotel. The normally short (15 – 20 minutes) ride from our meeting place to my hotel was dragged out by rush hour stop and go traffic! My playmate was fit to be tied. I could tell she was counting the moments till we were at the hotel. With her feet upon my passenger side dash board, I took the liberty to see just how excited she was. Needless to say, she was VERY!!! That dress was a perfect choice for her to wear that day!


      In the hotel room, we enjoyed long, passionate, slow and powerful kisses. Our bodies crushed against each other. Her moans of pleasure with each caress or touch of my hand gave proof that this was long desired and wanted. Her body responded to the very smallest of touches. My hands could light gently upon her and elicit moans or a gasp. Her body would quiver, tremble or writhe under my manipulations. Her excitement at my touch evident in her very moist nether region! Then the tables were turned!


      She placed her lips upon my manhood and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! This woman is masterful at oral pleasure! I have not yet been able to find words to best describe her talents other than the base, crude and foolish, “WOW! FUCK! DAMN! OMG! THAT WAS HOT!!!!”


      So, I was pleased when she decided to perform orally upon me for more than a minute or two. In fact, she gave me an exceptional orgasm with that wonderful mouth of hers! WOW!!!!!


      She is as adventurous as she is sexy! We had sex is virtually every position in the Kama Sutra! Well, not all but most of them! She knew no limits to her desire or want! Out orgasms were loud and shook the room! While performing orally for her, she literally screamed! I laughed silently at what the neighbors must think! LOL We went from investigating each other’s limits to pushing them! From vanilla to animalistic. Missionary to anal. It was hot and horny in that room, I will tell you! And this woman kept giving and giving. I have to say, I have not had a more fun solo experience to date! She is absolutely AMAZING!


      She stated in the beginning that she had some difficulty in cuming. Well, that was not at all true! This woman literally SCREAMS when she cums! And she came several times! Twice while I performed orally! Her orgasms are VERY STRONG and earth shattering! (Not to mention deafening) Her kisses are soft and sweet yet can become powerful and with ferocity! She is really quite the lover!


      I have to say, over and over, Ms. Fuse is an amazing bed mate and even more fun friend! Fate smiled upon me that day and I PRAY that they smile upon me time and time again!


      Ms. Fuse, I completely and utterly enjoyed your company, presence, body, and teaching! I hope I can teach you something!


      Mr. CXXC

    3. TNT
      Latest Entry

      Isn't that easy, but it's full of new adventures.


      Since Ted and I spend every other weekend in North Carolina, we've decided to see about getting involved in the swinger scene here (in N.C. at the time of this posting).


      We are well established in Florida, having many friends we can call upon and knowing all the good house parties to attend. Everyone we party/play with in Florida know we're only in town every other weekend and understand our situation.


      What we're looking for here in N.C. is to find a few friends who are also understanding of our hectic life.


      We've been searching the club sections of many different sites we're on and there are quite a few clubs within an hour drive of us. The one problem we're finding is that most don't allow single men, especially on Saturday nights and that's what we're basically looking for. We understand this and accept it for what it is.


      We also know and understand that we're going to have to get ourselves established in a club so we can get to know the regulars. You can do all the research you want on the internet, but nothing is as good as "good old word of mouth" when it comes to finding the good spots.


      We're not that much of a hurry in finding a place we "fit in" here because of the holidays coming up, but have taken a proactive approach by changing our profile to reflect we're in N.C.. Once the new year is here and things settle down we'll get back in the game of visiting clubs, finding house parties and contacting those we find interesting in hopes of meeting.


      The one advantage that we have over newbies just getting into swinging is that we know what we're looking for, what we want to find and what we're facing in the journey of finding it.


      So, even though it's like we're starting over again we're really not...it's the same game just a different town with new and wonderful adventures awaiting us.




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    1. The Kinky Koach will be interviewing an individual who is disabled and sexy! I want to gather some data from my sexy friends to help facilitate the conversation. Your answers are anonymous and very much appreciated. 

    2. Ok. Hi. I'm not even sure how to start this. Ugh. 

      Ok. Here it comes. Brace yourself ?

      Hi. My name is missy. Today is the first day I came across this site and boy am I glad I did. I'm not only new to the site, I'm new to the lifestyle as well. 

