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Thread: swinging with a large body scar?

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    As a wee lad, I was in a fire. My legs are scarred up pretty well. But no one actually notices it in the heat of the moment.

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    I have a scar that I am completely paranoid about... It is above my neck - so I can't hide it and I feel like it is always "on display". In fact, it was that one body flaw alone that almost made me decide against swinging.

    But, the more social I became, the more obvious it was that the scar was not just "on my head" but mostly "in my head". No one noticed it - and if they did it was often long after we'd become friends... In fact, I've met quite a few folks from this board and I'd bet you a donut (and I don't do that lightly) that no one could tell you where it is...

    The bottom line is - we all obsess about what we consider our "imperfections". But it is often those very imperfections that make us interesting and to one person, at least, "perfect".

    I am absolutely awful about my self-esteem. I am convinced that I am the least attractive primate alive... But, then I realize some of the incredible women I have been with (not to mention my "10" - "arm candy" - "Runway gorgeous" Mrs Spoo, who liked me enough to "buy the company") and I have to think - maybe I'm not so bad.

    No one can alleviate your nervousness - but once you realize how much attention you get, you might just realize that it is more "in your head" as well

    Good luck!

    "Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities." - C. S. Lewis

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    Thumbs up Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    yall folk are good folk

    we can all be gorgeous together....

    our truest beauty as humans is shown in our
    differences in appearance

    it seems we on this board are not interested in hollywood templates

    perhaps, we should wear our scars as badges of honor and courage.

    and take pity on the folk who cannot discern our beauty!


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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    Consider it body art like tattoos. It's you, people have to take you for all you are.

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    Thumbs up Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    spirtitual aint we

    let thewm who ain't gottin it

    be some day ready

    blessed b life

    fer she always gifts a chance to do all we can be

    judge not

    fer we all been there

    fer sure

    walk as if you mean it

    fer in my experience this earth durely gonna force ya to ken all you do


    shall we dance

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    My wife had a full tummy tuck and the line goes hip to hip corners and is so sexy. We all have a cut in our lifetime and some are bigger than others. It is only skin and scars can be sexy. If somebody is turned off by a scar then more than likely they have personal issues they can't cope with.

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    If you got this far in life without any scars... then you are either a clone, an alien, or have been in a box since you were born... in which case your company is not going to be all that interesting.

    Don't worry about it... we all have them and I don't think anyone is going to be bothered by it.

    Sex is like air. It's really not that important unless you aren't getting any.

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    If it is that bad then you may want to bring it up in casual conversation. You know, that "one time at band camp" story of how you got it... Makes for good conversation and breaks the ice on it.

    We, and most everybody we know, look past stuff like that though. We like to think we are having sex with the whole person, not just one part, so stuff like scars are not a big deal.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud
    Blog: Bigger Love

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    I know that myself personally I have a scar on my right forearm that runs almost wrist to elbow ( I had a fracture with major nerve damage that needed repairation as a child) and when I was a kid, cause it was still dark then, all the kids would make fun of it. As I've grown older and been around more mature people, 99% don't even notice unless I hold my arm a certain way or say something about it, even then they're more intrigued by the story behind it then the scar itself. I worry more about my stretch marks than the actual scar on my arm So I wouldn't worry about it, especially the heart surgery one, it just shows everyone how lucky your wife is that you're still around

    Take care

    It is with our passions, as it is with fire and water, they are good servants but bad masters.
    ~ Aesop (620 BC - 560 BC)

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    this is a really good thread. my girlfriend and i are meeting a couple for the first time this weekend. she is nervous because she has a large birthmark on one side of her face. the other couple has already seen our pictures and they contacted us first. so i try to comfort her with that. but she has some bigger body scars that she is nervous about too. one from a c-section and one on each breast from reduction surgery. im gonna show her this thread later on.
    good advice in here and ill put it to good use....

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    Mr SEMNTJ here:
    I just wanted to throw in another vote that scars and stretch marks is a non issue for us too. It seems to me that sexy comes from within. And it seems in life that the greatest accomplishments and sacrifices often leave their marks behind, bringing a child to the world, overcoming an accident or health or weight problem, cosmetic surgery, whatever it may be. I think it just adds to the total package and makes the person even more sexy!

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scare?

    Quote Originally Posted by fastsporty
    So yes I'll try and say that up front without also scaring off people as it may seem like I'm totally mutuated or something.
    I can't imagine that you would scare people off. The people that would be scared off by that are the ones that you want to scare off anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoomonkey
    I am absolutely awful about my self-esteem. I am convinced that I am the least attractive primate alive...
    Spoomonkey, I just can't imagine you being awful about self-esteem. You have such a presence here in the forums; the wife and I love reading your posts. It gives me hope, since I don't see any redeeming qualities in myself, either.

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    I have a scar too, not very big. I just kind of play it by ear. If I feel someone is going to freak out about it, I warn them in advance. But if I don't sense it I don't say anything & they don't really notice it. When I bring it up afterwards, they usually say they would have never really noticed if I didn't say anything. Don't know where your's is but I can usually cover mine up w/ some kind of bustier. Good luck!

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    Default Re: swinging with a large body scar?

    I have a couple of body scars(cosmetic surgery)- I never mention them and no one else ever has, either. They are noticable, though, and while I don't doubt they have been noticed, and my friends are probably curious, they have been very polite and never asked.

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