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Thread: Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging

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    Default Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging

    Hi Everyone.

    My wife is from the Philippines and I am getting ready to suggest visiting a club. Can anyone make suggestions about approaching the subject with an Asian woman? She is a very beautiful woman and sometimes I think that I need to have my head examine for wanting to share her. Also, she likes being sexy but is also a little religious. I think I have a 50-50 chance in convincing her for a MFM.

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    Good morning, Hoping

    If your wanting to take your wife to a club, be sure to have all your thoughts on the table.

    There will be questions from your wife....

    This is the place with some really good advice from those in the swinging lifestyle.

    Please check out the various forms (hopefully together) and you'll find some things about others, as well as each other, if you keep the lines of communication Open.

    I can say, I know three couples with asian wives. One of them Swing. So the odd's may not be 50/50 ? But, I hope they're 100 % fore you and your wife

    Welcome to the Swingers Board,

    ~ fun

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    Welcome to the board!

    I know there are cultural differences, but in the end, great communication and trust in each other are important to a relationship no matter where you are from. Do you two feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, wishes and desires with each other? If so, then ask her how she feels about this subject, and listen without objection. Move the conversation forward as long as it appears open for discussion.

    If she says "No", then let it be. At least you've put it out there and have given each other something to think about.

    And, as fun4ds suggested, show her this board. It is a great resource for couples whether they swing or not.
    In alcohol's defense, I've done some really stupid shit while sober too.

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    Seize the moment. . . Remember all those women on the Titanic who passed up dessert. ~~ Erma Bombeck

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    How about just going to a club to show her that these places exist and perhaps she would be interested? No expectations about hitting up with people- just a sexy place to go and learn about. A friend of our did that with his wife... took it real slow and it was a success-- let your mrs see--- and then think about it--- get the juices going...
    Another friend set up an mmf with a friend of theirs-- they both seduced the mrs. after that she became open for more and more...
    best wishes..
    we've only just begun

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    My wife is Philippina too. The swinging lifestyle has always interested me and I explained to her what it was about and made the focus be on her.

    She then acted interested and we met a few couples from a lifestyle site. From our first encounter, she has been fully on board and is very active. I had some of your same feelings about sharing her, but when it happens, it just intensifies our love for each other. I could not be more proud of her.

    Her initial fear was that family or vanilla friends would find out. We have had a few discover, but as it turns out, they are curious and want to know more. So, we have fun filling them in on the activity.

    Bottom line, just be reassuring to her that you are not doing it for any reason other than you are proud of her and want to to have a great time. If she is having fun, she will appreciate you for having the trust and faith in her.

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    Default Re: Asian Woman

    I was wondering the age of your wife. My wife is in her 30's but I hope that isn't a problem. My asawa will have similar fears about friends and family finding out. The difference is that we are in the USA.

    I am interested in hearing suggestions on getting her to swing. Asian women are different. Philippine women put importance on being sexy. She is jealous but I plan on making this about her. I really hope that she will be in the lifestyle soon.

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    Default Re: Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging

    Being from the country of your wife, This is the wife posting btw, She was raised in a very religious nation. That takes time to overcome. Bear in mind that the province or city she comes from has its own unique beliefs and customs when it comes to marriage and relationships.

    How long have you been together? When you talk to her, let her know that you love her very much and this activity you are going into won't change that a bit, in fact it may even deepen it. We Filipina women like to give whatever we can to our husbands as long as everything is explained in a very loving (malambing) manner.

    Just a word of caution though, Hope you can handle the tigress she would become if she is agreeable to swinging. :-)
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    Default Re: Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging

    Hi. I am happy you posted the comment. My wife and I have known each other 4 1/2 years. I visited her 4 times in the Philippines and we are married now for almost 2 years in the USA. I love her home province (she is visayan). She is an incredible woman and a tigress with me. You are right about the religious believes. It would have been stupid to bring this up during the holidays.

    I clicked on a couple of MFM youporn videos and left them in the browsing history. She said I was bugoy yesterday about 2 hours after I got home from work. I will do the same now. I hope to introduce the topic tonight. I am hoping for the best.

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    Default Re: Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging

    My husband and I have an asian friend (Vietnamese) who is now in her 60s. We met her in China Town in Houston a few years back and we were surprised when she agreed to let my husband "take care of her needs" one day. From our talks with her most Asians are just as sexual as the Western World; however, because of their culture that family is everything, they are very reluctant to enter into anything that might be deemed "bad" by the elders of the family. Our Vietnamese friend had no family except for her son (The Vietnam War took care of that for her unfortunately) so she didn't have a family keeping an eye on here. Since her son was raised as an American he didn't care what his mother got herself into, which is how we got involved with her.

    We have swapped partners with one other couple that had a Vietnamese wife and white husband. She was born and raised here by second generation immigrants and was in her late 30s with two children. Her family lived in another city and weren't a daily influence with her. As a result she was allowed to fulfill her sexual desires and get "boinked" by my husband (while I got a good boinking from her husband). I'm sure that if her family had been nearby she probably wouldn't have done it out of fear of getting caught.

    Asians are the same as anyone else. They just have the added fear of a powerful family structure that they will not challenge and would literally die rather than disobey or shame them.

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