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HELP WANTED!!!  - A Call for Action!  Artists/Graphic Designers has been issued for members to exercise their creative talents and help Swingersboard.com at the same time by submitting designs for a new logo and banners for the site.  If your entry is chosen, you will be awarded ad-free viewing for up to one year, and if you would like, we would be happy to insert a link on our banners page giving your or your business credit for your design.

Swingersboard is looking into updating the club reviews section and would love to hear some input and suggestions on what you would like to see in the update!

Just a reminder, SwingersBoard also has a social groups section where members can be part of several groups that share similar interests, such as cooking or types of music.  Create a group today and share ideas with those who have the same interest!


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New Club Listing - Swinging Playdates, Markham, IL

For our full listings of clubs and club reviews be sure to visit http://www.swingersboard.com/clubs/

If you would like to submit a review of a club you have visited, please use the link provided above, find the club you wish to review, then select "post a review" from the clubs listing.

To have your club listed on the Swingers Board, use the link provided above and select the appropriate region.  From the region page, select "add a club".  If your club belongs in more than one region be sure to submit it to each one.

Swingers Board Member of the Week

July 28-August 3:  Sensualbicouple
Excerpt from the interview:

mrmrsjiggly:  You said there are no clubs in your area, is it due to legality or lack of interest?
Sensualbicouple:  To be honest I have no idea why there are no clubs here. Apparently back in the day there used to be a club here, but....

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August 4-10:  christnthms
Excerpt from the interview:

cplnuswing:  What was the biggest hurdle each of you faced when you were considering trying swinging?
christnthms:  Well...  I think for me, the biggest hurdle was crossed before I even realized it, that of being secure enough emotionally to consider....

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August 11-17:  sexyhornycouple
Excerpt from the interview:

GoldCoCouple:  Okay, you've been together for 17 years and swinging for 17 years but you didn't meet in the swinging community...how did you meet?  How did you get into swinging?
sexyhornycouple:  I actually used to swing some with my ex wife on and off.  I had moved to Arkansas with my....

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August 18-24:  MrMarvin
Excerpt from the interview:

Mochacino:  Thanks on being MOTW!  Just because you don't have war stories doesn't mean we will be bored!  :)  What hobbies do you have?
MrMarvin:  I enjoy movies and any good television show.  I also enjoy music and am a recovering....

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Swingers Message Board Digest


Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves this week:  uego305, Kleinewaise, Liny, 22swing, WPB33413, JuicySheets, ProfessionalBM,smuttybooklvr, DippingToes, BI-and-lovingIT, Dr.Z & Lara, peaju, express802, jg25578, amir4love, PLLifestyle, Mojobear, CoupleInMD79,biguy4u4fun, Malko, SmilingHusband, Crimson Fuchs, John Hound, Avgjoe, bigtime, adventure4514, diversity, tonto&thetease, Jbgriffcle, mfox3, chardonnay, happytobehere.  If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them.

General Swingers Stuff

Do others guys try to "keep up"? by Tncuple wonders if other males engage in competition unconsciously with each other while swinging.
Video Techniques... by Farcanal shares some tips on how to get the most out of your home sex tape.
newbie emotional beakdown by asncpl shares a recent experience they encountered with a newbie couple and wonders if any one else had a similar experience when playing with newbies and if there were any red flags they might have missed.
Could You Ever Go Back to Soft-Swap by Fours Company asks how difficult it is for a full-swap couple to switch to soft-swap.
Importance of Conversation by libertymoon wants to know if other forum members find conversation necessary to feel comfortable about playing with a swing partner.
Two Schools of Though Regarding Swinging by libertymoon ponders the different groups of swingers:  those who want friendship and those who do not.
thanks for the information here by Numex thanks the forum members for being friendly and helpful.
Time wasted by the bogey man. by 81lizard69 talks about how newbie swingers can ponder all the "what-ifs" and worry so much that it can prevent them from going out and having experiences.
Persistent Players - Transitioning to Sex Too Soon by libertymoon asks how to let a couple know that they would like to get to know them more after playing with them during a previous session.
Submission and Swinging by PLLifestyle asks how others merge their desire to be submissive with swinging.
Turned on by the thought of having sex with another man's wife by Numex asks if any other men get turned on while swapping thinking about how they are with another man's wife.
Nice or just because - Do lifestylers have selfish motivations to act friendlly? by miacpl30 asks if swingers are nicer or if they are just more friendly because they need to in order to swap.
Open mouth, insert foot. Major faux pas-offended hosts at house party by hazeleyesx3 tells the forum about their experience about offending a party host regarding body image.
Picking up a single male at a hotel for MFM:  A How To Guide? by SoFlaCouple asks about the steps and logistics in how to "pick up" a single male from a hotel bar for a threesome.
Picking up people whilst at a bar/club etc. by Alpha354 asks how to pick up males/females/couples at a vanilla club/bar to swing with.
Fiction That Features Swinging by GoldCoCouple asks if there are any fictional novels or erotica that features swinging.
How swinging differs in other countries by sunbuckus asks for input from forum members in other countries other than the US in how swinging protocols and etiquette are different from the US.
The Fickle And Mysterious Concept of Attraction by MrMarvin contemplates the intricacies that make someone attractive.


