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Thread: Group Sex using Ecstasy?

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    I guess there is not much left to be said except good luck.

    Also, after my last reply, it did occur to me that you and your gf/wife could take X with a couple that is not on X if the other couple is cool with it and you are comfortable with them. No one ever said everyone had to be on X. Just another thought.

    Good luck with it.. Hope it works out and hope you will report the results of your "experiment" if you go through with it.
    Just my 2 cents worth... take it for what it is worth.

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    Hey its your decision..BUTT.....MTV did a special on a young girl (late teens) who did X.......Her MRI brain scan was the same as a 75 year old woman with areas black(DEAD!!!).......

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    Well, based on MTV's current marketing and ratings stratagy. This doesn't come as a surprise to us. $hit for brains people should not be allowed to use anything sharper than a bowling ball.

    There are test kits available. And anyone using unknown X without one. Really needs their head examined.

    Mainly, due to @$$holes that claim to sell X, when they are actually selling something else. Like LSD, Speed, Cocaine....

    Current medical testing does not show permanent damage from a once or twice use. Unless of course, it's not real X

    [ 01-31-2002: Message edited by: danc694u ]
    Phonies and Fakes Need not apply. We're as real as it gets, and don't have time to be wasting on dumbasses.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by danc694u:
    Current medical testing does not show permanent damage from a once or twice use. Unless of course, it's not real X

    30 years ago the debate was painfully similar but the topic was cocaine. It was "proven" that cocaine was not addictive and had very few negative effects. The jail, hospitals and morgues are packed with the results of the long term study.

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    MOST drugs will not do long term damage if taken only very occassionally. The problem is that a lot of drugs are very enjoyable and it can be hard to use them only very occasionally!

    That being said, I personally have not done X and would love to try it. Anyone in L.A. area know of a safe and reliable source? :p

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    It doesn't sound as if people really know what they are dealing with here. Ecstasy is a schedule 1 classified drug. That puts it right up there with LSD and heroin. Possesing 1 gram of MDMA is (in the eyes of the law) equivalent to possesing half a kilogram of marijuana.

    Ectasy causes brain damage even in small dosages. The following quote is from a renowned drug rehab center called narcanon.

    "Recent research findings also link MDMA use to long-term damage to those parts of the brain critical to thought and memory. It is thought that the drug causes damage to the neurons that use the chemical serotonin to communicate with other neurons. In monkeys, exposure to MDMA for four days caused brain damage that was evident six to seven years later. This study provides further evidence that people who take MDMA may be risking permanent brain damage."

    I also understand that internet drug enforcement detectives are on the prowl and if you request a schedule 1 narcotic online you are releiving the dept. of any problems concerning entrapment.

    Ecstasy is not a glorified pep pill by any means.

    Be careful people. Your health and freedom are not worth it. I am not judging anyone but hope you know the facts before you get in deep shit. John

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    I understand what it is and have been offered it from what I consider a "questionable" source and at those times turned it down.

    I consider this to be a friendly place and honestly robably LESS anonymous for me because I let a lot of people from here know who I am via my Yahoo clubs. I guess I am just someone who says and dos what I want and not so much ignores that there may be concequences, but doesn't fear too many consequences. Something you probably all see from some of my more charming posts

    But if Julie feels my post is going to put this board in any jeapardy then please, do delete it! :p :p

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