View Poll Results: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

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  • Just Starting exp

    263 39.37%
  • Less than a year

    108 16.17%
  • One to two years

    72 10.78%
  • Two to four years

    67 10.03%
  • Four plus years

    136 20.36%
  • All my life!!!!

    22 3.29%
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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    About 8 years off and on.Pretty much hit and miss.Working on it.

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    We are new to this. My boyfriend has always wanted to try it but I shyed away from it until I told him I missed the foreplay during sex and I wanted to spice up our relationship. He agreed but only as a couple.

    Since we have agreed to do this, we are closer than we ever have been and the sex is great. We've even found out somethings we didn't about the other one, we either was afraid to ask or say because we didn't know how the other one would take it or react too.


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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    Were going on 3 months here,been together almost 8 years but had girls join us evrey now and then but we crossed over to the dark side now.

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    We chose four plus years in the poll, but we've been real active only the last couple years.

    I wish we had gotten real active long ago, but at the pace we moved along we seem very comfortable with where we are. We missed ALL the drama that we read about on this and other sites.... that's a VERY GOOD thing!!

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. - Albert Einstein

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    Still in the haven't done it yet club. We talk about it, but mostly in the bedroom. We have talked about it since just after we met, and it just stays as a fantasy, for now.
    Mrs Trill said she would "do it for me", but I refuse to let her "take one for the team". Only when we both want it, and feel comfortable with it will we even try.
    As an aside, my ex and I talked about it, she even had a guy in mind. Now they are married, and we never did swing, or agree to her taking on a lover. Guess in the process of selcting a swing partner she fell in love with him, and never bothered with the "messy swinging thing".
    So with that experience in the past, am taking it really slow this time, and keeping communication open and flowing. May never swing, but if it happens, cool, if not, nice fantasy.

    M=cheap, F=Thrill

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    We, voted all of our lives. Before we were together we were both active in what can be considered swinging, 3 sums group sex etc... After we were married we took a break for about 2 years to be together and have our first child and then started same room and soft swapping, which evolved into full swap. After that the only time outs we have had were for kids (2 more) and those were short breaks and we kept up our friendships through the 2nd trimester for both. Once we were done having kids we kept up our activity untill 2000 with our smallish group of about 10 couples, then things went way south, 2 of our couples sepperated and 1 moved away for work. the rest of the couples in our group were either of the soft swap type or they were more friends of the others.

    At this point we were left with only 1 couple and 1 single female who were still active. The 5 of us still got together for about a year and then our single decided that she was getting married and dropped out as well, It turns out that she was the glue that held us together, and the other couple faded away soon after. At that point Leah and I started to go to the local club events, and we had a blast we met so many wonderful people and had such an awesome time every month. About 6 months later Leah came to me and asked what I thought about starting our own off-premesis club, at that point there were lots of rumbelings about how the other club was being run. We talked to a few of our friends who like us were unsatisfied with things that were going on, and they thought we should go for it, So we did and have been having a blast ever since.

    Kent & Leah
    Happy swinging!!
    Kent & Leah
    All pleasure no pressure!!

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    We joined a swinger site in Mid-September of last year. Have fantasized about it for many years. Corresponded with quite a few couples and seemed to hit it off with one in particular. Have met and played with them several times since and have had alot of fun! Hubby and I feel quite fortunate that we are very compatible with them. Looking forward to meeting with them again in the future and possibly expanding our horizons a bit and find another couple to bring into the mix!

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    I've been about 30 years many good and bad experiences, my wife of 4 years has agreed to do it for the last year and a half, she is still not sure but finds getting people with the real interest more fun, she has had black and loved it, but will not totally admit it.

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    Just the beginning of the journey for us. Many miles to travel, as we haven't been here together yet. Started really talking about the idea about 5 days ago, although hints have been dropped bu me for several years, but I never pursued it because of the ages of our kids.

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Swinging?

    On and off for over 20 years, but now the kid is gone. LOL Now we have a hot tub party at least two times a month.

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