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Swingers Board Member of the Week

August 25-31:  GoldCoCouple
Excerpt from the interview:

Fundamental Law:  Have you observed any differences in [the children's]relationship now that they are seeing palpably different and open lines of communication between the two of you?
GoldCoCouple:  We both refer to this as the 'vicious circle' effect.  When things start going bad, it's easy to create a vicious downward circle or spiral as both parties get their feelings hurt and....Click to read more of GoldCoCouple's Member of the Week interview.
September 1-7:  couplers
Excerpt from the interview:

cplnuswing:  You've described how the logistics work when you are all at home,but what is it like when you are away from home?  Do you make it a point to all vacation together at the same time, just kind of split off into different groups depending on who has an interest in going on whereever that particular trip is going, or ?
couplers:  It's works pretty much the same when we are away from home - basically,there are no "rules".  We try to be together whenever possible, but whatever any of us can make work is what we do.  For instance,the four of us can....Click to read more of couplers' Member of the Week interview.
September 8-14:  SwingSetWife
Except from the interview:

GoldCoCouple:  Of course we need the obligatory story of how you two got together.....
SwingSetWife:  Well, we met through work when I was 18.  He is a truck driver, I was a cashier at a truck stop.  We were both with other people at the time, and I actually got engaged shortly after.  Ileft that job and.....Click to read more of SwingSetWife's Member of the Week interview.
September 15-21:  CalendarGirl
Except from the interview:

JandKinBoise:  How do you keep the hordes at bay at a meet and greet?  Or do you meet strictly from SLS or sites like it?  Is it possible to keep your ego in check?  If I was having attention lavished on me,I would get kinda full of myself.
CalendarGirl:  It's quite easy actually!  I've been to maybe 4 meet and greets and have NEVER been approached.  I've attended swing clubs alone and have NEVER been approached.  Yup, I'm a unicorn that can't get....Click to read more of CalendarGirl's Member of the Week interview.
September 22-28:  Tahoecple
Except from the interview:

SW_PA_Couple:  Do you keep a garden?  If yes, what grows on the garden?
Tahoecple:  Yes, we do have a garden, or I guess it would be more accurate to say she has a garden.  She grows tomatoes, Italian peppers.....
Click to read more of Tahoecple's Member of the Week interview.

Swingers Message Board Digest


Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves this week: BASins, hippi, Sunflower, AshleyandMark, Boomereng, Super_Nova, ewev67, anythinggoes034, tune up man, cordaya, benhui87, bingers69, joejoan, need4swing, FloridaCpl381, hulihan, curiouscouple54, Newinmidlo, electrics, Glida, Teton69, pacpl4fun69, krepleknik, rnk_m-fin_k, lcc90012, LifeErotique, CandyCane, tprchris, happytom, dhalia313, kyn4ser, coupleforfun50, max_samantha, Aries2, lokkie, quietshycpl, pslcouple1.  If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them.

General Swingers Stuff

After the first time with another man, how did she act? by M1F2KTJ asks how the male half of a couple felt after seeing their partner have sex with someone else in front of them.
Is bringing your SO to Swingersboard always a good idea? by SW_PA_Couple ponders if having both halves of a relationship browse the Swingersboard as being helpful or not.
When your partner quits swinging and you don't - my story by Super_Nova shares his story regarding swinging and his relationships.
Sexy or degrading? by velveeta contemplates the dissonance between her identity and the appearance of other women in the LS.
Confidence by Yourdesire expresses his doubts about his own physical limitations and wonders if they will hamper his success as a swinger.
Swing-Curious Women Who Aren't Interested in Other Men... by sunbuckus asks what reasons there are as to why some women who arenew to swinging aren't interested in having sex with other men.
Would there be a need for swinging in the future? by sunbuckus asks about the possibility of the human race transcending the basic need to have sex and swinging.
Is it ever 'off"? by Glida asks what the "off" in "We've been in the LS off and on" means and when an "off" means a "stay off".
Texting/sexting? by fortworth asks if other members text playmates and if it can lead to future issues.
After party - what happens after swinging playtime by M1F2KTJ asks what members do after they have had their swinging playtime at a party.
Nudist beach...  Do you feel like getting naked? by Glida asks if members are interested in going to a nudist beach and why nudists like to be in the nude.
Male stripper for my wife by buckeyev asks for recommendations on where to go and what to do when trying to arrange a male stripper for his wife's enjoyment.
The Power of Vulnerabilty by intuition897 writes how important it is to make one's self vulnerable to one's partner to solve intimacy issues.