Friends in the middle of marriage problems - how do we navigate it? by NYFlirts asks for advice on how to handle spending time with a couple while they are in the midst of marital problems.
Advice needed on setting boundaries by carebear01 asks how to handle boundary limitations that are upsetting her husband.
whats wrong with me when with another person. by wildnight43 doesn't feel like he is on the same page as his wife and asks for advice.
Want to go to a sex club by Mormon&Curious asks if going to a swingers club is a good idea as their first step to swinging.
Are we getting pulled and/or slipping into POLYAMORY!?!? by NYFlirts asks if a couple they have been getting close to is entering the realm of poly.
I thought this was about trust. :( by GregandLori shares their story of cheating, distrust, and breaking rules and wants to know what to do from there.
HELP!!!  She wants 2 bring in thuggish exlover by intersocial asks for advice or similar situations in bringing in an ex-lover to join them for their first threesome.
Making a play for one half of a couple by Sensualbicouple asks if anyone else has seen a couple make a particular strategy that results in only girl/girl.
Couple Swinging with another male, problem by latin2012 asks for advice on what to do with a single male they have been playing with who was inconsiderate during the last playdate.

Let's Talk About Sex

Stripping in a strip club? by couplers polls forum members if they would consider stripping at a strip club.
allergic to a man's cum? by asncpl wonders if any other woman has experienced an "allergic" reaction to another man's ejaculate.
Men That Can't Orgasm From Oral? by Fours Company wonders if men who say that can't orgasm from oral sex really cannot or if they are saying it so they can have penetrative sex.
Do you do "Dirty Talk" or not?? by cpl36996 asks if other couples enjoy engaging in "dirty talk" during intercourse or foreplay.
Am I the only one who jacks off while reading forums? by norwich asks if any other forum members masturbate while reading forum posts.
The worst sex songs to have sex to by two4youinswva shares Gawker's list of worst sex song to have sex to.
Cowgirl Position and Grinding On Top by sunbuckus suggests grinding on a male while being in the cowgirl position for those women who dislike being on top.
Anal Sex Positions by sunbuckus asks other forum members what types of positions they engage in while having anal sex that maximizes their pleasure.
Brits admit their top "Sex Mistakes" by two4yourinswva shares a link regarding the results from an online pharmacy survey about sexual mistakes.

Swinging Online

A breach if privacy using SwingLifestyle by SW_PA_couple brings awareness to other members that the Private Group Page at SLS isn't as private as previously thought.
Visiting the USA? by ohmic12 asks which online swinger ad sites are most popular in specific cities such as Los Angeles and New York City.
Craigslist:  Yay or Nay? by BiCaliGirl777 wants to know if any members have used Craigslist tomeet other couples and if they were a good or bad experience.
SLS merchandise by SwingSetWife asks if the packaging is discrete when ordering items from SLS.

