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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Tony and Diane from Who's The Boss
    Wolverine, Jean Grey, And Cyclops for sure the were all swinging

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    alabamafuntonig's said:

    i have no such though of rossan bar in my mind . this is one of those things that grown men should not even joke about. its cruel and unusual punishment..i hope after lots of reprograming i will be able to forget the thought of rossane barr having any kind of sex...(henry is off to cleanse his brain of the evil thought of that wallrus bitch coupulating with the human race)

    I'm hoping this is not a sizist comment!

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    Default Re: Kirk

    Quote Originally Posted by turnuptheheat
    Ok, he may not be a couple, but Kirk would do anything for pleasure!
    I think Barney and Betty would go as would Fred, but Wilma is a little repressed........

    The Flintstones and Rubbles and been quietly swinging for years!
    Can't... think... Blood... rushing... to... penis.

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    LOL! Captain James T. Kirk was a pure swinger, in the original definition of the word (ala Austin Powers). He was completely impartial, and was just as down with the green, orange or blue females. He loved exploring strange new worlds and civilizations. facelick Kirk was definitely not bi, though. His favorite fantasy was a harem scene.

    Scotty, Chekhov, Bones (the doc), Ulhura, the whole cast would have been swingers - except for Spock, of course. Swinging is illogical and too much fun.

    Modern Star Trek - yes, the whole cast. The leader of the pack would be Counselor Troy.

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    Default Re: Kirk

    Quote Originally Posted by wifes_sex_slave

    The Flintstones and Rubbles and been quietly swinging for years!
    Yes! "Lodge Meetings" was code for theme nights at the swing club.

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    OMG, I can never see the Flinstones the same way again! Hooray for the water buffalos!
    I want it all...And I want it smothered in whipped cream and chocolate.

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    Gloria and Meathead. Yes.
    Lois and Clark. No way.
    Lois and Peter Griffin. Yes.
    Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler. Yes.
    Ward and June. No.
    Peggy and Hank. No.
    Mulder. Maybe because he was curious, but in the end he'd turn out to be too untrusting to be a swinger.
    I think there's one TV star we all can agree was a swinger: Tarzan. Get it?
    The mister. (Obviously. No woman would make that last joke.)
    Mr. Little Bird thinks Mrs. Little Bird is very cute...

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    Default Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    OK, if Calvin's parents and Timmy Turner's parents and Fred and Wilma are swingers, what would their online ads look like? Hmmmmm.

    Then it hit me. See if you can guess who this is and then come up with other swinger ads:

    We're not Ken and Barbie and we don't expect you to be either. We've been around the block a few times. We're not spring chickens but we're still a lot of fun. We're a long term committed couple. We're down to earth people and are looking for the same. We're into role-playing and crossdressing. Nothing is too wild. Small roles in recent hit movies mean that we must be discreet. Don't believe everything that you read. We have some baggage but we manage to keep it inside most of the time.

    Who are they?
    Mr. FC4L

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    Another hint?
    John & Allie

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    That would be Fred and Wilma.
    Fred is the cross dresser because he always wore a dress type thingy
    There have been a few movies about the Flintstones, safe to say if they are still alive they have most definatly been around the block. Not to mention, block=rock.
    They wouldn't be spring chickens if they are prehistoric. they live with dinosaurs, what could be more wild then that. Not sure about the baggage thing, but I am sure it will make sence when you tell us what it means.

    Am I right? Did I win a prize?
    Your friend,
    To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    I think I need another clue - how about a ten year old photo of the happy copuple?
    I like her because she smiles at me and means it

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    Archie and Edith Bunker
    There are fish in the water that haven't been caught yet.

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    Hmm, have not run a online ad? At least not yet and not sure if we ever will.

    If we did it might go something like this:

    Been meeting up with neighbours for years and need to look outside our quarry. Wilma is bi-curious and neighbour is not.

    Fred is not afraid to communicate his desires.
    (Fred always has something to say)
    Wilma once she gets rolling will rock your world.
    Willing to meet for drinks at the Buffalo Lodge.
    We like to know you first and maybe crack your stones if we are compatible.

    Wilma's fantasties inlcude 3-ways and multipul bi-ways.
    Fred likes his Stone Pillar to be happy.

    Wilma has the same body as when we got married which is very well proportioned. Fred has a stocky but a rock solid build.

    Would love to hear from you and maybe we can do the Yaba Daba Doo!!!
    You can get there from here!

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    Default Re: Fred and Wilma Got Me Thinking

    Love the ad, Fred & Wilma!!!!!

    I'd rather go to hell for doing something I enjoyed than heaven wondering what it's like.

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    Default Re: Fictional TV Couples - Who Would Swing

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the entire cast of "Just Shoot Me". And any sci-fi fans know that Battlestar Galactica has had Baltar and the 2 cylon women in the same bed. And lets not forget the Highlander. I'm sure in 400 years he's tryed about everything. I think Amanda was probably involved with that. Probably Her, Duncan and Fitzcairn in a MFM. They seemed to have way too much fun when they were all together. I'm still considering the married side of "Rules of Engagement". I think Wardburtons character would in a minute but still unsure about the wife, but she seems to have the right attitude.

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