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Thread: SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

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    Default SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

    Why does SLS insist on showing you your opened, sent, etc. messages in ascending order from oldest to newest? Do most people like to see their oldest messages first by default?? Yes, it just takes a click to toggle it to newest, but why isn't that the default or else a setting you can choose and it stays that way? If that option is there somewhere, I haven't been able to find it yet. Strangely, if you toggle it to newest to oldest, it seems to hold your selection as the default for a while, but then just switches back to the other way based on some trigger that I haven't figured out yet. I like their simple interface since I could care less about having to fight through all the bells and whistles just to get a site to do the basics of what you want it to, but damn, some things just seem like common sense.

    Am I missing something here?

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    Default Re: SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

    I can't offer a solution, but I can agree with you on it being a bit irritating. Especially since I suck at cleaning up messages and the first message I see is usually 1438 days old.

    -Which reminds me, I need to clean up my 500 PMs on here......
    In alcohol's defense, I've done some really stupid shit while sober too.

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    Default Re: SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

    Not missing anything that I know of and YES, it's annoying.

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    Default Re: SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

    Yeah, we notice that too Sometimes I open the mail and think...hmmm, this is new when it's really just displaying wrong.
    There's time for sleep when you're dead.

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    Default Re: SLS Messaging Interface Pet Peeve

    It is just to make you pay attention, like WalMart moving the flashlights from camping to housewares.....
    Just because we have to grow old does NOT mean we have to grow up!

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