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Well, I don't think you can refute my contention that someone who "broke the code" as it were, and published it, would NOT be a millionaire. Hmmmm?
Maybe not.

As for the punishment angle, I'm intrigued a little as long as it doesn't involve excessive snow application or smackings with rancid cod. Oh well, seeing your location, I think it would be difficult to escape that. No? Convince me.
Ah Thrax how wrong can you be. We haven't had any snow in a LOOONG time..in fact recently the weather has been down right spring like. The rancid cod smacking just doesn't sound sexy to me at all, Hell I am not from Newfoundland!! _ uh oh..I think I just derailed this thread...sorry all..

I guess you will just have to use your imagination...or visit the balmy coast of Nova Scotia.