      There was a turning point in my life about a year ago and when I came out holding my head up high, I just idk I started looking at life differently. I started to Appreciated the little things. Like the sunset, and the sound of children playing. Realizing that nothing is worth your peace. My boys had just moved out and I didnt know what to do with myself. I decided that I wasn't gonna die miserable. I mean I dont know exactly what triggered my curiosity at that time but it really doesnt mater. I opened a tinder account and matched with women only. Not men. Not really sure at that point what to expect. I was in an great relationship with the an amazing man that I still believe today is my person... my forever, My favorite human, Mark. So I started matching with women and eventually met up with someone I connected with. Nothing happened sexually but we had plans to meet again. I felt I was cheating on mark at this point cuz I haven't said anything to him. I had a great time with this woman and the guilt was too much and I confessed. To my surprise he was more than accepting. We talked all night about everything. He was really happy I chased my desire. That was the night my whole life changed. To my surprise, he has been involved in the lifestyle for a long time. More than 10 years. I had no idea... I wanted to know EVERYTHING! We talked and talked and  ended up opening a SLS account, had earth shattering sex and then went to bed. At work the next morning I had so many things running through my head. I mean girl on girl is soooo different than the 2 of us participating ya know. So i gathered my thoughts and did what I did best, I googled it. I needed to know everything I could. I needed to be confident that it was something I was capable of. I read so much about why couples get turned on and how to handle your feelings and overcome them. I was prepared for whatever came my way (as much as I could be). Our relationship was solid and understood the difference between love and desire. Obviously I experienced it first hand. 

      Not soon after, he left town to visit his family. I was at his place bored on a Friday night and my curiosity got the best of me. I started chatting on SLS. Insert Mike here. We just hit it off right away. And I invited him over. TO MARK'S HOUSE. I didnt invite him with the intention or expectation of sex. He was new to this all too had no expectations whatsoever. Anyway we ended staying up til 8 am, fucking Everywhere. In Mark's house ?‍♀️. Mark doesnt know this happened. I did tell him all about mike and hiw I just knew they'd hit it off. I was excited to have met someone do perfect for US. I just left out the sex part. So one Saturday morning Mike called asking if I would wanna go to a  swingers club with him that night. Of course I was like HELL YES ILL GO! I was so nervous but kept my composure. Regardless that I drank so much. But it was amazing! Mike n I were both so nervous but curious that we together just him and I had an unforgettable night. Dancing and singing and it was a perfect introduction to the club scene. Neither of us talked to anyone else thete but we got our feet wet ya know. At this point, Mike and I were spending a lot of time together. I was always open w mark about everything... until.. yup. We caught some feels. I started seeing some jealousies in mark. I'm not gonna lie, I was surprised. He was always supportive but never wanted to meet him. So now here I am, in love w two completely different yet so much alike men at the same time. Mark is everything I want and need and he is perfect. But mike was everything he wasnt. Mike was wild and crazy like me. He was spontaneous, reckless, and loved life to the fullest... we were literally the same person. Mark is more reserved and a different kind of fun and I could never imagine not being with him. Eventually did meet (I invited mike to a concert that mark and went to)  and they ended up getting along exactly as I knew they would. I was a little jelly. To my surprise, mark later told me he contemplated leaving at one point. Fast forward...

      So here I am, with neither of them romantically but very close to them both. Oh eventually mark and I did have a 3some (with a girl of my choice) and it was absolutely horrible. She was so needy that it took away from our 1st experience. I'm still coping to this day with my feelings about it. The image of him fucking her pops in my head every now and again. And its haunting. But the situation was circumstantial.

      Ok so let's fast forward to present day. The first time I went to a swingers club was with in August with a man (mike). I decided to back that very next weekend, ALONE, and almost every weekend since. I'm now part of the family ❤. Every time I go,  i go with no expectations and a curious mind. I have fun and whatever happens, happens. I never feel obligated or by no means desperate. I often leave with no interaction.  And I have no regrets. I've never felt inadequate or undesirable.  I realized that women intimidate me. I am not confident enough with a woman and that's why it hasn't worked out. I've always ended in my comfort zone... men. So my experience is minimal and it's all because of my self doubt. I'm working on it. 

      Let's fast forward one more time to December. It was a night that I was approached by a couple to join  and well let's just say it ended up him and I in one room and her and another guy in a different room. There was no conflict or anything it was all good. By this time its extremely late and I'm still a ball full of energy when I stumble across this tall stacked bald hansome specimen, Dylan. Btw at this point my hair is in braids and I'm wearing a hoodie and sweats, not at my best lol. Even still, there was this instant attraction. The desire was overwhelming. Within 5 minutes of meeting we were bangin Hard. There was so much passion and sexual tension between us, that was one of my best sexual experiences to date. We exchanged numbers and went our ways.

      He texted me the next day (thankfully he provided his name because I didn't remember it nor did I care at that point) and we just picked right up where we left off... the texting was hot and exciting and intense. We couldnt wait to see each other again. 

