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Thread: Protection with Oral Sex

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    Default Protection with Oral Sex

    There is a great deal of dialoge and concern with using protection on this site regarding intercourse. There also tends to be less of an issue of protection with oral sex. In reading the threads there is alway commentary on an evening of fun that starts with oral sex. Is there less of a concern of getting an STD or worse with oral sex. Just asking?
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    Default Re: Protection

    Here's how my doctor explained it to me:

    It's not impossible to get an STD via oral sex but very difficult. The mouth and digestive tract are full of strong chemicals. The AIDS virus is particularly fragile. It transfers best in a warm moist environment with no chemicals... the rectum. The act of rectal intercourse usually tears small wounds in the intestine, giving the virus direct access to the blood stream. That's why gay men and intravenous drug users have had such a severe problem with AIDS.

    He went on to say that spermacide easily kills the AIDS virus because strong chemicals that kill the sperm do double-duty.

    The culture group with the least AIDS sufferers is committed gay women.

    I'm just a hick Okie with no medical training. I always thought that avoiding fucking someone who has an STD was the best bet for avoiding STDs, but there is no total safety.

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    Default Re: Protection

    The only form of total protection is not having any form of intercourse at all.

    I am extremely cautious with my playmates. I generally have a select few that I play with and yes condoms are used as a protection against stds. I was advised from my doctor that stds can transfer from oral sex . I also know many stds can give males and females alike various odors and blisters.

    If something doesn't look or smell right...I don't go there. This has not been a problem with those I play with .

    I have used condoms for oral sex with new partners. I can even put the condom on with my mouth if i wanted to. But i generally play in my small circle.

    I am tested on a regular basis and as of this post I am cootie free.
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    Default Re: Protection

    The risk is real, but you have to weigh out the risk/benefit factor on the basis of probability, not possibility. The probability of contracting aids from heterosexual unprotected swinger sex is so small that there is a greater chance you'll get killed in an accident on your way to the party. Yet you don't think of that, right? If you go by probability instead of possibility, you'll be more afraid of catching the flu than aids - more people die of the flu each year. Oral sex is safe from aids. Oral sex transmits almost everything else including hepatitis. Yet we don't worry about that. Bareback intercourse is risky, but no more risky than eating at a Chinese restaurant. Let's put it this way, as a 51 year old adult theater/gloryhole aficionado whose been active in this venue since age 17, I estimate my lifetime number of different sexual partners at about 8000, and the number of bareback cumshots I absorbed from strangers at about 20,000. Aside from Herpes, which I contracted as a teenager, my last STD (including HIV) test battery taken a month ago came up negative for everything. And the last Herpes outbreak I had was 30 years ago. Perhaps I've been lucky.

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    Default Re: Protection

    Is there less of a concern of getting an STD or worse with oral sex. Just asking?
    I think there is less of a concern. And few like the taste of condoms

    HSV could transfer to a mouth, so can HPV. They are starting to link HPV to throat cancers now. People still don't want to use condoms for oral.

    Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be caught and be in someone throat but the good news is, most folks get sore throats and end up treated. Both of those can infect genitals with no symptoms for some. Look at Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and it's normal cause: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - Symptoms & Treatment

    HIV can be passed orally but usually there has to be a tear in the mouth (or so that is what I learned) in, did you floss and your gums bleed a bit before you played? Stop that! Floss AFTER playing.

    So as far as really safer goes....mostly just for HIV as far as I can tell. And while there may be a bit less risk due to the ph and normal mouth bacteria, it really isn't a no risk activity.

    But condoms taste awful!
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    Default Re: Protection

    Good input. Thank you all.

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    Default Re: Protection

    Ther is nothing sexier than seeing another man's semen dripping out off your wife's vagina, or watching her struggle to swallow it all. You completely miss this facet if u use condoms.

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