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We have had several new user Picture Albums added recently.  The albums are where members can share pictures of themselves, their favorite romantic location, or whatever they like, either with the whole community by creating a public album or just with friends by creating a private album.  Per the site guidelines, pictures are subject to approval and should be no more than R-rated please.  Everybody loves pictures, stop by and share some of your favorites today!

Swingers and Sex Positivity in the News New Swinger Stories
Nashville's TSC property sold for $1.3 million
Lady angry about her family sharing a hotel with swingers Halloween party
It's called "Drone Boning" you know....
No new stories since the last newsletter.  Show off your erotica skills and stop by and add your story to our library!

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Swingers Board Member of the Week

October 27 - November 2:  CandyCane

JandKinBoise:  Have you guys traveled to any exotic places?  Do you like to be the center of the attention of 2 guys?  Could you tell us about a time in the LS that sticks in your memory?

CandyCane:  No, we've never been to any exotic places.  Yes, I love to be the center of attention....

Read more of CandyCane's interview here.
November 3 - 9:  njbm

Glida:  What's your worst bad habit?

njbm:  When we are at a club, I am looking around for compatible playmates.  My wife tells me to let people approach us and that I should....

Read more of njbm's interview here.
November 10 - 16:  BiCaliGirl777

njbm:  When did you realize that you were interested in other women?  Were you strictly hetero first or interested in women first or consistently bi?

BiCaliGirl777:  I think my interest in women were bound to happen because I went to catholic school all my life!  I think I can pinpoint some instances growing up, I had a friend....

Read more of BiCaliGirl777's interview here.

Swingers Message Board Digest


Welcome to our new members who introduced themselves recently:
HotCplNY, Marphcpl, hemslock, DMM1990, Bikitten, Sally514, mizgnomer, 1colocouple, pkola123, GaCouple37, HonestPuck, tjpolo, hunk7778, chandris, hulk197413, Ranger7v, happyfeet, kikonkrome, Jatpage.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please stop by and do so, or come by to show our newest members we're glad to have them!

General Swingers Stuff

Ok, you've asked about the size of men, now, size/tightness of women by beardedone posts a poll regarding women's vaginal muscles and how they feel to the forum male members.
Something Happened...And it was Fun! by Brkshrcpl wonders if other couples have started their LS journey with a sensual massage from a 3rd person.
Positive/negative feedback please? by 911junkies asks for advice regarding possibly ruining their chances at swinging with a couple they really like.
First Impressions by sunbuckus asks members if they were able to change their first impressions of a single/couple if given a second chance based on attraction.
Ever get in a rut?!?! by CandyCane asks if other swingers ever get stuck at a certain stage in swinging and finding it difficult to find a way out of that stage.
Is there a pattern developing? by Glida asks if a certain sequence of events in their swinging journey is normal or if she's missing something.
How to agree on age? by hazeleyesx3 asks for advice on what to do when you and your partner disagree on age limits for other play partners.
Is this for real? by 911junkies asks for advice on whether they should accept or decline a party invite.
Squirt as you Come Club?  One for the Girls! by Mistral Wind desires to challenge other female members to try and experience a squirting sex session with their partner.


Swinging Situational HELP!!!

Condom etiquette by Lundy asks about condoms when playing in a group setting.
Wife is obsessed by gangbangs by victoria' dreams wants to know if engaging in gangbangs might decrease his wife's attraction to him or if it might be harmful to their relationship.
Questions about our first time by 1colocouple asks a few common swinger questions about how to say "no thanks", performance issues, and talking about rules with other couples.
Unicorn needs a mate. by 101unicorn asks for advice in how and where to look for a male partner to date who is also open to swinging.
Swinging behind my back? by Island guy asks for opinions on  his wife seeing "other swingers" behind his back.

Let's Talk About Sex

Do testicles get the attention they deserve? by couplers asks members about their opinion on testicles.
What do you think of the clitoris? by couplers asks if there is a correlation between the size of a woman's clitoris and her sexuality.
Edging aka Orgasm control by sunbuckus asks members if they have done any form of edging during masturbation or sex.
How do you feel about a quickie? by couplers asks how others feel about quick sex sessions.
Do you do it, and can you finish, standing up? by couplers asks how many others can have sex while the male is standing up and supporting the woman's weight.
Women only:  in general, who goes down on you better, men or women? by couplers asks other ladies to chime in on who gives them better oral sex.

Curious About Swinging

Going from emails to meeting, so nervous by Imswingin asks a few questions regarding meeting other swingers through swinger profile ad sites.
Your first time by Imswingin asks others about their first time at a swingers club and their experience there.
How old is too old for swinging? by interested237 wonders if they will feel out of place at a swingers club due to their age.
What a newbie couple should expect on first date with an experienced swinger couple? by DMM1990 asks about what they should expect on their first swingers date with another couple.
Boundaries:  How did you determine them and were they easy to keep to once set? by Teton69 asks about boundaries regarding swinging.
Convincing my wife to dance and flirt with other guys.  Perhaps more by Buster333 asking for advice on how to bring up swinging to his partner.
Baby steps toward trying swinging by ccpro asks for advice in how to deal with his excitement about trying swinging and his wife's reserved feelings about it.

Swinging Online

Gangbang Community? by victoria;dreams asks where to find a community that specializes in gangbangs.
Newbies, don't let on-line foolishness discourage you. by SW_PA_Couple encourages new swingers to look beyond the barrage of messages from single males if they are in search of other couples.
Is there a way to change my status on SLS from Single male to couple? by johnstarx5 needs some technical advice now that he is no longer single in the Lifestyle.

Polyamory & Swinging

Sorting Out My Feelings for my friend with benefits by Lionheart72 talks about his feelings toward a friends-with-benefits.
Wonder Woman, the man behind her, and his poly arrangement by two4youinswva shares a link about how the creator of Wonder Woman was in a polyamorous relationship.

Sexual Fetishes & Fantasies

Sexual Kinks vs. Paraphilic Disorders by two4youinswva shares a link regarding sexual kinks and mental disorders.
Swinging kink, a bridge too far? by cplnuswing asks if others have come across a sexual kink in the Lifestyle that scared them off.
Just as you suspected, we're all kinda kinky. by two4youinswva posts a link regarding a kinky sex survey.

Swinging at Home|Clubs|Parties|Resorts

Eyes Wide Shut, Tampa, Fl by SirHornDog69 asks for information about the Eyes Wide Shut swinger club.
Costumes for the Halloween bash at Menages in Nashville.  What were you wearing? by DippingToes asks about costumes seen at Menages.
Swinging house parties - summer versus winter by cplnuswing asks party hosts how their party planning and schedules change from summer to winter.

Singles & Swinging

Difficulty setting up meetings with other swingers as a single? by sunbuckus asks swinging singles if they have a difficult time meeting with other swingers.

BiSexuality & Swinging

Noob here, first time with couple soon, unsure about bisexual play! by zgrasshopperz1 shares his concerns yet excitement about bisexual play with another man.
So many Bi men, when did this change. by Formybubu asks if it seems that there is an increase in bisexual men.
Searching for other Bi couples by dannoci asks for information regarding bi-couples searching for other bi-couples.

Body Image, Modification, & Hygiene

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? by sunbuckus shares a video link interviewing several people, young and old, what one thing they would change about their body.
Hygiene first impressions with swinging playmates? by cplnuswing asks what things other members check out, hygiene-wise, when first meeting others.

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