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Thread: Why am I nervous about her meeting another man?

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    i'm sorry but the way we feelis that you have only been together for 5 months, and have a failed marrige. it just seems you are setting yourselves up for another failed relationship. at 5 months you still are in the infantcy of the relationship. maybe you should both take your time and learn each other.
    if you did do this i would be a couple and not single playing,it could be worse off later down the road..
    just our input, but mind you , you are asking couples here who have been together for longer than you and swingers have the solid relationships as well...
    all we say is good luck if you decide to go thru with it... we wouldn't

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    Thanks Julie, Lycioos, and the stars, its nice to hear from people who have constructive suggestions.
    I think Lycioos is totally right, thats where the nervousness is coming from.. .. ..

    Thanks again.. .. ..

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    If this does happen, why not get a small hotel/motel suite and you can sit in the other room. You can be there for her saftey and comfort.

    About your feelings, I think this is too soon and the two of you should get some time together before going forward.
    Because she may be feeling that she is not as important to you as she would like? It could only be a feeling, but you need to talk with her about her feelings first. One thing we as men sometimes forget to do is assure the woman in our life, that she is MORE important than swinging,the lifestyle or our fantasies.

    Our assurances MUST be in words, deed and often.


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