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Thread: It was an interesting week.

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    Default It was an interesting week.

    All within one week:

    * I have hooked up with a woman several times over the last few years. I first met her at a private party two years ago. About one year ago, she picks up on something I said about my place of employment, mentions a name and asks do I know this person. I instantly recognized the name, a manager who left the company employment under something of a cloud. I was cool and I was in no way sure that she would have know the perfectly good reason we tossed this guy out. I simply said I knew the name. Well, she tells me that this person is her ex husband. Could have bowled me over with a feather. Well, fast forward to May of 2011. The ex husband is person-non-grata around our office but he shows up anyway; finds his way in by signing up as a student in one our open-enrollment training programs. He looks at me, I look at him. My mind is screaming. I want to say to him, "Geez, buddy, you really screwed up. Your ex is charming and she's really great in bed." Of course I did not say that but he did notice something, I believe, in my expression as he said I was looking happy.

    * JoAnn and I were at a private party yesterday evening. I am chatting up this intriguing young woman. She is telling me that this is the first time she has ever been to "this kind of party." Well, her "escort" for the evening comes in and right away asks, "Where have you been?" JoAnn says later that she wishes she could have been there to see the look on my face. I instantly recognized the guy. He had dated my daughter for five years. Makes me wonder what my daughter has in her history. Very, very interesting.

    * I'm at a graduation ceremony this morning. One of the "Faculty Emeriti" up on the stage I recognize as a person who was at the private party the evening before. I see her, she's up on the stage, but she does not see me, I'm seated way in the back.

    I am beginning to believe that events in the swing lifestyle are not so much "interconnected" as much as they are simply part of the background noise of "life as we know it".

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    Default Re: It was an interesting week.

    What is it they say about 6 degrees of separation?

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