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Thread: buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

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    Default buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

    My nipples have gotten really sesitive lately. I am going to buy myself some toys tonight. I want to know what I should get or if they are not worth the money.

    I have been to an adult store, but only with my husband. His going to keep our kids while I go by myself. I can't wait. Then we have a sitter for tomorrow and are going to the strip club. I am ready to try new things, he has been for long. I even signed up on a swinging site. Reading on here has been awesome!

    Also going to get ben wa balls or something that vibes that i can wear in me!

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    Default Re: buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

    to the Board!!

    Personally, I love my nipple toys. Really, all I have is a chain which on each end clips to each nipple. There is a pain when they come off, but it's almost orgasmic. Well, it can be orgasmic. I think it all depends on how tight you turn the screw.

    Have fun with your husband in the toy store. I love going with my husband as well.
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

    thanks for the quick reply. I went by myself for the first time last night. The gal working was a great help. They didn't have any nipple toys, but I got benwa balls and a silver bullet. We have a sitter tonight are will go to the other adult store to get nipple clamps tonight.

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    Default Re: buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

    I was looking for some non-piercing nipple jewelry that I could wear under clothing and we found this site. It's not cheap (nothing French is) but it's actually very feminine and tasteful. I have a pair of the AS40 nipple pendants and we love them. They're adjustable so you can get them just right. I also bought a pair of the non-piercing labia rings and we like them too!

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    Default Re: buying toys tonight - recommend nipple toys?

    That's some pretty snazzy stuff right there! Too bad the OP might not see the link, but thanks for posting. I am not really into piercing, but love the look. I might just have to go shopping
    There's time for sleep when you're dead.

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