      And here I am today so confused about how in such a short time all that lust, all that desire and passion is gone.  Like completely non existent. 

      I am confident in myself and who I am as  person. I am a kind, generous, happy being. And I worked hard to be the woman I am today. But you know, I do need more from him. He never ever compliments me. I mean never. I often say to him how I rushed and wanted to look pretty for him, fishing for a compliment. He just smiles and blows it off. I'll send him a selfie and he doesnt even acknowledge it. The last time I even said to him, I feel really pretty today I was hoping seeing my face would make you smile. His reply to me was I did smile. ? I've talked to him about how i feel about this. Not once but twice! Still, Not one compliment. It's not that I need him to validate my worth. What I need is to know he feels that way for me. I mean, I addressed it and he made no attempt to be more aware so idk I cant. Every morning I send a good morning text. And I am ALWAYS very generous with compliments to him. That's who I am. I dont think he needs reassurance that's hes hot but he has no doubt of my desires for him. So with this already on my mind, I received an email from a member on one of the sites we're on... confused I logged on and he messaged this male asking if he would be intersted in a 3some and to fuck me. WHHAAATTT?? he literally left my house that morning (no sex) and messaged this random person to fuck me. AFTER just the night before we had a very intense conversation about going in swinging together, as a couple. PLUS I was no lie begging him for sex before he left that morning.

      I cannot even put into words how I felt. What hurts me most, is that's the moment i realized he doesnt know anything about me. He doesn't know the person I am. For him to even think that was ok, showed me such. 

      1. I was very clear that he cant push me to do something i dont want to do. I will not do it. How does he even know I'd be attracted to this man. He didn't. It didnt matter to him. I am by no means going to do anything in that sort for his pleasure. 

      And 2. It would never happen. He already put me in an uncomfortable minded. I will never set up a meet with expectations. I'm all about meeting. But I cant have that hangin on my head or I wont be in the moment right there. No expectations, no pressure. And there is no exceptions. If I dont have some kind of connection with the other person and just do it cuz its expected, I'm not going to enjoy it the way I need to. 

      That has NOTHING to do with the lifestyle. It's me. My character. Its who I am. In any situation. 

      So regardless of all that, we arent intimate but he wants to have someone else fuck me... he doesnt deserve m heart. 

      He doesnt even know this yet. 


      I know it's the right thing to do. But I dont know if I'm being dramatic or if this shit is normal. But it doesnt feel right. I told him I wasn't ready to bring others in yet. I told him! That I need to be confident in our relationship or the experience will be shit. But he apparently missed that part. He missed ALl of it.


      Im Sorry this turned out to be so long. I dont blame you if you dont make it to the end. However it felt really really good to remember mark and I together in that way. And remembering all the insane crazy things mike and I did. My heart feels warm rn. 

      Thank you for reading. (Sorry about the spelling error)




    3. On our auto trip south we decided to stop at Hilton Head Island for a few days. We chose a resort that was advertising a special price. It is right on a white, sandy beach and we walked every day up and down the beach in bright sun and 70-degree weather. The water temperature was 43 so that was out of the question but weather was 40 degrees warmer than our Pennsylvania home.


      I have sometime scoffed at the stories of you swingers picking up people in bars but I will no longer scoff. JoAnn made a suggestion on out third evening to take out Fast Track game board to the same sports bar in the resort where we had ended our previous two days and we set it up on one of the bigger tables. Bar patrons would become curious and ask us what kind of game we were playing so we would explain, briefly or in detail depending upon people's interest. But to one particular couple, JoAnn acted on an impulse (as she often does) and pops up with an explanation, "all the swingers are playing this game." I wish I'd had a camera to capture the looks of surprise. But then we received a surprise. "You two are swingers," they respond. Before we could answer in the affirmative we hear, "we are too,"


      We all sat down for a long and lively conversation. They are from Canada and each year go to the island for a break from the cold. We never did get around to explaining the game them. We traded stories our various adventures, laughed and had a good time. No sex happened as we all sensed that it was not headed that way. But really. What is the chance?


      Two days later we were at The Reveals Karaoke night at Paradise Lakes. This past Thursday was apparently the last occasion when there with be a no-charge Karaoke or dance. Starting next week it will be Saturday evenings and there will be a charge. But we do expect to be there next week as well. We have met and are getting to know a number of people and the place is great fun. I'll add to this post over the next few weeks and let you all know about our progress.



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    1. 1. What acts are reserved for "intimate" partners?

      • French Kissing
      • Masturbation / Mutual Masturbation
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      • Vaginal intercourse - with condoms
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