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    Default Re: Seducing a vanilla single female (as a couple)?

    Originally Posted by Opportunists

    We have had this experience several times over the years, and what we've found works the most often is simply to let the woman know that it's out there for them if they want it.

    It may take a little time for them to ponder, but if they're into it... or thinking about it then they'll let you know. Believe it or not, an uninhibited night of sex with no strings or consequences with a couple [or part of a couple] seems to be enticing to many single women.
    I agree fully. There are a lot of singles out there that have had threesomes before who are not swingers. I had a couple as a young adult myself. It is just a matter of taking the time to get to know them and try to find their comfort level without revealing to much. It also works best for us if she questions the girls and I question the guys otherwise they may get the impression you are looking to cheat. Our current friend is vanilla but it is not her first threesome or her first girl girl experiance. Everyone is different and you have find what works for you. With single girls and guys we prefer to pursue who we like no matter what their title is. The only guy the wife has been with was also vanilla and someone she has know for years. No problems with it so far. And to be honest we have met some great people who are swingers we got out of it for a while because our worst nightmares have been with swingers unfortunately.
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    Default Re: Seducing a vanilla single female (as a couple)?

    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeLoki View Post
    Question: I would tend to think it's probably much better for the wife to actually deliver the "invitation" to another lady, right or no? I'd assume if I gave the invite to the woman, I'd just appear to be a cheating hubby. Even if I said "we have an open relationship", I'd still imagine the woman might think "yeah, right". If the invite came from the wife, that would leave no doubt. (I can turn this around and think about a guy inviting me to join him and his wife...that would leave no doubt in my mind, versus his wife inviting me to join them and telling me they have an open relationship...I would probably wonder "hmm, is that really true?")

    Thanks for the post!
    Excellent point. If we're talking to a girl in a group setting, we're always touching in some visible way while flirting with the opposite [or in her case same] sex. This lets the girl/guy know that we are a COUPLE and we're not interested in separating one little bit. If it's someone we know, they don't have to know us long to understand that.

    Girls often go to the bathroom together, and a lot of times this is when the invitation is laid out. If it is a fem. Mrs. will let her know when they excuse themselves. If it is a male, Mr. will let him know when she excuses herself.

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    Default Re: Seducing a vanilla single female (as a couple)?

    Just for serendipities sake, here's the other half of the equation...the little weekend fling for my lovely wife. Clickety click on the linkity link:


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    Default Re: Seducing a vanilla single female (as a couple)?

    Its late and between being on phone all freakin day with some work issues in Chicago and some visits with's dentist for a broken tooth. We both hope to go over all this over the weekend. I'll have to say we go along with the folks here in this thread. Hopefully a few of our single bi female friends may stop in and give some insight as well. Your on the right track It takes a little while to get to know people and especially with single women playing alone. Kind of ironic, we were the very couple that swore off singles in the beginning . Guess who stops by the house more than anyone we know in the lifestyle now

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