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Thread: Are there straight/straight couples?

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    Default Are there straight/straight couples?

    I have been looking over many personal ad sites and most have bi or bicurious women...I am a straight female that really honestly is just not into women...I mean, I don't mind the idea of rubbing up against another female or touching if it makes the guys hot, but I am all about gettin the cock...I almost feel like an outcast for not being bi, yet the guys aren't being encouraged to go that way..maybe I have just been looking in the wrong places...I don't know, and I hope I don't sound disrespectful...if you are bi and like it, I am happy for you! But do I have to go that way if I want some action?

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    I am not bi, and not terribly bi-curious. Bi women seem to be the majority at our club and in our online experience.

    It hasn't been too much of an issue so far. We've noticed that if we state up front (at an appropriate time, of course) that we are a full swap couple, it gets the bi issue right on the table. Full swap couples have typically not cared if I'm not interested in bi play. Soft swap couples usually state that they are interested in girl-girl activity only anyway, and all go on their merry way. That's our experience to date.
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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    There are plenty of completely straight couples here in Western Pennsylvanial full-swap, as rpu3 refers to them. I see you just became an SLS member. Don't be discouraged. You'll meet the right people eventually. Welcome to the Swingers Board, by the way.

    Seize the moment. . . Remember all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert. ~~ Erma Bombeck

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    It does seem that we're few and far between But it's never really been a problem for us. We have played with a few couples where the woman is bi or bi-curious, and it's pretty easy to steer the play to the heterosexual side. Most of the time they new Tam was straight, but I'm sure a few times they didn't and it still wasn't a problem.

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Don't fret too hard on the issue, my wife states that she is bi-curious but that is definately not a deal breaker when we get to play with straight couples. I think her bi-curiosity is just an added extra bunus for her when the situation is right. We welcome couples that we are attracted to period, because when it gets heated up and there is good communication, there is going to be a fun time had by all. All you need to do is ask your potential match up if is a requirement that you be bi, and if it is, then move on to a more deserving couple. I'm sure that you'll find in most cases that it is not a requirement for you to be bi. People are going to respect your status as long as you talk about what you want and what turns you on. So if you see a profile that looks interesting to you, by all means, inquire and find out, because it would be sad to miss out on some good action from lack of communication

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Mrs. Youngcalcpl is listed as bi-curious in our profile but I know as far as she is concened the girl-girl interaction isn't important to her at all. We've noticed most other couples seem to be interested in girl-girl so we chosen to have her listed as curious to increase compatibility.

    As many have said so far, letting the other couple know what your wants/limits are would probably be the best route. It's likely not everyone requires the girls to interact.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Just had to say that a couple of weeks ago, I would have said the same thing as you. Although, I have to admit to sort of getting a bit turned on by girl/girl scenes in movies.

    BUT...a couple of weeks ago, after quite a bit of alcohol (that DOES make a difference, doesn't it?), a girl kissed me and have to admit that once I got over my initial, "wth is going on reaction" I went with it and really liked it. She was a friend though so wasn't inclined to push her off and sock her one or anything. LOL I did like it though and I NEVER would have thought that of myself before that.

    Going any further than that with a girl, though....hmmm....not so sure about that.

    I'm always open to change, though...LOL.

    I really have nothing to go on other than conversations here and other net research but I would be really surprised if anyone tried to force or heavily pressure you into anything. I would really hope not, anyway. I'm thinking if anyone tried to pressure you that way, they probably aren't ppl you'd want to play with anyway.

    I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have too much trouble finding guys willing to give you the cock. Just a hunch....

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    oh...sigh, just saw where you are from. Oregon here too.

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Our profile states it quite clearly...
    resident martian anthropologist...observing the

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    There are all kinds of couples. The swinging community has a broad range of sexual interests. The responses to your posting are funny. It's like, oh we are all straight but just put bi on our profile. We don't care what you eat, suck or fuck. As long as you are an adult and not committing a crime, we feel that you do what you want to do.

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    We are a straight/straight couple. I am not opposed to girl on girl, so long as I'm blindfolded and don't know who's doing what to me.... and would be willing to try it for the sake of fulfilling a fantasy for DH, but in general, don't care for girl on girl activity. Just not my thing.

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    we play with a couple that both are straight..even though I am bi, I behave really good with them. I would never ever push another woman into doing something that she really doesnt want to do. Although we mostly look for couples where the woman is bi..we also dont push away straight couples either. Hey I have NO problem just playing with the guys!!

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Red is straight and while some couples may have passed us by on that account, it doesn't seem to have stopped us having plenty of fun over the years.

    Just a couple of times there has been a problem when an overly pushy bi female has been under the impression that she only had to try it on with Red to "convert" her.... Not a good idea!

    Take all things in moderation....including moderation

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    Picture this... My wife and I together with another woman, invited to join us as a "special present" for me. Well, my "present" was really getting after her role and my enjoyment level was sky high. After my body reacted to her attentions, rather than rest, she turned her attentions to my wife, who would have sworn she's straight as an arrow. After a few minutes of enthusiastically and perfectly administered attention, the whole room was shaken with the sounds of my wife's orgasm and the sight of her body wracked with and arching in profound sexual release. Even after that evening, my wife will still swear she's straight, but we both smile a little smile when we realize that labels don't serve but to artificially limit our horizons and perspectives.

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    Default Re: are there straight/straight couples?

    that's quite an enthusiastic description you gave lovethenights....but it almost makes my point for how about if I give you a description of some hot and heavy guy on guy action where they give each other amazing orgasms? Maybe you are just totally not into sword fighting (maybe you are!) but if someone says they don't doesn't mean "ahhh come on try'll like it" ...but anyways, I am glad to hear there are others out there that can respect that and still want to play

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