Polyamory & Swinging

Envious of Poly Partner's Time with Others by Lionheart72 asks how to approach his envious feelings when his FWB partner's partners get to spend time with her because of her very busy schedule and the limited amount of time he has with her.
Primaries, Secondaries, Priorities, and Protecting Conundrum by sunbuckus asks if the terms primary and secondary are more hurtful than helpful.
Condoms, Fluid Bonding, and Polyamory by sunbuckus asks if the issue of safe sex is easier to deal with as a swinger than for those who are in a poly relationship.
The more you know about them...the more human they become? by sunbuckus asks if the desire to get to know another couple more intimately outside of the bedroom is more prevalent among those who are open to polyamory.
India Times article on polyamory by two4yourinswva  shares a link about polyamory in India.

Fetishes & Fantasies

Celebrity Hall Passes by Mochacino asks for other forum members to ring in with their list of celebrities who they have sexual fantasies about.
Exhibitionist or Voyeur by SwingSetHusband asks others if they are more of an exhibitionist or a voyeur.
Male stripper for wife. by buckeyev wants to know if any others share his fantasy of seeing his wife with a black male stripper.
Define Role Play?  Have you ever? by alabama59 asks others for their definition of role play and an example of it.

Swinging at Home|Clubs|Parties|Resorts

Cold Feet Before Going Out by libertymoon asks if other forum members experience nervousness before going out to a swinging event.
Fun4Two in the Netherlands - Sooo much fun! by Licentious reviews a club in the Netherlands.
Swinger Speed Date by funcoupledayton shares their innovative idea on how to get swinger couples to get to know each other and break the ice before heading to a swinger club.
Private party or on-site club?  Advantages of either.... by DippingToes queries the pros and cons between attending an on-site swingers club and a private house party.
Lifestyles resorts - need recommendations please by mfm2014 requests any suggestions on the best LS resorts in the Caribbean, US, and Europe.
Murder Mystery Swinger Party by funcoupledayton asks for suggestions on how to throw a swinger murder mystery party.
Party Ideas by SwingSetWife asks for theme ideas and games for swinger parties.
On our way to Caliente Tampa for our first experience!!! by Trophy1802 has done their research and are looking forward to having their first experience in Caliente Tampa.
Club Recommendations in Dallas by AZCouple is asking for suggestions on clubs in Dallas during their travels.
Swinger Clubs in Philly area? by 22likestolook asks for information regarding swinger clubs in the Philadelphia area.

Sex Toys, Lingerie, and Sexual Aids

Sybians by libertymoon asks if anyone has experienced a sybian and whether it was a pleasurable experience for them.
Need a good Go To Vibe by Sensualbicouple asks for suggestions on what vibrator would best fit all of their desired needs.
Feeldoe? by DippingToes wants to know if any other members have used a Feeldoe and what their experience with it has been.
Interview with the inventor of The Glov by two4yourinswva shares a link interviewing Steve Scrase who has plans on revolutionizing the sex toy industry.

BiSexuality and Swinging

What to do and what to expect? by SwingSetHusband asks for advice on how to begin the process of having more bisexual experiences with other men.
What guy on guy sex acts have you done? by Numex polls other male forum members what specific sexual acts they may have done with another male.
Bi guys, what do you like best about being with another man? by gsu22 asks other bisexual males what they like about being with another male and if there are any sex acts they enjoy more with a man than a woman.
Having same sex encounter in front of spouse? by ViSexual asks if other male forum members feel uncomfortable having a guy/guy experience in front of their spouse.

The Rest of the Forums

Exploring new horizons. by YoungGeeks asks how to overcome being introverts in order to find playmates for a threesome.
Nervous about STDs by Jbgriffcle recounts their first experience but now have concerns about contracting STDs during future swing experiences.  
Shapewear by SwingSetWife asks if any other members wear or like shape wear and if they wear it when they go out swinging.
Period = "Broken" by sunbuckus asks if the term "broken" bothers other forum members when it refers to a woman being on her period.
The Power of Makeup - Before and After Pictures by sunbuckus shares a link that has before and after pictures of women without makeup before and with makeup after.
Scabby Skin! by sunbuckus asks if scabs on skin is a total turn-off when sizing up swing partners.

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