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A big Swingers Board welcome goes out to all the new members who took the time to introduce themselves this past week:  
SexySherry2222, justin440, cocksuckerlips, coldrunshot, Youarebootiful, Travelgirl, the2ofusinTexas, blkrdcpl, DianeLee12613, handyguy59, kelleyandsusan, Remus516, ne1269 & newbie_couple_1  ; as well as all the other new members who haven't introduced themselves yet!

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Curious About Swinging?

Mfc posts "Newbies looking to play but wife nervous of day after.."  They are planning a trip to Desire Resort and hoping to play for the first time while there. However, the wife is worried that since she already feels bad the next day after they fantasize in bed that she will feel even worse the morning after, if they go for it. Hotwatch shares that they "Only want to watch BUT" are worried about whether others will look at them negatively for doing so.



Situational HELP!!!

Fours Company wonders if anyone has had any luck "swinging on non-traditional schedules", since most swinging seems to occur in the evenings and weekends and their schedule isn't currently allowing for that. Tallicafan wonders about what seems to be "Height Discrimination" with so many women having stated preferences for tall men in their profiles. ChrisKayli is seeking input because he says his "Wife enjoys swinging, but she's extremely shy" and exhibits reluctance when he brings up meeting new people. Latin2012 wants your opinion on the possibility of a "new guy to swing with us". This is a guy they met at a vanilla bar that has made some comments and even some moves on his wife. He wonders if they should pursue it as a possible threesome. Weifensi is looking for some "advice for a newbie couple with some experience". They've had several experiences and it seems now that his wife is saying that she does not enjoy the full swap experiences despite her actions and expressed desires at the time. Fours Company shared a scenario they are dealing with "Friends Excluded from Party. Would you take sides?" After attending a house party their friends weren't invited back. However, after finding out that they were invited their friends requested that they write the hosts and tell them they wouldn't attend. Justin440 says his wife has expressed a desire to have a "Gangbang" yet at the same time seems hesitant to make it a reality. He says she was the same way when they first started swinging and wonders how he can prod her along.


General Swingers Stuff

NYFlirts asks "Which Cities/ Metros have the Most Swingers?"   81Lizard69 advises "Never Give Up: Keep Putting Yourself Out There". He posts this regarding a much older couple that approached them and how they respected their desire to continue despite many obstacles. Hazeleyesx3 would like your feedback on "Giving a couple a second chance". They played once but it wasn't all that but his wife wants to give them another shot and see if it was just situational. In "Looking for a Professional Couple. How about a "successful" couple?" Fours Company shares something they recently ran into in a profile where the couple stated they were looking for "successful" couples. Alabama59 asks about the "use of perfume and cologne" in swinging. - Sexually Social

The Rest of the Forums!

lotsoffun201 shared how their Vegas Vanilla hunting expidition "Started out fun, but then..." he didn't rise to the occasion. MrMrsJiggly wonders if they are the only ones with "two profiles" to cover multiple situations.  TomK wants to know "Where to find a Real Bull?" They are seeking a single male to take care of the wife while the hubby watches. In "reading between profile lines", Chicup asks if you think that V-Safe is code for they prefer to play without condoms? In "Just send a freakin picture already!" SexintheTardis complains about the people who reply to your profile but don't bother to include a picture of themselves so that you can determine interest. jafo2k asks how you deal with people who contact you when you are "Not Interested!" Chicup shared "A Newbies Guide to Profile Photos". Gordo shares his encounter with what he felt was a "Too Perfect Profile" for a single male.  In "Routinely Blocking People for Not Responding", Fours Company wonders what your take would be on someone who blocks anyone who doesn't reply to them. X53 asks "Our First House Party - What to Expect?" iIANVARIVS posts "Swinger Staycation - Need Ideas.." They've invited a couple they often travel with to do a staycation at their home and are looking for entertaining ideas.

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