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Thread: Aphrodisiacs...

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    Default Aphrodisiacs...

    I was watching a documentary yesterday and the man featured said he was watching Oprah (I KNOW!! A GUY WATCHING OPRAH?!?!) and Oprah mentioned that every woman would find a man vacuuming their house an aphrodisiac. Dave looked over at me and asked me if that was true. Well, Dave's always helped out with housework, so no... seeing Dave vacuum isn't that much of a turn on... but there is a certain thing he wears that makes me go absolutely nuts and it's my aphrodisiac.

    So my question is this -- What is your aphrodisiac? Food, clothing, seeing your spouse vacuum...

    Fess up!
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    When I hear people say things like vacuuming makes a woman want to have sex I've always thought that it's just a way for a woman to try and get something she wants before she gives her man something he wants. More of an exchange than actually making her interested in having sex. I do think it's a reaction to something more legitimate though; if a woman is always doing the housework and feels under-appreciated she is going to want help. It won't make her horny, but it will make her feel better.

    As for my own a curvy woman wearing a dress that shows a lot of leg. Add that to some sexy high heels

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    Mine is watching Oprah :-)

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    Seize the moment. . . Remember all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert. ~~ Erma Bombeck

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    The late Mrs. Alura once remarked, "My greatest fantasy is having three men; one cooking, one ironing, and one dusting." Women with a sense of humor remain my favorite aphrodesiac.

    "They may call me a rube and a hick, but I'd a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it."
    óWill Rogers

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    I wish I had a "like" button for Alura's comment. Loved it.
    There are fish in the water that haven't been caught yet.

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    Default certain key phrases spoken with impeccable timing.

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    Quote Originally Posted by SW_PA_Couple View Post
    Mine is watching Oprah :-)
    Smart aleck!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alura View Post
    The late Mrs. Alura once remarked, "My greatest fantasy is having three men; one cooking, one ironing, and one dusting." Women with a sense of humor remain my favorite aphrodesiac.

    We would have been good friends, I just know it. One of my biggest fantasies is just seeing a man paint my house.

    Quote Originally Posted by SweetAnSourPork View Post certain key phrases spoken with impeccable timing.
    Yep, a great smile, a little humor goes a long way.


    I have to admit this is mine. Dave has the best wrangler butt I've ever seen, and when he's wearing his chinks, it's just almost too much for me to hold back and not take him down right then and there. Cowboys and their wrangler butts are just almost too much. Be still my heart!!
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    Certain men trigger my sense of smell.

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    Oooh... what kind of men?
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    The kind of aroma that I imagine Don Draper had, Aqua Velva over a manly, musky wore-a-woolen-suite-and-starched-cotton-shirt-all-day scent. I think I'm attracted to power plus a little bit of danger.

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    For me it is women who know what they want and go for it. While shy and tame can be fun, nothing turns me on more then when my wife is horney and "attacks" me to get it no matter what I am doing.

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    Default Re: Aphrodisiacs...

    Steer away from oysters, they don't always work. I ate 3 dozen one night and only got results from 22 of them.........
    Just because we have to grow old does NOT mean we have to grow up!

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