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    Hi, every one!! I am new to this, and have posted a few thoughts. But I do have a question on the body. I have had one child, and she was taken c-section. The scar is along the pubic hair line so no one can see, however naked, it's there and goes along my pelvic area. What I was wondering is how do people feel about scars?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hippiechick
    What I was wondering is how do people feel about scars?
    Most of us have them. (I have the "appendectomy special").

    Hey, life happens, and our bodies gain character from it.

    We also have a few stretch marks

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    Scars are pretty normal, HippieChick. We doubt you will have any trouble because of yours. Besides, if somebody were to be that picky you probably wouldn't want to play with them anyway.

    "They may call me a rube and a hick, but I'd a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it."
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    I have a really large scar that runs from my bellybutton all the way down. It's wide and has a little pucker where I had to have it reopened. It's a part of me and I accept that. No one has ever said anything about it so I usually forget it's ever there. I pretty sure it's never bothered anyone and doubt it ever will.

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    Usually a scar is a reminder of an experience that saved your life or made life easier to bear. (I said usually!) Most of us are very interested in the stories behind scars. I think they give you character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alura
    Scars are pretty normal, HippieChick. We doubt you will have any trouble because of yours. Besides, if somebody were to be that picky you probably wouldn't want to play with them anyway.


    We totally agree with Alura. I (wifey) have a c-section scar that is noticeable to me, but no one has ever commented on it (you can see it if you're looking). And like Alura said, if someone did, it's not someone we'd want to play with anyway. Most of the couples we swing with have females who have kids and some of them have scars too, but it's just part of the person. It would not deter us from swinging with them.
    M (wifey) and A (hubby)

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    Once agin thank you to all. I don't think it is noticable to anyone eles, but we are hardest on our selves. My husband says my scare and streach marks are not noticable at all unless you are looking for them. Although I do admit that I didn't get many stretch marks, my husband says if there is any one out there who went from 105 to 140 in just a few months and has nothing to show for it, he'd like to met them. And he also tells me that I look great and all my weight is gone, so I have to find something to grip about. And it's probley true. He says I'm a MILF. But, thank you all very much, just did't want to get there and gross some one out. Although we all have scare, we just can't see every ones.

    Love you all, you've been great. Very helpfull even thought I'm sure you've anserwed these questions a million times.

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    I think scars are sexy.

    Like LM said, most people are intrigued to learn the story behind them. I know I am.

    The art of life lies in taking pleasures as they pass, and the keenest pleasures are not intellectual, nor are they always moral.

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    Default Re: scars

    we all have scars, one should be more concerned with taking care of your needs and the scar will go away.....

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    Default Re: scars

    A playmate and I spent a pleasant time yesterday afternoon comparing scars! Definitely not a turn off!

    Take all things in moderation....including moderation

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    Scars? Those are the to replace the medals, awards and other recognition we missed in other parts of our lives.
    "Heros go to heaven, survivors go home."- Some damn ol' gunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotMoCpl
    Scars? Those are the to replace the medals, awards and other recognition we missed in other parts of our lives.
    Wonderful way to put it!!

    "Swinging is the women's amusement park, and men are just along for the thrill ride." ~ James

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    As others on here have posted, most of us have scars. I myself, having 2 C-Sections, 1 Tummy tuck, and a hernia in my navel..... That said, I have a scar along my bikini area hip to hip, and scaring around my navel..... along with the stretch marks that comes along with everything else.....
    It doesn't bother me, and if asked am proud to say...I have kids....and yes I have the scar to prove it....99% of others we have been with have never had a problem with it, they just look past it like they are not even there....It is normal and part of life.... We have only had one person make it an issue...making comments that he liked his women " au-natural"... with no scars.... (this was after playing, he didn't see them before as it was by low lighting...and with 4 bodies).... and when he saw mine was relentless with the questions..almost an interigation as to how I got them......Needless to say I told him I was very proud of my scars..having 2 children, and if there was a problem it was his, as my husband and others find it sexy...we put our clothes on and left....
    Most people who are for "REAL", down to earth, and are genuine, have no problem. It is those...looking only to be seen with the beautiful people and are very shallow in life that have problems.....

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    Hubby tells me that my stretch marks are a reminder to him of the beautiful children that I gave him...isnt he sweet!
    Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken. ~Author Unknown

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    Default Re: scars

    Stretch marks and c-sections leave 'battle scars'. They tell the world you're a mother. No c-section here, but I've got my share of stretch marks. Even though I'd jump at the chance to get some liposuction and a tummy tuck, I've still made my peace with my body the way it is.
    Fear is a symptom of ignorance. Knowledge is the cure.

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