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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by menher1559
    Now here is the interesting part. Even though I'm uncut, my penis has the appearance of one that is cut. My foreskin is completely retractable and for the most part stays that way. My wife describes it as uncut but peeled. It gives her the best of both worlds so to speak. With an erection my penis looks like it has been completely circumcised. When I receive oral it is so wonderful when my wife pulls the foreskin up and runs her tongue around the head inside of the skin, but the minute she lets go, the skin returns back down to the shaft.
    My dear friend .. I am uncut and I got the same thing too ... I can pull it all the way back to the end of the head ...but here is the interesting part about mine ... it does not slide back until my penis softens. Its almost as if the back of the head acts as a "hook" to hold it back"hook" .. hahaha .. I feel funny saying that too. Well I thought I might share that with you ...maybe your wife can pull it all the way back behind the head ... although please dont do anything that hurts.

    I am curious ... does the foreskin not slide back completely (as in go behind the head) for all uncut guys? When I do it ...the head is completely exposed!!

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Ok Ya'll forgive me for being the crass one here, but who cares? As long as it's clean and hard and gets the job done - I don't care if its cut or uncut.....

    "Swinging is the women's amusement park, and men are just along for the thrill ride." ~ James

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by lcjtsd
    Cut only. I would never put my mouth on an un-cut penis. Just my preference. I think all that extra skin is gross.

    ok I know that everyone has their own opinion here which is why I love this forum Surrender But I have to say that the comment seemed a little harsh to all the men who are uncut, I personaly have never been with an uncut man Not that I would find it gross just never had the oppertunity, Husband and I have 2 sons our first is cut our second is not our reason for not doing the second had nothing to do with religion just lack of funds at the time. I however feel bad for our youngest that is uncut because people are so narrow minded today, I would hate for my son to grow up to be a wonderful productive and loving man to have his heart stomped on by somoene just cause he was uncut. There is my two cents

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    I agree with you wholeheartedly curiousinoregon.

    Mine is one who is uncut. First uncut I have ever seen, been with and only one in my life. But I love it!

    Yeah, I thought it was yuk at the beginning, but it's just a little extra skin. No more disgusting than the extra skin around boobs that aren't as perky as they used to be. No more disgusting than a little extra pudge around the middle.

    As long as it's clean, it's perfectly fine. I like to play with my husband's extra skin while giving him bj's. He doesn't really get anything out of it, but I like it.
    Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    For those of you who swing bareback, please consider this:

    The French and South African AIDS researchers are conducting clinical studies on the effectiveness of circumcision as a means of slowing the spread of AIDS in Africa.

    There seems to be some evidence that the undersurface of the foreskin absorbs virus more readily than other skin tissue. This study was started because of emperical evidence in an area of Africa where one side of the valley was inhabited by a Jewish community (circumcised) and the other side of the valley by a community of another faith that didn't circumcise. The initial evidence shows that the uncircumcised males had a higher rate of HIV infection (and also their mates).

    Barring any cultural differences between the two communities - which there may be - it would suggest circumcised males are less likely to contract the disease.

    The clinical study is now being conducted in which the HIV/AIDS free uncircumcised males who volunteered to be part of the study were randomly chosen to be circumcised or not (50/50 ratio). They will be monitored for the next few years (I can't remember how long) and then the results will be published.

    (I was about to post this but thought I would check the net to see what other info was out there. What I discovered is very important! Please read this article published by the Wall Street Journal:

    Study Says Circumcision Reduces AIDS Risk by 70%: Findings From South Africa May Offer Powerful Way To Cut HIV Transmission

    It says in part:
    In a potentially major breakthrough in the campaign against AIDS, French and South African researchers have apparently found that male circumcision reduces by about 70% the risk that men will contract HIV through intercourse with infected women.

    Other than abstinence and safer sex, almost nothing has been proved to reduce the sexual spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. World-wide, the major route of HIV transmission for many years has been heterosexual sex.

    Vaccine developers have said they would consider an AIDS vaccine with just 30% efficacy useful. But so far, no effective vaccine against the disease has been developed, leaving AIDS workers desperate for another tool to help them stem the tide of new infections, estimated at almost five million last year.

    The circumcision findings were so dramatic that the data and safety monitoring board overseeing the research halted the study in February, about nine months before it would have been completed, on the grounds that it would be immoral to proceed without offering the uncircumcised control group the opportunity to undergo the procedure. While men were directly protected from infection by circumcision, women could benefit indirectly because circumcision would reduce the chances their partners would be HIV-positive.
    If you are interested in doing your own search on the net, I used Google and typed in "uncircumcised AIDS". I got about 41,500 results and the first page of references were pretty convincing.

    For those of you who hook up with uncircumcised men please consider engaging in protected sex with them as a precaution.
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    As long as it clean, gets hard & blasts off ... I don't care

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    My hubby is un-cut, and I do prefer that, although "change is as good as a rest" and its lovely to see a cut guy. As long as the guy is clean (all penises need cleaning, cut or un-cut) i love seeing different shapes, sizes and colours of penis

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    You know, I am very interested in this issue, for personal reasons. See, my husb and our oldest son are circumsized. However, our young son is not because he was in the nicu and they would not do it. Jay is pretty adament about having him circumsized, but now that he is older its a surgery. I am NOT about having my baby put under anesthesia to have the skin on his penis removed. BUT I do worry about 20 years down the road women being grossed out by his penis. Only a MOM would worry about these things, right? lol. I do think that if a man is clean an uncircd penis is okay. But if they are not hygenic it could be an issue. It doesn't matter to me though.

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)


    Do you like caseing on your sausage?

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Mr. LFM is uncut and so of course, *I know* his is the most wonderful penis I've ever seen. I believe it's a matter of hygeine. He keeps his penis clean and when the foreskin is pulled back, you can't even tell he's uncut. It looks just like a cut penis except there is a little more skin there. I just don't get the controversy.

    Our son is also uncut. I haven't seen his penis in almost 16 years, but I know he also keeps his clean. He's one of those cleanaholic teenagers who wouldn't even think about going out of the house without a shower.
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Shelly M wrote:

    I am NOT about having my baby put under anesthesia to have the skin on his penis removed.

    Mrs. Alura and I chose to not have our sons circumcised for the same reason my father would not allow me to be circumcised: We felt we didn't have the right to make such a decision about another human's body. When they're grown they can decide themselves. We've taught them the needed hygiene.

    A few years ago this subject was being discussed in an old thread. It got quite controversial with flames being thrown in both directions. There was a lady, "Nightgoddess" I believe, who was an RN and had participated in quite a lot of research on the subject. If you could find that thread, I believe many of your questions could be answered.

    I'll look for it. If successful, I'll edit in a link here.

    Here's the link, Shelly: Cut or Uncut?

    It's a great thread with a lot of posts, pro and con, plus references to studies and websites favoring one or the other. You can get a real education on circumscision there.

    Mr. Alura
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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Any woman that thinks an uncut penis is disgusting has not seen her own vagina. I say that humorously but with some truth.

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Yeah, we have one son who is cut and the youngest is uncut...he was in the NICU for his first week and they don't do it at that hospital. Once he is old enough to really know what he wants I'll have it done if he is embarassed, but right now he is fine the way he is.
    Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho

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    Default Re: Cut or Uncut? (part 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by ShellyM
    Yeah, we have one son who is cut and the youngest is uncut...he was in the NICU for his first week and they don't do it at that hospital. Once he is old enough to really know what he wants I'll have it done if he is embarassed, but right now he is fine the way he is.
    Shelly, how old is he now?
    Dave & Holly

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