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- The Party Will Live On - Sad news regarding the passing of Mike Borchers

The Cruise - by Tahoecple
The Cruise Part II - by Tahoecple
The Pool Guy - by kelleyandsusan
James and Isabel - by christnthms

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A big Swingers Board welcome goes out to all the new members who took the time to introduce themselves this past week:  
JoeMeixner, stedee, Jdkgd, Charmer, razorkitten, curiousbamacpl, Droop71us, suds00, BlueJoy, alexandlyn, dbtx, Sunnyfun60, ChiBurbs, swingdesert, bullittman1, Ripe4Fun, JimandCindy69, Rambo82, GAcouple0507, DDM2013, Hollygood1 as well as all the other new members who haven't introduced themselves yet!

To introduce yourself or to read other's introductions and welcome them to our community go to: 

Curious About Swinging?

No recent threads in this always popular forum?  How can that be??  There has to be many members out there who are thinking about swinging or are just curious about learning more about the Lifestyle.  Don't be shy, stop by and ask about that swinging thing that you always wanted to know about!

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Three Couples Not Enough?  Cplnluv1 questions what is the minimum number for a good group playdate.  28volts wonders  Full or soft first? if soft swapping first isn't better to avoid disappointment later.  Jka brings up Only wanting to play with one partner in another couple and what to do in those situations.   Cock-blocked by our own friends New2swinging225 asks about when your friends are limiting your play opportunties at the club.  cplnluv1 brings up Want to meet her only about meeting just one half of a couple for a second round.  hubbyofabomb asks if Bringing Group of Men in your Hotel Room can cause any problems with the hotel.  Girlfriend broke the rules, says she doesn't remember cereel writes about their first couples experience.  weifensi requests Advice for a newbie couple with some experience about experiences that seem fine in the moment  but not as much later.  Friends Excluded from Parties. Would you take Sides? Fours Company wonders about a situation where your friends didn't get invite back to a party but you did and ask you to not to attend either since they didn't get invited.   


General Swingers Stuff

Would You Have Come To Swinging Anyway? if you had not met your partner sunbuckus wonders.  81lizard69 opens a discussion on Things not to eat before you swing.  Too Personal? cpleplyasks about cumming on a woman instead of inside her.  Chicup brings up Shit vanillas say......... about swingers.  Egg timer: how long before the first date is officially cooked? SoFlaCouple asks how quickly you decide to say your goodbyes and move on to something else after doing a dinner/drinks meet with another couple.  Question Web Camming For Fun & Profit? Should My Wife Web Cam? Caming? NYFlirts asks about privacy versus her interest in trying it.  You look good in black, lets fuck! Chicup comments on the idea of identifying swingers by a black ring.  Wife only wants FFM Threesome forchasingamy says and asks for advice on finding unicorns.  NYFlirts wonders Is "Too many pics" possible? Do we look like sluts?  christnthms says Jealousy, we've all been there and asks about the when and with who jealousy has been an issue.  Turning fantasy into reality; does it really happen?  SW_PA_Couple wonders if swinging is about turning fantasy into reality, or if fantasies are better just left as fantasies.  In Tired Of Friends Using Us For Couples Shopping List NYFlirts talks about other swingers using the as a way to meet their swinger friends.  Fakes... Chicup asks, what are their motivations?


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The Rest of the Forums!

Outed before we hardly got started! LOL DDM2013 explains about meeting someone they knew through the nudist lifestyle at their first club visit.  Send your pic's the hoo DigginIt talks about people requesting face pics be sent to Yahoo, etc.  Just joined SLS say alexandlyn.  Best to Just Delete Profile? when real life puts a halt for now to your swinging wonders Fours Company.  Has anyone ever used craigslist as a means to meet others? asks  alexandlyn.  Small Party Etiquette asks TricianMike, what if you aren't attracted to one of the couples?  Single guy here but tonight I swing as a couple! Johnstarx5 writes about how he is excited about having met someone special to swing with as a couple.  I can suck another guy but thatís it...WHY the hangup?  Sirramm wonders.  Anybody watching/following My Five Wives? intuition897 asks.  Streptococcus from swinging? njbm asks, especially from hot tubs.  Swinging without protection.  CuriousityCat wonders if it is possible to safely have group play with no protection.   Pocket Pussy is a favorite toy says leelaandfry.  Wanted: Suggestions on how to cover loose skin JM153 asks about ways to cover areas you might be uncomfortable with.   Hollywood Celebrity Fantasy by SW_PA_Couple about your favority celeb.  Mushroom heads Sirramm says are their favorite kind.

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