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JustAskJulie announces a change in ownership for the website in Changing of the Guard with a heartfelt thank you to all the members who have seen the website grow from it's humble beginnings to the current members who continue to make it a welcoming and engaging place to discuss all things swinging.


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Swingers Board Member of the Week

December 7 - December 15:  Tia Vampire

cplnuswing:  How much overlap do you see between the BDSM and swinger communities in your area?

Tia Vampire: The club that I use to co host at had an event called BDSM/Swinger Night. Sometimes I indulged more in swinger activities and sometimes I indulged in BDSM activities. The best nights were when I could do both : )

Read more of Tia Vampire's interview here.

Swingers Message Board Digest


Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves recently:
DAVCO1, chef_joe, src82, MrDiscover, AdventurousP, TPerry222, Julia Z, SarahGirl, comicat, carpenter dave

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them!

General Swingers Stuff

Lies, Cheating and Responsibility by Lionheart72 asks if it is our moral responsibility if someone is lying to you about having permission but they are really cheating.
Advice for experienced couples playing with newbie couples by libertymoon asks for advice on how to handle couples who are new to swinging in terms of interaction.
Terminology, why use the term swinger by Androgynygrl asks members if they like or dislike using the term swinger and if they use a different term to describe what they do in the Lifestyle.
Secrecy what are your thoughts about coming out as a swinger to others? by Androgynygrl asks about coming out to others as a swinger or keeping it a secret.
5 Keys to start swinging and keep swinging fun by macple shares their top five ways of how to make swinging work.
Men Can Surprise the Hell Out of Us by Mistral Wind shares her experience with her husband about his epiphany from reading 50 Shades of Grey.


Swinging Situational HELP!!!

Many many profiles by wolf4388 asks why a couple might have several different profiles on a swinger ad site.
Our Journey by MrDiscover shares their journey into swinging.

Let's Talk About Sex

Pretending Male Starfish by libertymoon asks if other male members let their wives ride them while they are too sleepy.
6 old myths about vaginas by two4youinswva shares a link about ideas of the vagina that people used to believe.

Curious About Swinging

A question from a seemingly vanilla couple by Our1stime4play asks if there is a way to make themselves look or sound like they are interested in swinging in vanilla environments for more experiences swingers to pick up on and ask them to swing.
Is it safe to meet people from here? by SarahGirl asks about the process of meeting other swingers.

Swinging Online

Do you change your online swinger profile pictures for different seasons? by cplnuswing asks other members if they coordinate their swinger profile pictures with the seasons or not.

Swinging Experiences

Big cock for wife by M1F2KTJ tells the story of finding someone to give her a big cock experience.
A tantric workshop by MrDiscover is the story of their very first steps in intimacy with others.

Swinging Separately | Open Marriages

Who should be point of contact for first separate date?  I'm kinda bothered! by NYFlirts asks if the husband or the wife should be asked first when asked to go out on a date.
Swinging solo - set up your own dates or do it together with your partner? by cplnuswing asks about the logistics of going out to swing separately.

Swinging at Home|Clubs|Parties|Resorts

Adult Entertainment Weekend in Las Vegas by CB&DD asks if any other members have attended previous Adult Entertainment events and, if so, their thoughts or experiences.
Our first lifestyle cruise upcoming - What to expect? by njbm ask for advice and information on what to expect on their first lifestyle cruise.

Sex Toys, Lingerie, & Sexual Aids

Sex toy reviews done as comics by two4youinswva shares a link regarding comic drawn reviews of sex toys.

Singles and Swinging

Singles:  What are red flags you look for when meeting a couple? by cplnuswing asks singles what their red flags are when searching for couples.

BiSexuality & Swinging

Out as bisexual, but still closeted as a swinger? by cplnuswing asks other members if the bridge is still too far forsociety in accepting swinging versus coming out as bisexual.
Guys!!!  Top or Bottom?  Which one do you prefer and why pls by SwingSetHusband asks other male members about their preference when playing with another man.
Planning on meeting my first bi guy on my own to set up a threesome for my SO and I. by SwingSetHusband is looking for advice on what type of red flags heshould be on the lookout for when meeting another guy for a bisexual experience.

Trophy1802 inquires if any other members from the St. John's, Newfoundland area is interested in meeting up so they can plan an Eastern Canada Meet and Greet.

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