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    Default Article and video about The Ansonia (Plato's Retreat)

    Behind The Façade: The Ansonia -

    The Ansonia was the home of the famous swing club Plato's Retreat in the 70's. The article, which is a transcript of the video, covers the various incarnations of the building from the beginning through the present day.

    Now, the Ansonia is a high-end condo with street-level retail. The old Plato’s Retreat entrance is now a dry cleaner.
    Well, that's not nearly as interesting an entrance.
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    Default Re: Article and video about The Ansonia (Plato's Retreat)

    Before it was Plato's retreat, it was Al Roon's Health Club. I worked out there as a boy.

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    Default Re: Article and video about The Ansonia (Plato's Retreat)

    SO, it was a hell of a lot of fun, sandwiched between sweat and laundry?

    I would say the meat of this sandwich was definitely the best part.

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