Doesn't like parties unless he gets laid by Sunflower seeks advice on what to do with her husband when he gets upset after parties because he doesn't get to have sex with anyone.
Telling your kids you swing? by Sunflower asks for advice regarding whether to talk to their kids regarding their swinging status, and if so, how and when.
Help, what do I do now? by mrsdee asks for advice--they had a MFM and she felt guilty afterwards;now her husband wants a FMF but she is unsure if they should proceed.
What to do when he is too small??? by Sunflower asks for advice on what to do if a playmate wants to have intercourse but she thinks the combination of her body size and his penis size are not compatible.
How do I... by Iamnotarobot asks how to stop thinking about swinging because his wife doesn't want to swing anymore.
My Jealousy Thread - My Issues Need Your Help! by NYFlirts airs his jealousy issues and needs help in how to deal with them.
Intervention Needed - SO Tempted To Tell Our Friends! by NYFlirts wants to tell their vanilla BFF that they are swingers but wants to know if it's a good idea to come out to them.
No chocolate chip and sadly no vanilla. by Glida is concerned how their past year in the LS has affected her husband and wonders how to recitify the situation.
Sometimes I just don't know, lol by wolf4388 asks how other couples handle being with another couple that is financially better of than they.
Used for our connections? by Mochacino asks if others have felt that they were being used by other couples just to meet other couples.
Wanting the couple across the street... by Sirramm poses their query about what to do in regards to their desire in wanting a neighbor.
Threesome - lack of honesty between all three parties by Sami asks for advice concerning her bisexual boyfriend wanting to meet a male playmate in secret.
Age parameters by hazeleyesx3 has a smaller age range in regards to playmates than her husband.

Let's Talk About Sex

Would people who don't know you sexually be surprised by your sexual personality? by couplers asks if others who don't know you in a sexual manner would be surprised by your sexual behaviors.
For the love of cum by new&Playful asks how to increase the volume of his semen.
No orgasms = irritable by sunbuckus asks forum members if they get irritable if they haven't had sex or an orgasm after a few days.
At what age did you start your sexual exploration with yourself? by sunbuckus wonders if starting one's sexual journey at a young age isa factor in one's interest in swinging or non-monogamy later in life.
Dirty talk part II.  What do you say? by gsu22 asks members what they call partners in bed when engaging in dirty talk.
Coming Clean with My Wife About Who I Am by new&Playful writes about his decision to talk to his wife about being bisexual and desiring to to explore swinging.

Curious About Swinging

General advice/questions for couples beginning their swinging journey by Jbgriffcle asks for any advice geared toward a couple who is new to the LS.
Male Revues in Las Vegas by Brkshrcpl asks for advice on where to go and what to do when trying to engage in a MFM by using a stripper.
My married cock made me do it by new&Playful asks for advice on his decision to find a couple to help convince his wife to swing before talking to her about it.
New to the scene in SF, would love some help with specific questions! by tprchris asks about having a partner just for swinging, whether his age/experience/ethnicity is an issue, and for any specific advice about swinging in San Francisco.

Swinging Online

A couple of Pet Peeves in swinger profiles by AngelandTiger share their dislike for profiles that aren't forthright in regards to weight and the phrase "We're picky because we can be."
Have you tried the updated version of SLS yet? by two4youinswva asks what other members think of the updated look of SLS.
Anyone used Quiver yet? by SexyRedmondCpl asks if other members have tried out a new swing site called Quiver.
Ideas for profile pics - male firefighter by ENCRYPTEDTX wants to know of any tips on how to make himself more appealing for his profile pictures.
Rural Swinging - Hard times in the flatlands by Aries2 has been having a hard time finding other swingers due to their location.

Polyamory & Swinging

Poly and Swinging Confession by sunbuckus reveals how she feels after getting a brief taste of polyamory.

Fetishes & Fantasies

James Franco's documentary, "Kink" by vanillaknot posts a link featuring a trailer to James Franco's documentary that explores BDSM.
What is BDSM? by SwingSetWife asks if any members have had any experience in the BDSM scene.
BDSM/Cuckolding/Other Sexual Fetishes by sunbuckus asks if there is a "lack of respect" component to both fetishes.
Fulfilling my fantasy by new&Playful reveals his fantasy to taking his wife to an adult bookstore or theater and wants to know how to fulfill this fantasy.
Erotic humiliation by Glida asks if anyone has had any experience or desire to be humiliated in an erotic sense.

Swinging at Home|Clubs|Parties|Resorts

How do we start a meet and greet? by SexyRedmondCpl asks for advice on how to start their own Meet and Greets to expand their swinger social circle.
Gang Bang night at Club Sesso, anyone been? by beachbound asks for information regarding Club Sesso's gang bang night or any other gang bang clubs/groups.
Renovation photos of Desire Riviera Maya by DownunderFun updates the forum members on how the renovation is going at Desire Riviera Maya.
Looking for opinions - how do you decide which swinger parties to attend? by mrmrsjiggly asks the forum members how they decide on which party to attend when going out.
Surprised at lack of couples playing with others in playrooms - is that normal? by docandnikki wonders if it is the norm to see couples just playing with themselves in playrooms.

Sex Toys, Lingerie, and Sexual Aids

DVDs of Real Couples by adventure4514 asks for suggestions on where to find homemade DVDs of real couples having sex.
Viagra Ice Cream by intuition897 provides a link about champagne-flavored ice cream.

BiSexuality and Swinging

How I went from orally bi to topping every once in a bluemoon... by Sirramm shares his first foray into topping with another male and wants to hear how other males began their bisexual journey.

The Rest of the Forums

Cuckqueans and finding singles by Cuckqueanhubby asks for advice on how to find other women to fill their desire to cuckquean his wife.
Empowering Illustrations Regarding Women's Bodies by sunbuckus shares a link to a series of artwork about who is in charge of women's bodies.
Beauty marks/moles on the face by sunbuckus asks the forum members if moles on the face bother them or if they have a mole on their own face.
What is "beauty" in different countries by sunbuckus posts two links on how different countries demonstrate what is "beautiful" by using Photoshop on the same woman.

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