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Swingers Board Member of the Week

September 29 - October 5:  swing.kidz
Excerpt from the interview:

SW_PA_Couple:  What first brought you to Swingersboard? Do you remember?
swing.kidz:  If I remember right, after that first Hedo trip, we came home and were just googling Hedo and checking out some of the forums, seeing if we could find any info on the trip we just did, etc. And, I think one of the users on one of those forums linked back here.....Click to read more of swing.kidz's Member of the Week interview.
October 6 - 12:  JandKinBoise
Excerpt from the interview:

Teton69:  Do you find your communication to be better since getting into the LS?
JandKinBoise:  Before getting into the LS, the communication was somewhat cryptic. I had hinted at being bi. Hinted at the possibility of trying a 3way.....Click to read more of JandKin Boise's Member of the Week interview.
October 20-26:  a_d_xxx
Except from the interview:

Sunbuckus:  I have to ask...would you be willing to share how you two met and also how you two decided to explore the LS?
a_d_xxx:  Angelica found an article in a woman's magazine (More, I think) which detailed the author's visit to a local swingers club. We were attracted by .....Click to read more of a_d_xxx's Member of the Week interview.

Swingers Message Board Digest


Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves this week: fuckmedotcom, Remingtonthree, gesurun, ruitbaby, crazytlh, gringo69nj, Imswingin,HisNHerMajesty, WildPairSF, bhaijee, likestodress2, ks_cpl, 911junkies, SilverSatin, GulfCoastCpl, Stquiz, DameFerrero, sexy412pgh, TandJ4848.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them.

General Swingers Stuff

How Do You View Swingers in A Polyish Relationship? by NYFlirts asks if swingers care if a swinger couple they know is also poly.
Who pays the check on dates?  He or is it normal to split? by TheGermanCouple asks about etiquette on who pays the check when going out to play separately.
MFM kickoffs? by snyderleeann asks about how to move a scheduled playdate along when time is limited.
Hysterical video about swinging by bbarnsworth posts a funny video about how to become swingers.
Wary of being too friendly? by Sexinthetardis asks if others feel a need to rein in their friendlinessbecause others misinterpret their friendliness for more.
Can swingers be overly communicative? by cplnuswing asks if there is such a thing as too much communication.
Same group -- different people by LFM2 asks if others have experienced a changing of couples over time within a specific swingers group.
Trip to HEDO - Opinions wanted by exploringRM asks for advice on whether to go on vacation at a swingers location or not.


Too Good to be True?  A unicorn falls into our lap! by docandnikki  asks for advice about meeting a single, bisexual female that emailed them first.
Less Interaction at Events than we'd Like - Are we too reserved? by AngelandTiger asks if their latest experience at a meet and greetwas evidence that they might be unapproachable due to being reserved.
A death in our swinging family by 81lizard69 has a close swing partner pass away and wants advice onwhat to do in terms of expressing sympathy and attending the funeral.
The pendulum swings back to interested by torenzo asks if other members have experienced the pattern ofinterest in swinging to cold feet then back to interested from their partner.
Party anxiety - Getting more fit in 10 days? by Licentious asks for advice on how to lose weight in 10 days due to a recent weight gain and an upcoming LS party.
Please provide us with some insight! by Anon123 asks if it is reasonable or ridiculous to take a break fromhaving MFMs until they find a couple or single female to even the playing field.

Let's Talk About Sex

Why do guys want to see their wives with other men?  Nature, DNA, sexual trauma? by mncurious wonders why some men have a strong desire to watch their wife have sex with other men.
Save it for later vs. give it some exercise by SW_PA_Couple asks which strategy is better before a swing party: restriction of an orgasm for a few days prior or having one every day to keep things in shape down below?
What's the hottest thing your spouse has told you? by nitro2u2 asks members what was the hottest phrase their spouse has said to them.

Curious About Swinging

Newbies Ready to Dip our Toes In! by Brkshrcpl asks for advice on which day would be better to attend a swingers club when you are new to the lifestyle.
Strange question, I'm not sure if it belongs here by amazingme5111 is interested in engaging in cyber sex before moving onto casual sex and swinging.
How to tell wife about swinging? by nitro2u2 asks how to bring up swinging to his wife.
Dealing with insecurities around swinging by nitro2u2 asks about some common questions about insecurity when one is curious about swinging.
Exit strategies? by Imswingin asks how to politely disengage from a play situation if there is a change of heart.
New and nervous about meeting couple by 911junkies is worried there might be a change of heart with futureplaymate because of a change in frequency in texts from him.

Swinging Separately / Open Marriages

Using my wife's single men friends for hunting single women by SW_PA_Couple notes the ease of finding single women due to his wife's playmates who are single men.

Polyamory & Swinging

A single girl dates the polyamorous by two4youinswva shares a link regarding why the author seeks out married men in a polyamorous relationship.
My poly faith is crumbling by couplers is asking for advice on her growing insecurity andresentment toward her husband's budding relationship with a swing playmate.

STD & Safe Sex Issues

Introducing the Scroguard... by two4youinswva provides a link to a product that offers more protection during sex than just a condom.
Condom cookbook promotes safe sex in Japan by two4youinswva shares a link regarding a cookbook that uses condoms as a tool in preparing food, but not as an ingredient.

Swinging at Home|Clubs|Parties|Resorts

What clothed halloween costume makes a man look sexy? by Licentious asks for advice on sexy attire for a man to wear to a Halloween party.
Etiquette in group room by snyderleeann asks if there is an unspoken protocol in terms of watching other people have sex at a swingers club.
Looking for Winter holiday suggestions by wwjdcb asks for recommendations on where to go to enjoy adult activities but not necessarily to swing.
Swinging on holiday or at home? by Jaidee669 asks members if they prefer to swing closer to home or infar away locations to create a sense of "what happens in x, stays in x."
Best sexy homemade Halloween costume ever by cplnuswing wants to hear of other member's favorite sexy Halloween costumes.

Sex Toys, Lingerie, and Sexual Aids

Realistic Black Dildos...question for women. by buckeyev asks several questions regarding the Doc Johnson Realistic Dildos.

BiSexuality and Swinging

How I went from orally bi to topping every once in a bluemoon... by Sirramm shares his first foray into topping with another male and wants to hear how other males began their bisexual journey.

Body Image, Modification, & Hygiene

Men and Make-up by sunbuckus shares a video link showing a partial transformation of afew men when make-up is applied professionally to half of their face.
General opinions of breast reductions, lipo, tummy tucks, etc. by intuition897 asks for opinions about cosmetic surgery and if any others have had experience with it.
Elderly people who are overweight look younger? by sunbuckus asks if other members think that older people look younger when they have a few extra pounds on their frame.

Swinging Experiences - Good, Bad, and First Time

A door closes, but we adapt by Lionheart72 about the disappointing changes in their local club scene.
A total disaster, but a great learning experience. by WildPairSF tells how even when things don't work at all, there is still much to be learned.
Appearances can be deceptive!!! by Glida details how things are not always as they seem at first.
Coming into her own! by jacknjillfun4u about the wife becoming more comfortable and enjoying the Lifestyle.

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