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Thread: stretch marks

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    Originally posted by J & K
    Oh---I hear about this on a daily basis from the wife. Go look at our ad we have the link to down below and tell me that such a sexy lady as my wife should ever worry about what the kids have done to her tummy area.
    Well, from the photographs on your advert, I can't imagine why she feels any degree of self-consciousness.
    It's not going to be an orgy. It's a toga party . . .

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    We second Brit_Pair - "K" is beautiful and should not, under any circumstances, be ashamed of her looks, her shape or anything else! I only wish that I looked that good!
    From the beautiful shores of Central NJ :-)

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    Default I have them

    I also have have them, but not from childern but from weight loss. Bothers me sometimes when I am in a mood, but most times not.

    I agree with a lot of the other posts. We are not so interested in perfect looks. Personality does a lot for us! We need to like the people we play with. And we will take a "10" personality over "10" looks any day of the week...

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    Default Stretch Marks

    Stretch Marks from child birth are very special it shows what a real woman you are. If you have lost weight be proud that you got those from losing all that weight. We seem to worry too much what people think. I have stretch marks of course I have had 3 children who were all over 10Lbs each and I am not a big woman I am 5'7 at 140Lbs. But /Butt now I have the hips to show for it lol but I really don't care I call it my woman's body.
    I do not desire /deesire lol a child's body or to be waif thin I want to be able to fit into clothes with some curves and jiggle lol and man I seem to have that covered pretty good.

    But people should realize that just like it hurts to be made fun or talked about negatively if your over weight , too skinny or have stretch marks or scars it is equally as insulting to be referred to as fake just because you have elected to enhance a body part
    such as your breasts.
    Is a woman fake if she loses weight ? Just because she elected to go on a diet.

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