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Poll of the Week:  Did you have sex in high school? - What were your school days like?  Stop by and let us know!

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Join us for our regularly scheduled chat on Sundays at 10 pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. Of course, you don't have to attend just at that time to take advantage of the Chat Room, it's always open for business.

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HELP WANTED!!!  - A Call for Action!  Artists/Graphic Designers has been issued for members to exercise their creative talents and help Swingersboard.com at the same time by submitting designs for a new logo and banners for the site.  If your entry is chosen, you will be awarded ad-free viewing for up to one year, and if you would like, we would be happy to insert a link on our banners page giving your or your business credit for your design.

Did you know the Swingers Board now has a Tumblr blog?  Check it out here - SwingersBoard.com on Tumblr (NSFW)

There will be site upgrades throughout the next several weeks.  One of the upgrades is a new Like This Post system.  Another is a new feature which allows members to PM a user directly from their post.

Swingers in the News Swinger Stories
No new stories this week, but with nearly 1,000 to choose from, you shouldn't have a problem finding a hot swinger story to read!  Thanks to all our authors who have submitted stories in the past, and if you would like to try your hand, sharpen up your quill and stop by and submit your own story.

Swingers Clubs and Resorts

For our full listings of clubs and club reviews be sure to visit http://www.swingersboard.com/clubs/

If you would like to submit a review of a club you have visited, please use the link provided above, find the club you wish to review, then select "post a review" from the clubs listing.

To have your club listed on the Swingers Board, use the link provided above and select the appropriate region.  From the region page, select "add a club".  If your club belongs in more than one region be sure to submit it to each one.

Swingers Board Member of the Week
July 14-20:  mrmrsjiggly
Excerpt from the interview:
SwingSetWife:  Funniest thing that has happened during a swing experience?  Most awkward? mrmrsjiggly:  It wasn't until our first party official party that we knew we were going to enjoy the lifestyle.  Prior to that we had.......
Click to read more of mrmrsjiggly's Member of the Week interview.

July 21-27:  shy_couple
Excerpt from the interview:
Mochacino:  What is the best experience you two have had in the LS?  And thanks for being MOTW and sharing! shy_couple:  Best experience, we would have to agree, would be with a couple we met at a club.  We arrived just at opening time......

Click to read more of shy_couple's Member of the Week interview.

Upcoming Members of the Week:  Sensualbicouple, christnthms, and sexyhornycouple!

Swingers Message Board Digest

Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves this week:  GuyNextDoor13, feelinfrisky~Pa, HeSwings&Mrs, Lovingcpl2012, LoLo, Dotson, Those2again, funonefirst, samsnowball, Sami, LetUsEnjoyYous, wyattearp2112, funcalcpl, lookingforfunn.   If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them.

General Swingers Stuff

Are you ashamed of being a swinger? by SwingSetWife asks other members a variety of questions regarding whether they are ashamed of being a swinger or being outed as one.

Wait, what?  Satisfaction, the tv show by SwingSetWife wants to know if others will be watching a new tv show that appears to revolve around non-monogamy.

Non-monogamy.  The words behind the word. by SwingSetWife explores the hidden connotation behind the word non-monogamous.

Is It Just Me or Do Most Guys Not Try? by MrMavin wonders why there are so few pictures of the male half of couples in online pictures and when there are they are blurry or the male looks like a “schlump.”

Why does everything have to be 'equal'? by SwingSetWife ponders why some couples demand that everything be the same, in terms of activities, when swapping.

Different Play Situations for Each Partner by Hippiegirlie contemplates if unequal play between partners can create resentment.

Kissing Protocol? by DylanTheTomas questions what to do in regards to kissing after oral sex, mouth sores, and hygiene.

Do you ever invite your swinger friends to the board? by SwingSetWife is curious if forum members invite other swingers in real life to visit swingersboard.com.

Red Flag Warnings and Healthy Reasons to Swing by sunbuckus is curious what other forum members might see as healthy reasons to swing versus unhealthy reasons.

What constitutes a gangbang? by couplers asks for clarification on what situations would be a gangbang and which ones wouldn’t.

Anybody ever had this issue:  wine vs. beer in relation to sex? by bogeyman asks if the ability for a male to maintain an erection is different when imbibing with beer versus wine.

New Toy Syndrome by sunbuckus requests members to define what 'new toy syndrome' means to them and how long this period lasts.

Been Away For Awhile by Fours Company gives the forum members an update on how they as a couple are doing and their whereabouts since their absence.

New Game--Am I Technically a Single Male? by ncalfuncpl asks how other couples might view him at parties when he attends them with a female “friends with benefits”.

Getting my wife use to a bigger cock(s)? by LustyDesires asks for advice on how to get his wife to be more comfortable down below.

Rejected by society? by funcoupledayton questions forum members if they enter the Lifestyle because they feel rejected by society.

Tried it kind of liked it by wolf4388 asks for some advice regarding a couple they became exclusive with but now things have gone south.

Let's Talk About Sex

How do you feel after you have an orgasm? by couplers asks female and male forum members how they feel emotionally after having the big O.

The 16 year birth control that can be turned on or off by Gordo posts an article regarding possible future technology that can be used as birth control.

Exxxotica opens in Chicagoland by two4youinswva posts an article link about an upcoming adult film industry expo.

Just For Men:  Anal Stimulation by sunbuckus asks male forum members if they enjoy anal play.

How many women squirt? by cplnluv1 informally polls the forum to see how many female forum members squirt.

How Often Do You Have Sex Dreams by sunbuckus wonders if forum members still have erotic dreams and the frequency of them.

Nipple Sensitivity by sunbuckus wonders if any other members experience nipple sensitivity once a month.

When do you masturbate to orgasm? by couplers polls forum members about their masturbation habits.

How do you feel about different positions? by couplers asks members to describe their thoughts for in regards to sexual positions.

Finding People Online

Tinder:  What is it good for? (Last minute encounters?) by DylanTheThomas wonders if the Tinder app is good for swingers to use to “hook-up”.

OKCupid by SwingSetWife wonders how many swingers use OKCupid to find other couples.

Polyamory & Swinging

What Was Your Closest Experience to Poly? by sunbuckus asks members if they have ever had a personal experience with poly or knowing a poly couple.

Polyamory FAQs by sunbuckus shares a link that has answers to many questions about polyamory.

Fetishes & Fantasies

Preferences vs. Fetishes by sunbuckus asks what makes something a preference and what makes something a fetish.

Fetishizing race by SwingSetWife contemplates the different questions regarding racial fetishizing.

Started as the wife's fetish but now it's all mine!!! by Sirramm shares a fantasy his wife had that has now become one of his own fantasies.

The Rest of the Forums

First timers by lookingforfunn is curious about what to expect on their first visit to a swingers club.

How do you initiate with potential playmates at a swing club? by njbm wants to know how to ask other couples if they are interested in swapping.

Cheating vs. Cuckolding vs. Hotwife by sunbuckus contemplates the differences between the three.

List of your top 5 best On Premise Clubs in the US by LKNcouple asks other forum members for their recommendations for the best on-premise swinger clubs for their upcoming vacation.

Body Scars vs. Face Scars by sunbuckus wonders which is more of a turn-off--body scars or face scars.

PrEp and Swingers - Truvada before Swinging by Bizz6 wonders if any other swingers have used Truvada to reduce their risk of HIV infection.

Swinging Parties Solo or ??? by BiCaliGirl777 asks for advice on how to find other single females to accompany her to attend swinger parties or if she should try to go solo.

Extreme Body Modifications by sunbuckus asks what extreme body modifications members have seen or heard about and what they would consider doing to themselves.

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